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  1. Jimiles

    Mcarbo trigger kit from the US

    Excellent, I've had the email to say mine's also on its way. Did you have to pay any VAT?
  2. Jimiles

    Deerhunter jacket

    Thanks Chris but its the realtree camouflage that I need.
  3. Jimiles

    Deerhunter jacket

    I have a vgc Deerhunter RAM camo jacket in size 58 but it is just a tad too big for me. In fact I'm lost in it. Does anybody have a size 56 or perhaps size 54 which they find a bit too small and would be prepared to swap? I asked this here a few months back but thought I'd try again just in case... Jim
  4. Jimiles

    Mcarbo trigger kit from the US

  5. Jimiles

    Mcarbo trigger kit from the US

    Excellent result Hamster..can I ask what you had to pay in total including shipping? I can't find the shipping costs on the Mcarbo site.
  6. Jimiles

    Mcarbo trigger kit from the US

    I'd be interested in how you get on with this Hamster...I'm looking at buying the same pro-kit.
  7. I would wait another week or two - I think six weeks is the norm to process a shotgun application for most forces - and then I would phone your local Firearms Licencing office. In my experience they're generally friendly and keen to help. You could explain that you've been offered a gun and so need to know if your certificate is going to be granted and when.
  8. Jimiles

    Browning  T-bolt .17 HMR

    Rod, are you certain your mags hold 15 rds? They're normally 10 rd. Jim
  9. Jimiles

    sale of shooting eqipment

    I'll take the laser bore sight please sir.....posted!
  10. Jimiles

    Lee enfield de-activated

    You could try giving Derek Lowde, Simply Firearms, Oldham a call. I was there a couple of days ago and he had one out on display although I didn't look at the price. Derek's number is 0333 577 2666. Jim
  11. Jimiles

    Deerhunter RAM jacket

    Does anyone have a size 56 Deerhunter RAM Advantage jacket which is just a tad too small for them? I have an v.g.c. size 58 which is too big and I'd willingly swap. Jim
  12. Jimiles

    Shooting stuff clear out

    What size is the cabinet?
  13. Jimiles

    Photon xt

    Yes please Theo, send me your payment details pls mate. Jim
  14. Jimiles

    Hello people

    I've recently moved to North Wales and am rekindling my old love of shooting. Got myself 150 acres of hill farm to shoot over with my Browning T-bolt. Keen to learn from you guys....! Jim