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  1. That's really interesting. Thanks for the web link. Yes the photo's aren't great, on the barrels, which you can just see in the photo's there are, what appears to be a crown with a star under it. its on both barrels but quite faint. I'll try and get some better photo's. The gun itself is in great condition, no pitting in the barrels and it is really tight, its like it hasn't been used much.
  2. Hi I have recently been gifted a gun, 12g SxS hammer gun made by the midland gun company. I have established that it is a 2 1/2" cartridge and one side is choked. I am trying to find out how old it is and any other info I can. Hopefully someone may be able to help.
  3. Hi David Thank you for your comments, can I ask, I know legal cover will not cover me for the previous incident but will it cover me from now forward ?
  4. Hi Mossy, I believe the reason was the fact that I had, with the use of traps, air rifle and shogun when appropriate to eradicate all the squirrels from their roof and help them sort out the aftermath they decided that was good enough, not realizing that the new ones that came would just do the same thing. The only thing I can hope is that they get squirrels again, I won't be forthcoming in helping next time. I know that sounds a bit childish but, I really cant believe that they would do this to me and the stress they have put me and my wife through. I can only hope that somewhere in this world there is justice. I appreciate all your comments and understand why some may think there is more to this, two sides to ever story etc ! but believe me, although from their side there has been many months of false allegations and anti social behavior, everything I have stated is true and I am sure do want to hear everything, but if you do !!
  5. Hi Thanks for your comments Yes you are right I should have had insurance and it was on the agenda but when this happened no. 1 I was too late and 2 I know they wouldnt help me on a existing case. My real question is should I get my insurance before I re apply and will they help in any future issues raised, if any?
  6. Good morning everyone, A Newbie here so be gentle ! I am hoping that I may be able to use the wealth of information and experience from this forum to aid me in my situation. I applied for my SGC in March of last year, everything went as planed, install gun cabinet etc, met up with FEO and by mid April I had my SGC, great. I purchased a secondhand gun as I was only initially intending using it on my own land for vermin which is approx 3-4 acres, some being woodland. We have a terrible issue with squirrels, to the point that we have had them in the roof of our property and our next door nieghbours property. I have been reasonable successful with an air rifle but it was taking up too much of my time, sitting out waiting for them. once the shotgun was purchased, it was so easy, even getting two in one shot, my nieghbour was very supportive in this as it helped them too. One day out of the blue I got an email from my neighbour saying the gun was too noisy and we needed to discuss it, I wrote back saying the noise was an unfortunate side effect of the gun but felt that it was worth it, anyhow to cut a very, very long story short I got another email saying that my abusive language and running around the with a loaded shotgun was not acceptable, well, I was gob smacked as nothing was further from the truth and I had CCTV covering my garden so thought no more of it. The next I know I have the Police around saying that there was a neighbourhood dispute and they needed my gun, I voluntarily gave my gun to them, I was told by the officer that it would only be for a few days whilst things settled down. I explained the email I got from them falsely accusing me of running around the garden going up to their fence with a loaded shotgun and invited them to view the CCTV, they weren't interested!!! they said my nieghbour had only mentioned a neighbourhood dispute so it wasn't relevant, I couldn't believe it, I could prove my innocence but they weren't interested at all. I contacted my FEO who was reluctant to talk about the issue and when asked how long my gun would be away replied 'I don't know', well the weeks went passed I emailed My FEO, no response, eventually he rang and made an appointment as part of a 'review'. He came around to my neighbours first and spent 2 hours with them, then he came to me and started reelling off a load of BS from my nieghbours saying things like ' i'd shot a squirrel on the fence between us and it fell in to their property, the truth!! I shot a squirrel on my property it ran through the fence and keeled over in their property and when I text them at the time, my nieghbour said 'just come around and get it, great job'. there were various other false allegations. I was honest in everything I told my FEO and offered for him to watch the CCTV, he declined as he was short of time, only spending 1/2 an hour with me. I decided to send him a link to youtube where I place the video (Private only) so he could see it, no response, I rang the firearms dept and spoke to the head officer she said she would look into why he has been responding. I then found out he said he couldn't view it on his system, this was some 6 weeks later, I offered to put it on a DVD, we'll let you know was the response !! again the weeks went on I rang the head of the firearms dept again, she said 'she couldn't do anything until the FEO had written his report, when asked when would that be she replied she didnt know. The whole thing was completely stressing myself and my wife out, more so my wife who wasn't that well anyway. the stress got so much for her that I decided it really wasn't worth fighting anymore and I reluctantly surrendered my licence and signed my gun over to my friend who still has it. Unfortunately I didnt get insurance so had no where to go. We recently had a Sgt around saying he was reviewing stuff and this nieghbourhood thing came up and he just wanted clarify something, my wife did, and he said 'thats fine' he has now closed the neighbourhood case as there was nothing to answer. He also said that I should contact the fiearms dept and request my licence back as they was nothing in his view as to why I should have it back. It appears that I now have to reapply as I surrendered my licence. I am sorry that I have waffled on, my question is should I re apply and if I do should I join someone like BASC first and will they help me with any issues that might arise. Many thanks
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