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  1. Any crates out there for sale, in need a couple. Thanks
  2. 88inch

    Old cartridges

    Dont know if you would be interested in an unopened box of 10 Gevelot gold special pigeon Nickel Supervix 36 g 7 1/2 shot 12 gauge. Age wise pre 1971 as the price on the box is in old money.
  3. 88inch

    Wanted16 Gauge SBS

    Thanks for that bruno but i dont think that would be what I am looking for.
  4. 88inch

    Wanted16 Gauge SBS

    If any one has a 16 gauge SBS for sale that is not too heavy I am looking for such a shotgun. I dont intend to spend a lot of cash as it is only for a walk about gun. Saying that it must be safe to shoot with no pitted barrels. Main thing for me is that it doesnt weigh more than 6lb. Thanks.
  5. 88inch


    Is this the bellows 'no blow ' type. If it is I am interested.
  6. Many thanks LRsniper. I really appreciate your help. I will get on with re loading now.
  7. If any one has a set of instructions for a 20 bore LEE re loading system I would be grateful for a copy. It is not a modern one but looks the same as ones on the market. Will of course pay postage and a drink. Thanks
  8. Interested, where are you based?
  9. I have a silver pigeon 20 with deluxe wood. I changed to 20 bore two years ago. A lot of what people say about 20 bore is wrong. I can shoot just as well with it as the 12 and have shot some exceptional birds. I purchased a 1950's English side by side for not a lot of money this season and I really enjoy shooting with it. Especially woodcock and walked up. Only weighs 5 lb 4 oz. As for cartridges, well how many game shells will you use in a season? and clay carts 24gr 71/2 are not that expensive if you buy in bulk. Go for it.
  10. I have a slab of the above 20 gauge 28grm. felt wad cartridges that I purchased a month ago but unfortunately I no longer need. Cost over £70 . For sale for £60. Collect from South Wales. Cert holders only of course. Thanks.
  11. Have a look on google at " dog ends ". It is a plastic mesh that slides over the bandage with an applicator and then taped to the dogs hair but to an extent are self gripping. Quite effective.
  12. Just gone through this with my springer. Nightmare!!! they took about 6 inches off but neglected to give him anti biotics and it festered. Then it was shortened again ( with antibioticsa) and all went well. Take care of the dog after it is done. No running or jumping, keep him quiet and all should go well. take about a fortnight to sort out. I have had three dogs done in total. Only one with a problem and that I believe was due to no antibiotics. best of luck
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