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  1. I would be interested in a 10b wildfowling load (42g or more) using Clay Game's fibre wads in Remington or Cheddite cases and Alliant Steel powder if anyone has one to recommend please? Especially if it has been tested!
  2. Jim, do you have any 10b SAM1 wads left please? Have all the 0nce fired cases gone? Many thanks, John
  3. I have pm'd you. Thanks.
  4. All done. We need to ensure that more 'fowlers vote than they usually do. Especially for such a dedicated 'fowling candidate.
  5. Holbeach & District Wildfowlers Association provides escorted day tickets on The Wash from Shep White's. Check out our website for details.
  6. Yes, GW is still the marsh warden and handles the day tickets for both Holbeach & Spalding clubs. He will accompany anyone who wishes to purchase a day ticket. Details can be found on the Holbeach & District Wildfowlers Association website.
  7. I will have them please. PM sent.
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