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  1. If you got them before the US market opened it was a very well-timed purchase!
  2. I nearly lost a very valuable border collie once on account of a thunder storm (the dog I used to use as my avatar). The thunder scared him so much that he tore his chain out of the wooden wall of his kennel and just took off. As he was outside, I didn't know he'd gone until I went out of the house after the storm. Eventually, about 5 hours later, as I was driving around a large suburban village/ development about two miles from the farm in the landrover, whistling out of the window, a woman came out of her house and told me their neighbour had a strange dog trailing a chain in his back garden
  3. Since 2016 the Brexit arguments have all been philosophical and abstract. Tonight at 11:30 the country enters the realm of empirical Brexit science. Let's see how the abstract theories hold out.
  4. Well, the Prime Minister did once famously say, "**** business!' Perhaps for once he's being true to his word. 😄 But the money that paid this chap's tax contributions and his workers incomes will now need to come from somewhere else. Rishi's magic money tree perhaps?
  5. No, they haven't. They have had no idea what to plan for. Until a week ago nobody even knew there was a trade deal forthcoming, let alone what it looked like. How can any business plan or budget for that?
  6. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/export-fish-to-the-eu-from-1-january-2021#eels He can't export anything - at least not in the meantime. His business is dead in the water.
  7. At least there'll be less red tape...LOL! https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/948978/December_BordersOPModel_Medium.pdf
  8. If Evgeny Lebedev,can get a knighthood for hosting good parties, why not Lewis Hamilton for winning car races?
  9. And what make it even sadder is that he actually appeared in a Brexit campaign video. It seems he trusted the wrong people....
  10. I'm pretty sure this is an old picture. The thing is though, in real life it is movement or lack of movement that's nearly always the giveaway. In a still picture that rather crucial element is missing so obviously it's much harder to pick. I see by the link it is an old picture. And looking at that Daily Mail link, it's a swizz anyway. They weren't even there in the first picture!
  11. Is vigilante-delivered capital punishment justified for crimes that, taken through the proper channels under the law of any state in the world (even Saudi Arabia), are nowhere near capital offences? That's a poser, isn't it? This lockdown is addling your minds....
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