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  1. I have a FX cyclone .22 in very nice condition. With scope and bipod, £600. can view CF71
  2. I am in need of some Canada goose decoys. Any for sale please let me know. Thanks
  3. I have an old Diana original .22 that you could have cheap. It had a new spring and washer fitted a few years ago and has done little work since. There are NO sights. you would have to put a scope on. There is a silencer but that would be an on cost. I could send a photo if you are interested.
  4. There is an issue with broadband in our area (vale of glam) that will take up to 10 days to fix. Maybe your system is suffering from that too.
  5. I have some half shells and some plastic full bodies. I am in south Wales so it would be postage as my trip to Peterborough has been cancelled due to lockdown.
  6. 88inch


    I am in need of a magazine for a FX Cyclone. Thanks.
  7. Diana mod 35 with t/sights. full working order. recent spring and washer. £ 70
  8. 8 Boxes of Hull 28gr 71/2 Fibre wad X comp 12 gauge cartridges £38 2 Boxes of imperial game 28gr No.6 Fibre wad 65mm. Ideal for your older sbs. £6.50 a box or take the lot for £50. South Wales.
  9. Closed bottom 12 bore leather cartridge belt. In good used condition. Stitching is sound. Takes 25 shells. 40 inch waist. £16 posted to mainland GB.
  10. 88inch

    Co2 or not

    Exacts it is. No chrono though. It will be squirrels at 25yards. The gun had a new spring and washers just before it was stored. Not a power house but it should do the job.
  11. 88inch

    Co2 or not

    took the old Diana .22 down the woods this morning to zero the scope. took some time to settle down as it has not been fired for years. I have ordered the silencer so will re zero when I get it plus I used Milbro caledonian pellets that I found in the garage. Quite some variation i skirt size. have ordered some pellets from 'wolf man' that have been recommended for older guns. Thanks for your help. Some good info on this site.
  12. 88inch

    Co2 or not

    Thanks, Found him and in the process of ordering .
  13. 88inch

    Co2 or not

    on airgun forum.uk but can not find mat 975 or mws. am I on the wrong forum
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