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  1. Could you give me the weight of the shotgun please. How thick is the stock pad. Thanks
  2. what is the weight of the Midland boxlock please


    1. 88inch

      Wanted Beretta stock

      Thanks, I will try him Bit too much money for me. Thanks anyway.
    2. Stock for Beretta. I am in need of a stock for my Beretta 20 bore Silver Pigeon.Not too fussy on condition as long as it has no splits. Thanks.
    3. Any one with pheasant poults for sale first week August. Near to South Wales. Black necks preferred .Will collect. Thanks
    4. Any crates out there for sale, in need a couple. Thanks
    5. 88inch

      Old cartridges

      Dont know if you would be interested in an unopened box of 10 Gevelot gold special pigeon Nickel Supervix 36 g 7 1/2 shot 12 gauge. Age wise pre 1971 as the price on the box is in old money.
    6. 88inch

      Wanted16 Gauge SBS

      Thanks for that bruno but i dont think that would be what I am looking for.
    7. 88inch

      Wanted16 Gauge SBS

      If any one has a 16 gauge SBS for sale that is not too heavy I am looking for such a shotgun. I dont intend to spend a lot of cash as it is only for a walk about gun. Saying that it must be safe to shoot with no pitted barrels. Main thing for me is that it doesnt weigh more than 6lb. Thanks.
    8. 88inch


      Is this the bellows 'no blow ' type. If it is I am interested.
    9. Many thanks LRsniper. I really appreciate your help. I will get on with re loading now.
    10. If any one has a set of instructions for a 20 bore LEE re loading system I would be grateful for a copy. It is not a modern one but looks the same as ones on the market. Will of course pay postage and a drink. Thanks
    11. Interested, where are you based?
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