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  1. Back in the early 80s I worked on a semi-sub drilling rig in a crew that had a large contingent from Arbroath. Hmmn. ..probably not the most cosmopolitan, outgoing folk on the planet.
  2. Well, you could always just start with the action (estimate 600-800) and build up from there! https://auctions.holtsauctioneers.com/asp/fullCatalogue.asp?salelot=IA1219++1430+&refno=++146776&saletype=I (thanks for the kind words on the dog post, btw)
  3. Not insulting at all. I was just trying to get you to read something for a change. I see it didn't work though.☹️ Correct. Goodnight
  4. 'Extremists' just use religion as a weapon to beat other people with. On the other hand there are deeply religious people who are not of that sort at all. I've encountered devout Buddhists, for example, whose presence alone somehow lifts the mood in a room. I think there are individuals who have a genuine connection with the spiritual, and it often manifests through a religious commitment. I've always found these kind of people to be a force for good in the world.
  5. A certain gun shop in Wiltshire still owes me the price of an AYA XXV!
  6. Ok, just answer the questions for no points if that makes you happier. It's very simple. My 9 year old could do it. All you have to do is read the piece you linked to above https://firstdraftnews.org/latest/uk-general-election-2019-boris-johnson-quote-disputed-more-suspicious-facebook-ads-and-party-publications-get-the-magazine-treatment/, find the information and answer the questions. Basic reading comprehension....
  7. 1) There are no overhead wires along that road. 2) They were found only on the road and verges along a short stretch. 3) Starlings don't gather en masse no tarmaced road surfaces. “When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.” Sherlock Holmes So they must have been killed elsewhere and somebody dropped them from a moving vehicle to dispose of the bodies.
  8. Yes you are. You'e sniping at the authors of the piece. How about you just answer these questions. 5 points per correct answer. 1) On December 6th, did Channel 4 News misrepresent what Boris Johnson said about the UK wanting immigrants? Y/N 2) Did Chucka Obama retweet the Channel 4 News item? Y/N 3) How many Facebook ads did the Conservatives post between 1st - 5th December? 500 / 1000 / 5000+? 4) What percentage of these ads contained information that had already been labelled as misleading by https://fullfact.org/about/ ? 10 + / 5-+ / 80+? 5) The Liberal Democrats always use accurate graphs in their advertisements? Y/N? 6) 'Best For Brexit' is a Conservative Party organization? Y / N If you could be bothered to actually read the piece to find the answers you'd find that every political party in this election (other than Plaid Cymru who don't feature) would seem to be guilty of misrepresentation of information. But the SCALE of Conservative misrepresentation is far greater than other parties' and would appear to be policy rather than over-enthusiasm. Now, if you can point to evidence that other parties are guilty of similar systematic factual misrepresentation, then go ahead. I'll accept that FirstDraft and FullFact are biased organizations who, by omission in not reporting these Labour transgressions, are unfairly smearing the Conservative Party advertising campaign. If you can't produce evidence, or even allegations, of Labour inaccuracies and lies on anything like the same scale, then I'll believe that FirstDraft and FullFact are doing their job properly.
  9. https://firstdraftnews.org/latest/how-two-disinformation-campaigns-swung-into-action-days-before-the-uk-goes-to-the-polls/ There's no gain to be had sniping at me. Point out how the the information in the above link is false.
  10. A different issue. An individual MP getting removed for breaking electoral rules is one thing. An entire electoral campaign that is founded on systematic lying is a different matter altogether. I really fail to understand why you have a problem with me calling this for what it is. If nothing that a political party says can be believed, then how is democracy supposed to function? Is it OK now for a political party to outright lie 90 percent of the time? It's not about supporting any individual party. From a political perspective I don't care who wins the election. But the Conservative party under Johnson is undermining the whole political system. No party should be able to do that and get away with it because down that road like anarchy. Is the report factually wrong or not? If it is, then you can surely point out the errors. Or are we going to keep sniping at the messengers...?
  11. https://firstdraftnews.org/about/ 'As a Founding Partner, Google News Initiative continues to support the work of First Draft. We are also grateful to the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, Craig Newmark Philanthropies, News Integrity Initiative at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY, Open Society Foundations, Omidyar Network, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Ford Foundation and the Rita Allen Foundation for their grants and donations. We have also received financial support from the Facebook Journalism Project and Twitter.' Open Society Foundations is just one of a whole bunch of organizations involved with First Draft. So what about Google News and Twitter, or the Ford Foundation? Are they part of your left wing conspiracy too? If you must feel compelled to reply, why don't you try addressing the issue, raised rather than trying (and failing as usual) to shoot the messenger? Either killed, or hung up by their feet in luxury hotels and shaken down for their money. Why do you imagine for one moment that I would hold a candle for MBS?
  12. As if it wasn't what we already suspected..... 'Almost every Conservative Party advert analysed during a period of the election campaign was found to be misleading, compared with none of Labour’s, research has found. Some 88 per cent of the most widely circulated Tory ads during the first four days of December included inaccurate claims, according to disinformation tracking organisation First Draft.' https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/news/general-election-boris-johnson-conservatives-labour-corbyn-facebook-ads-a9241781.html And just to check how independent this research was, and that it wasn't politically biased, I looked up the authors. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/First_Draft_News "First Draft News is a project "to fight mis- and disinformation online" founded in 2015 by nine organizations brought together by the Google News Lab. It includes Facebook, Twitter, the Open Society Foundations and several philanthropies.[a][1][2]" So it' s an umbrella organization overseen and funded by the likes of Google, Facebook, Twitter - hardly a grouping that would be pro-Labour! Anyway, there you have it. You can vote for honest people. Or alternatively you can abstain and vote for nobody. Or I suppose you could vote for the people who cynically and calculatedly lie to you 88 percent of the time. Of the three choices, I would say that only two would qualify as either honorable or sensible ones.
  13. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/boris-johnson-nhs-photo-hospital-jack-williment-senior-nursing-sister-fake-tweet-a9240316.html The kid was on the floor and the hospital apologized to the parents. The 'senior nursing sister' is a figment of someone's imagination. But it's all just mud-slinging and emotive memes on both sides. Proper political and economic issues never get an airing and the public doesn't seem in the least bothered. And that's why the choice is between Corbyn's fantasy world Labour party and Johnson's gang of chancers and spivs. As the man said 200 years ago - all nations get the government they deserve.
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