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  1. Well, Theresa May has successfully my family out. That should make you happy. Have fun with the bunch you've let in instead.
  2. Like what? That I try and avoid contributing to the local police benevolent fund when stopped and shaken down along with everyone else on a motorcycle passing through the day's random money-earning checkpoint? Do I assume you'd rather pay up? Anyway, I didn't say it was right. I just said it works.
  3. I don't think Clive Lloyd was still playing in the 90s! Great footage though....Holding, Roberts, Marshall, and Garner - has there ever been a better fast ball attack in history?
  4. Of course. In Thailand, I can never speak Thai (or English) either when the police stop me. I answer them in French! It works too. Almost invariably they just give up and wave me on.
  5. I can smell the early morning scent of your garden all the way from Saudi. Beautiful!
  6. There are different levels of linguistic competence and legal language is out there... Edited in. Ha! I see today that a 'source close to the Home Secretary' is confirming today that the French are blameless. That doesn't suit Farange's story and he's insinuating all kinds of things, but of course if he were to acknowledge international maritime law his story would be dead in the water. https://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/1286196/migrant-news-priti-patel-english-channel-loophole-nigel-farace-dover-uk-latest
  7. Some might, but most will already know the basics. Here in Saudi you see it all the time. If an Arab, an Indian and a Chinaman are talking to each other they'll use English. Add a Somali, an Afghan and a Ukrainian to the conversation and they'll still all be talking English. English is the world's second language and it's universally used across races and cultures in a way that no other language on the planet is. Enfieldspares is absolutely correct in what he says about its pulling power.
  8. Not so. https://fullfact.org/immigration/refugees-first-safe-country/#
  9. Ha! Well....a wild shot in the end. We get rat snakes in the garden in Thailand from time to time and your snake has the same kind of profile. But the black head was a foxer...Never ever heard of a Ridley's cave racer....
  10. some kind of rat snake? curious now... Collared snake? - clutching at straws now
  11. I agree. I've never understood this compulsion to give all and sundry equal citizenship just to fill gaps in the labour force. It's completely unnecessary and the inevitable result is a Balkanized country.
  12. About what? He says the French navy is 'escorting' these migrant boats. That's an emotive term, deliberately used to imply some kind of alliance or collaboration like a destroyer 'escorting' merchant shipping. But in reality, there's no evidence of any kind of collusion at all. Has anyone asked the French why they don't attempt to scupper the progress of these overloaded boats that don't want to be stopped? Or at least, not by the French. How do you stop one of these boats without endangering the people on board? And if the French are so much in the wrong, why do the two naval authorities quite obviously have some kind of agreement No elections, no EU parliament, no platform, no invites to TV shows. Farange is missing the limelight So - wave the flag, immigration, illegals, whistle, whistle - wuff! wuff! Can't go wrong - it works every time.
  13. I'm not talking about immigration. I'm talking about your uncalled for attack on the French. I read the Breitbart piece. Again, what is it you want the French to do? Do you want them to sink the dinghy? Do you want them to launch a boat of their own and try force people into it? If the dinghy keeps pushing on towards the English coast, short of violence there's not a lot the French can do. And if, in the course of trying to turn the dinghy around, a bunch of migrants were to be drowned at sea - who's going to be to blame? The UK grants refugee status to those who are unable to live in their own country for fear of persecution because of race, religion, nationality, political opinion or other factors such as sexual orientation. A successful application usually allows someone leave to remain for five years with the opportunity after that to apply for indefinite leave to remain .https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-46758600 There's your [problem right there. An 'asylum seeker' in one of these boats has far, far more chance of getting leave to remain in the UK than does my missus. All he has to do is say he's gay. \Build it and they 'll come' as the man said. And that's got nothing to do with the French.
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