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  1. Hi I'm looking for new land/property to shoot over. I'm from Hednesford 30 and have all licences and Insurance. Happy to help if needed
  2. Bit pricey for a few acres that! Lol
  3. Best advise is get both 👍
  4. Thanks for the advice I'll be having a mooch around the weekend to see if there's any fields getting hammered over that way. Yea I did see that one perfect peice of land but it says in the description you'd have to sign up to a quiet agreement which I'd of thought meant no guns..
  5. I'm in hednesford Cannock chase newish to the area. Iv been looking on a couple of sites haven't seen anything within 25 miles. I'll try woodlands searches instead and dig a bit deeper. I'd like to get a few acres of mine own and hold a few comps a year etc various field sports.. yea In the mean time I'll have to go hassle a few local farms. Always feels cheeky? Thanks for your advice
  6. Yes only a few acres.. or would be happy to pay good rates for shooting rights. Thanks
  7. Anyone got a few acres for sale to shoot over?? Staffordshire area?
  8. I'll be there on saturday, hopefully someone wants to bring me a nice a400 to buy off them!
  9. Hello lads! Fair play be nice with a little snow on the ground. What do people think on semi autos? Been thinking a400 or A benelli might treat meself at the shooting show the weekend?
  10. Hi Steve! Any one out shooting the weekend?
  11. Hi guys im Stephen I'm from hednesford love my clay shooting normally down millride or oakedge. I like my berrettas and daystates looking to get into rifle shooting more this year also more rough shooting.. I'm fairly new the pigeon shooting if anyone local fancys taking me out sometime 😉
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