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  1. Nfinlay22

    Benelli chokes

    Hi all, would like extended choke for my 12 g benelli montefeltro auto. Ideally a 1/2, 3/8 or 3/4 would be fine. Any of these would be grand. Either teague, high flyer or Muller extended please. Thanks
  2. Nfinlay22

    Beretta auto

    Got a a391 black synthetic. Only 28'' barrells but come with 4 extended Teagues. £550 including rfd
  3. Wanted - Beretta al391 semi auto stock and fore end . .... Thanks
  4. Wanted benelli semi auto 28'' barrel. Max 5 camo preferred. Thanks
  5. Hi all, just want to clear up this one in my mind please. Traditionally everyone always associated a long barrel or extended with extra killing power or distance. I have read online that there is no difference in the performance of a 26'' shotgun 12g and 34'' shotgun other than a few FPS in velocity. Inturn for super extended chokes other than making the chokes easy to remove and identify this also doesn't affect pattern or distance shot can penetrate. I tend to shoot at quarry too far away sometimes and stuck by the old wife's tale that a lengthy barrels and a tight choke would take birds out of the clouds.... After reading online looks like I am wrong .. comments welcome
  6. Would you consider a Beretta al391 urika back synthetic with teague chokes as swap?
  7. Me and a friend willing to pay for a good days decoying pigeons. Anyone know anyone in Ireland I could contact who could sort us?
  8. Nfinlay22

    Cartridge bag

    Anything considered, thanks
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