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  1. Retsdon

    Golden Eagles

    I'll stand to be corrected. On what grounds do you disagree? For my own part, I've seen thousands of lambs born and spent God knows how many hours in lambing fields both by day and night. And I've seen a fair few foxes walking among the flock, but I've never seen one look like taking a lamb. And I can imagine why because dropped placentas would be a far easier meal. Also, sheep are not stupid and foxes never seem worry the ewes which would suggest that they're not considered a threat. The only reason I'm suspicious is that once in a blue moon I've had the odd lamb go missing completely, and the only explanation would seem to be have been that something must have taken it? A fox? In the absence of any other explanation ... it's the simplest one. But like I say, if anyone has actually seen foxes taking lambs I'll happily concede...
  2. Retsdon

    Golden Eagles

    There's likely a transition from picking up a dead lamb's carcass as carrion to lifting a live one off its feet. Not sure about North Wales, but in the Borders they just bring the furthest hefts down and leave the rest on the hill. There's not the inbye land to accommodate them all. They also turn the ewes with singles back onto the hill to find their own way home as soon as they've lambed. So I imagine an eagle with a taste for lamb could have a field day. But who knows? People always say foxes will take lambs, but my experience suggests that it's a rarity rather than the rule.
  3. Retsdon

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Immigration Minister Caroline Nokes: “Our view is that an international agreement such as the Belfast Agreement cannot supersede domestic legislation." In other words, 'Take note. Any international agreement signed by the British government isn't worth the paper it's written on.' This is marvellous theatre. Where do they find these clowns?
  4. Retsdon

    My favorite time of year

    After our own farming operation went west, for consecutive years I took on a hill lambing job in the Borders. The contract, if I remember correctly, ran for 6 weeks starting in early March and finishing towards the end of April. Spring comes late up on those tops, and for the first couple of weeks it was basically winter lambing...biting cold winds, occasional snow, that horrible cutting rain, hypothermic lambs... But then the change to spring happens somewhere about the first week in April and two weeks after that it's practically summer. The turnaround is unbelievably fast. And for the last week, the job was glorious. The flock was pretty much all lambed; the wood on the walk (before the advent of ATVs) up to the open hill was in leaf; the hill itself was green between the heather, and with nothing much to do I could just wander, or sit out of the wind in front of a dyke in the sun talking to the dogs, listening to the curlews, watching the odd hare or whatever. Miles of country to myself, and the whole place with dew on it and alive with new life. I live in warm climates now, and I really, really miss the Spring.
  5. Retsdon

    Sign this

    Up to a point. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trustee_model_of_representation
  6. Retsdon

    Should She be Allowed Back in to the UK

    Not really. The thing is, if the government deems her to be a citizen of the Islamic State then the government is de facto recognizing the legitimacy of I.S.'s claims to statehood. And that's never going to happen. No, I'm afraid she's just a chicken coming home to roost -a chicken of a breed that old Enoch warned about all those years ago and was pilloried for his foresight.
  7. Retsdon

    Should She be Allowed Back in to the UK

    Not the same. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/310773204_Is_the_Islamic_State_a_'state'_by_International_Law
  8. Retsdon

    Should She be Allowed Back in to the UK

    The Islamic State never was, has been, or will be recognized as a 'state' by the international community.. So she cant be a citizen of it. Next.
  9. Retsdon

    Should She be Allowed Back in to the UK

    It's the Syrians that want rid of her.
  10. Retsdon

    Business electricity supplier dispute

    Absolutely correct. A quick Google search gave me the answer to my own question... https://www.uswitch.com/gas-electricity/guides/tenants-guide-to-switching/#step1
  11. Retsdon

    How Sad is This? Arrests made.

    What people?
  12. Retsdon

    Should She be Allowed Back in to the UK

    Should foreign criminals be deported back to their country of origin?
  13. Retsdon

    Business electricity supplier dispute

    The first two things that I would look for would be - 1) Is there a clause in your lease stipulating who chooses the supplier? And 2) in the absence of such a clause, what is the standard legal default position on who gets to make that choice? It would appear that the electricity company is adamant that it has an agreement/contract with your landlord to supply your premises. If that's the case, what you're really asking is whether that agreement is legally binding or not. If it's in the lease....
  14. Retsdon

    Heart bypass update.

    One of the lads I work with had a triple bypass about two years ago, and he told me that it took him a good few months before he felt close to normal again. But on the bright side, I just passed him an hour ago out on his evening run. He's fit as a flea these days. Hang in there!
  15. Retsdon

    BREXIT - merged threads

    Nobody is punishing anybody. Britain chose to leave the EU, and then May chose to leave the single market. It's Britain that is choosing to adopt third country status vis a vis the EU, not the other way around. As Sabine Weyand said in her recent speech, the May deal that Parliament rejected had been, after long hours of negotiation, thrashed out around British 'red lines'. But of course, nobody here actually bothers to read or listen to what the EU has to say, which seems a bit odd when you think about it. In negotiations it's generally considered a good idea to know. what the other side wants and is thinking, and even in all out war the maxim 'know your enemy' has been around for millennia. But seemingly not for hardline British Brexiters. They just build a shadowy bogie man across the channel that can be used to dump all the ills of the world on, and to whom can be attributed all kinds of malice. That might have been an understandable campaigning tactic during the Referendum campaign, but it's an extremely dangerous thing to do when hard political and economic facts come knocking. History is absolutely littered with catastrophic failures caused by people falling prey to their own propaganda.