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  1. Try auction websites and register. There are ones where you can type in a search phrase and it will look at auction houses from all over the world that use them. You can also restrict your search to the UK. Examples below https://www.liveauctioneers.com/item/2522788_38d-french-coup-choux-gladius-type-side-arm-in-leath http://www.suffolkantiques-at-risbybarn.co.uk/antique-stock-categories/sold/1831-french-pattern-gladius-short-sword I have purchased a few things using these searches and although you might not find this week or month you might be pleasantly surprised what does show up and when. Hope this helps.
  2. Got a pair myself. They are great trousers and a good price.
  3. I would agree auto feed pellet boilers have a potential for high maintenance costs but there are gravity fed non-electric alternatives available for both heating the room and water. Obviously you would need to like the designs of these boilers to have them in your room but water heating boilers could be in a utility room so not so critical on the looks. A few links below on non electric pellet boilers. http://www.rohlmann-dienstleistungen.de/peletofen--bruno-.html http://www.meskostav.zaridi.to/kachle_bruno_pelety.html http://www.meskostav.zaridi.to/kachle_bruno_pelet.html https://www.diltoo.com/poele-a-pellet-sans-electricite-ecolo-19265.html http://wellbeingsprl.com/15-poeles-a-pellet-sans-electronique-et-electricite https://acb13.net/nos-produits-granules-poele_sans_elec https://www.maxblank.com/en/stoves-and-fireplaces/stove-with-baking-compartment/ There are also pellet patio heaters, outdoor cookers and barbecues even the odd indoor cooker that are all non-electric.
  4. What i have for sale is a Santa Cruz Gun Locks adjustable wall or vehicle mounted manual hand cuff style gun lock. Originally bought this to securely transport guns in a vehicle but never got round to it. The lock is the manual non electronic version. The short flat bar can be removed by an allen key which is not accessible when in use and the long bar, (shown in photo), can be used to be make the lock fully adjustable to suit most guns. Included are the following which will allow for a number of different configurations. Gun lock……………………………….SC-5 2 Keys, not hand cuff keys Wall L Bracket…………………………SC-9903 Muzzle Cup L Bracket with cup………SC-9303 + SC-404 Extra Muzzle Cup……………………..SC-9311 Long Bar, 17.25”………………………SC-502 Aluminium Butt Plate…………………SC-1901 Steel Adjustable Butt Plate…………..SC-1900 Allen key to adjust lock position Fixing kit Fixing instructions All the above would cost £270.00 + shipping and Customs _______________________________________________ £150.00 + postage See their website http://santacruzgunlocks.com On sale elsewhere For more than 30 years, Santa Cruz Gunlocks, LLC has been a proud provider of equipment to the law enforcement community for mounting and securing firearms. We lead the industry in providing effective, easy-to-use gunlocks and accessories, and are constantly improving our products. As an industry leader, we want to take this opportunity to provide some important information about the appropriate use and intended purposes of gunlocks – in particular, our mounted gunlock solutions. Our mounting gunlock solutions serve three main purposes: Enhanced theft prevention. In the event that a criminal gains access to the inside of a police vehicle, our mounting solutions provide an extra layer of security to aid in the prevention of misuse or theft of a weapon. While a gunlock and gun rack is not as secure as a gun safe, it is a powerful tool to prevent a weapon from falling into the wrong hands. Accessibility and ease of deployment. While providing enhanced security, our solutions also are engineered to allow for rapid deployment of the secured firearm. In the event that the firearm must be deployed in an emergency or other critical situation, it can be done so quickly to provide safety for the officer and the public. In extreme situations, seconds can make a difference between lives lost and lives saved and rapid deployment of a safely secured firearm is critical. Providing firearm retention during collision. In the event that an officer is involved in a collision, the gun rack prevents the firearm from becoming a projectile within the vehicle and possibly harming the officer or other vehicle occupants.
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