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  1. You really cannot post live ammunition...
  2. Jimiles

    AIM 40 rifle case

    Anybody contemplating their AIM 40 drag bag? Jim
  3. I'd be interested in these if Ceri passes...
  4. I don't think you'd be contravening the Firearms Act by keeping it but I do think there is a remote possibility it could be of evidential value in a serious crime. I appreciate it is highly unlikely but somebody went to a lot of trouble to dispose of this and they had good reason to do that. My understanding is that modern forensics have the ability to match firing pins/strikers and also breech faces to recovered cartridge cases thus linking a weapon to a crime. I think the police would want to look at this but I'm sure they would return it to you if it was found to be of no interest.
  5. Speaking as an ex-copper I'd like to think you'd do the decent thing and hand it in. It's probably of no interest but it might also be a very significant find.
  6. Jimiles

    Night Vision Scope

    Noyster, can you clarify whether you want hand-held or weapon-mountable NV please? My Bushnell is hand held.
  7. Jimiles

    Night Vision Scope

    I have a Bushnell Equinox Z together in 'as new' condition and still with its box. It has an additional Venom Strike IR torch fitted to it. I will post if you're interested.
  8. Does anybody have an LE-032 rangefinder they'd like to sell?
  9. Provisionally sold, pending payment.
  10. Designed for .22 LR Subsonic caliber. Zero on maximum magnification at 50 yards and its bang on at all other ranges. All aim points pre-calculated 1057 fps. Red & green illuminated reticle. Immaculate condition with no marks or damage. Comes with two Hawke weaver mounts. £90 posted.
  11. Digger, that is really good of you, and yes...that's the one! My new sight came supplied with the rubber one as shown in Rewulf's link but it just keeps falling out.
  12. I know it's unlikely but does anybody have one of the screw-in port covers for the ATN x-sight they're not using and would sell?
  13. I'm using CCI subs - this is the only cartridge I have found which will cycle my Remington 597. I have also noticed a couple of rounds out of every 100 seem unusually loud. I was using a second had generic moderator and I put it down to the mod being knackered so fitted a new A-Tech Wave and its exactly the same...every now and then theres a really loud crack.
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