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  1. GalleywoodHec

    Canadian Geese Problem

    Great, thanks for that Stu that rules out the PCP option as Penelope has replied I think its the steel shot and shotgun route.
  2. GalleywoodHec

    Canadian Geese Problem

    Morning all, A friend of mine has a big problem with these on a private fishing lake, in a nut shell, can they be controlled or are they protected in this country and is sub 12lb silenced PCP an effective means or would you be looking at a shotgun ? My friend has access to either method if it's allowed and shots would be taken at no more than 25 yards hence me asking about a PCP, thanks.
  3. GalleywoodHec


    Another shout for muck boots
  4. GalleywoodHec

    Best trousers for beating?

    Hmmm see your point figgy - wrong choice of words
  5. GalleywoodHec

    Best trousers for beating?

    Waxed chaps with poppers down the side are my choice - £16 a pair, easy to get on and off and no problems when you need the toilet.
  6. Hi my son in law has recently got his cert from Essex Police - he had to have some extra medical checks done which delayed it to about 7 weeks, his work colleague got his in 4 weeks without any extra checks again from Essex Police, hope this helps atb
  7. GalleywoodHec

    Pellets for a .22 springer

    Afternoon guys, I have a Welsh Willy fully tuned Stoeger X20 Suppressor rifle which I have always used RWS Superdome as it's ammo diet which has been fine for rat shooting around pheasant feeders out to a max range of 17 yards. But I now have a desire to try some different pellets just to see if there is anything better for the rifle and was hoping for some suggestions as to which types to try. I will be buying selection packs from ebay to try in a couple of weeks time weather permitting when I have some time off, any tips would be much appreciated, thanks.
  8. GalleywoodHec

    Air arms

    I had a .22 TX200 Mk3 and Air Arms diablo worked best in it ! PS in 5.56 size !!!!
  9. GalleywoodHec

    New spring/ tuning kit for Webley Xocet

    Welsh Willy at Woodfield GCP is worth a try - he makes tuning kits and will also fit them if you send/take your rifle to him.
  10. GalleywoodHec

    Rat shooting

    Between April 2016 and October 2016 I shot 137 rats with a Stoeger X20 Suppressor and a red light off of ebay - yes I could and probably would shoot more if I had a PCP with a night vision device on it but it just goes to show you don't have to spend loads of cash to do an effective job.