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  1. Dogs are like horses - you have to desentitize them to the point that they just metaphorically shrug their shoulders at thing they don't cant' explain to themselves. If it were me and I'd bought a dog that had been kennelled most of its life and was half scared of its own shadow (and I've done exactly that in the past) - I'd just take it everywhere with me. Shops, cars, buses even, town, whatever. Eventually the dog will get accustomed to (and tired of) being startled by new stuff, and become philosophical about it. The key is variation. What you don't want to do is to fixate any one thing in its mind as being scary. When everything is worrying, eventually nothing becomes worrying. So the goal is to expose the dog to everything.
  2. HRH the Duke of Edinburgh: 'if it's got four legs and it's not a piece of furniture, they'll eat it'. (commenting on a visit to China)
  3. Seemingly her father used to keep a series of instruments for corporal punishment and at the age of 9 would make her choose the poison. I'm not making excuses for her, but I think that she grew up as damaged goods.
  4. Under UK law cousins can legally marry.
  5. I've nothing against British workers, people in the UK work very hard. I was quoting the authors of Brittania Unchained - Raab, Truscott, Patel, etc, - who called the British the worst idlers in the world - statistically nonsense btw. But they're the people who want to bring 3 million Chinese immigrants in.
  6. It's not about responsibility. The Brittania Unchained mob wants Britain to be like the 'Asian Tigers' - Hong Kong, South Korea, etc. It's in the book. - https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-politics-19300051... Most controversially, they suggest "poor productivity" is due in part to attitudes to work in the UK - which they compare unfavourably with countries such as Singapore, South Korea and Hong Kong. "Once they enter the workplace, the British are among the worst idlers in the world," they write. "We work among the lowest hours, we retire early and our productivity is poor." So if your aim is make the country into Hong Kong, what better way to ginger up the idling locals than by importing 3 million hard-grafting Hong Kong Chinese? It's a no brainer.
  7. He sounds a very sensible person.
  8. Retsdon

    Sedwill gone

    My pension is going to be worthless if that makes you happier.
  9. Retsdon

    Sedwill gone

    Wait until the Brexit crash and the complete and utter shambles that's going to follow it. When it comes to practical matters, every job this government touches gets bungled and the practicalities of managing a disorganized no-deal Brexit will be no different at all. They're a pack of incompetent chancers who are going to bankrupt the country - and I'll stand by my prediction of £ to $ parity or less within 3 years. When half the country is in the poorhouse, people won't be so keen to vote for the party that put them there. So come back in 2 years and call my post ridiculous and if my prediction above has proven to be incorrect, I'll happily concede I was mistaken. Or do you think that Cummings and friends have such a cult following that in the eyes of the voters they'll be forgiven anything? Perhaps on here maybe......
  10. Retsdon

    Sedwill gone

    I suppose the one bonus in all this is that when it's finally all over there won't be another Tory government for a generation - if the Conservative Party even survives. You've got a cuckoo in the nest and it's going to destroy your family.
  11. Retsdon

    Sedwill gone

    Who the hell is Cummings to hire and fire members of Her Majesties civil service because they're not enthusiastic about his crackpot schemes?
  12. Retsdon

    Sedwill gone

    Well, we're on the same side then. Cummings is not spelt with a small c. The man and his coterie are revolutionaries who want to tear down the country and rebuild it - although quite what they're proposing to build is a bit hazy at this point. All I know is that, regardless of whether they come from the left or right, history hasn't been at all kind to these kind of people. They nearly always do terrible damage. I don't trust them one little bit. https://twitter.com/JohnBuck_3/status/1208818957500768256?s=09
  13. Retsdon

    Sedwill gone

    What does 'neutral' mean? The civil service is traditionally conservative with a small 'c'. Nothing wrong with that, IMHO. In other words the civil service is not going to enthuse about the new People's Democratic Kingdom of Britain because they'll be the ones to have to pick up the pieces and try and put it all back together again.
  14. Retsdon

    Sedwill gone

    Sack the whole civil service and start from scratch!
  15. Retsdon

    Sedwill gone

    Oh well. But I liked this one from Priti, warning of more heads to roll. “This is the people’s government, delivering on the people’s priorities....." Was there something in the Conservative Party manifesto about dismembering the Civil Service? I must have missed it. But these revolutionaries are always the same. They always invoke 'the people' and they either won't or can't ever articulate their real aims. As Lennon wrote in Revolution 'you say you've got a real solution, we'd all love to see the plan'. So what he's torn everything to pieces, what is Cummings going to replace it all with? Does anyone know?
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