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  1. I'm looking for advice. I want to start taking bird and wildlife pictures. As far as 'real' photography goes I'm a complete novice, but I have plenty of time on my hands to put in some study and groundwork and hope eventually to at least take half-decent pictures. My question (and I know it's a bit how-long-is-a-piece-of-stringish!) is what should I be be looking for in terms of cameras, lenses, etc ? I'm aware that initially any camera at all will probably do more than I'm capable of asking it to do, but nevertheless I'd like something that I won't feel the urge to upgrade as soon as I've learned to use it properly. Any good book suggestions would be appreciated too. Anyone?
  2. Retsdon


    I'm sorry to hear your bad news L.G. Losing a parent is like losing part of yourself. It's as if a whole section of your existence that has been a constant foundation since earliest memory is now gone. And that's really, really hard. If it's any slight consolation, the pain will become less with time, and as time goes by you'll find that the memories of your mother start to bring a smile rather than a stab. You'll never 'get over' the loss entirely, but then again would you want to? It's thirty years since I lost my father and twenty since I lost my mother, but there hardly a day goes by when they don't pop up somewhere in my thoughts. But they're happy thoughts and that would please them. If it helps at all, remember that what you're experiencing is one of those massive steps down the road of life. Sometimes the steps are good and sometimes they're bad. This is one of the very bad ones. But stay strong. It will get better.
  3. Sorry but I couldn't help laughing out loud at this!
  4. I used to stop the tractor and put a post in to mark oystercatcher nests so as not to accidentally damage the eggs doing later groundwork. And for me the true sound of spring was the call of the first curlew arriving on the hill above the house. In many ways the birds defined the year. When farming is done almost exclusively from a cab with the radio on it must diminish the job.
  5. Meanwhile, away from the 'ignorant, intolerant, etc, etc, bull****' (written by someone whose grasp of the economic implications of a hard Brexit is probably on a par with my understanding of nuclear physics), here's a sobering report from 5 days ago on financial services passporting rights. Forget about queues at Dover or shortages of grapes. This is where the real and permanent damage from a disorderly Brexit is going to come from. Just the loss in tax revenues alone..... But never mind. In la la land the sun will always shine forevermore.
  6. Bobbie Gentry just gave up the music business one day and completely vanished from public view. A pity really because she had a glorious voice.
  7. And then the negotiations can start in earnest.
  8. Retsdon

    Owen Jones

    The thing about this story is that the blokes followed him out of the pub. How long had they been there for? He says he dropped in for a last drink on the way home. If it was a pre-planned attack, did they guess he was going to do that and wait for him in the pub - which sounds very improbable - or did they pick up his trail somewhere along the way and follow him in? And if that's the case, why did they hang around waiting to do him over? Far more likely is that he got a bit too loud and chopsy and ****** off some punchy types. Let's face it, if you're unlucky, in most of Britain on a weekend night you can get into trouble just by catching the wrong person's eye. You don't even have to open your mouth. My guess is that it was just one of those wrong place wrong time moments, and he's bigging it up for all he's worth to make political mileage from it.
  9. Retsdon

    Owen Jones

    Back in the 70s I got a late night kicking not too far from where Owen Jones got his. Didn't put it down as any kind of hate crime. We were just walking past the wrong pub at the wrong time. These things happen.
  10. Thanks for this. The facts are always a good reference point!
  11. Retsdon

    Sinn Fein

    Times change...
  12. How is she out of order? As majority leader of Congress she has that power.
  13. Anyway, back to the original incident. From the report it would seem that they drove into the field and torched both it and the vehicle they came in? Seems an odd thing to do. But logic would suggest that the fire was accidental. My guess is that they parked the vehicle and went off with the dogs to look for hares. While they were away from the vehicle the hot exhaust or a disgarded cigarette butt set light to the stubble. With their car gone up in flames they walked to the nearest pub to wait while someone could bring alternative transport to pick them and the dogs up. A burnt out car in a stubble field, a group of blokes with lurchers without a car in a nearby pub..where's Sherlock Holmes when you need him?
  14. They cared enough to broker the Good Friday Agreement. And before that, the US Irish lobby cared enough that it financed a two decade long terrorist campaign. But hey ho, of course it'll be a different world in your sunlit uplands. http://theconversation.com/how-brexit-is-leading-a-resurgent-irish-american-influence-in-us-politics-121343
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