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  1. 88inch

    Co2 or not

    Exacts it is. No chrono though. It will be squirrels at 25yards. The gun had a new spring and washers just before it was stored. Not a power house but it should do the job.
  2. 88inch

    Co2 or not

    took the old Diana .22 down the woods this morning to zero the scope. took some time to settle down as it has not been fired for years. I have ordered the silencer so will re zero when I get it plus I used Milbro caledonian pellets that I found in the garage. Quite some variation i skirt size. have ordered some pellets from 'wolf man' that have been recommended for older guns. Thanks for your help. Some good info on this site.
  3. 88inch

    Co2 or not

    Thanks, Found him and in the process of ordering .
  4. 88inch

    Co2 or not

    on airgun forum.uk but can not find mat 975 or mws. am I on the wrong forum
  5. As New Barmah hat. NOW SOLD For sale is this Barmah folding bronco hat. I bought this some years ago and can not remember ever wearing it. The hat band shows it is unused. It comes with its original storage bag. It has been stored flat in a wardrobe. Size is medium. I think their website gives more info on sizes. £25 posted.
  6. 88inch

    Co2 or not

    No foresight as tele fitted. it is a Diana model 35 original. I measured the barrel and is 16mm . What about the foresight grooves, do they have to be filled ? Would like a price please and a typical photo of what you pal makes. I would probably do better with a paint ball gun!
  7. 88inch

    Co2 or not

    I still have my old Diana original. there is no thread on the barrel for a silencer. Is there a clamp on variety .
  8. 88inch

    Co2 or not

    The only problem with a springer is the noise factor. One shot and all vermin scarpers. I am told a silencer on a springer does very little as a lot of the noise is caused by the mechanics of the spring. is that the case though. Thanks.
  9. 88inch

    Co2 or not

    To be honest I dont know. I haven't used an air rifle since my Diana original many years ago. I am reluctant to spend too much as it wont get a lot of use.
  10. 88inch

    Co2 or not

    I am in need of an air rifle to control vermin (not possible with shotgun). I was thinking of a used Co2 .22. I dont want the expense of buying air bottles . I wont be blasting off lots of pellets. So are Co2 rifles any good. Thanks
  11. Could you give me the weight of the shotgun please. How thick is the stock pad. Thanks
  12. what is the weight of the Midland boxlock please


    1. 88inch

      Wanted Beretta stock

      Thanks, I will try him Bit too much money for me. Thanks anyway.
    2. Stock for Beretta. I am in need of a stock for my Beretta 20 bore Silver Pigeon.Not too fussy on condition as long as it has no splits. Thanks.
    3. Any one with pheasant poults for sale first week August. Near to South Wales. Black necks preferred .Will collect. Thanks
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