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  1. How about this one. Goes on your belt. There are no buckles to fiddle with and no velcro to make a noise. https://www.airgunnation.com/topic/best-pellet-pouch-on-the-market/
  2. SPAS 15

    Octopus legs

    There are plenty on eBay and they only cost a few squid.
  3. Only 2 miles away. They are nice people and always had great service. Purchased several new guns from them and the prices were very good.
  4. Sjogren is my choice as I have three of them. You can find them S2 but they are few and far between. I managed to get two on S2 and the third is being converted from S1 to S2. Walther Toggle shotgun would be my next choice.
  5. Try auction websites and register. There are ones where you can type in a search phrase and it will look at auction houses from all over the world that use them. You can also restrict your search to the UK. Examples below https://www.liveauctioneers.com/item/2522788_38d-french-coup-choux-gladius-type-side-arm-in-leath http://www.suffolkantiques-at-risbybarn.co.uk/antique-stock-categories/sold/1831-french-pattern-gladius-short-sword I have purchased a few things using these searches and although you might not find this week or month you might be pleasantly surprised what does show up and when. Hope this helps.
  6. Got a pair myself. They are great trousers and a good price.
  7. I would agree auto feed pellet boilers have a potential for high maintenance costs but there are gravity fed non-electric alternatives available for both heating the room and water. Obviously you would need to like the designs of these boilers to have them in your room but water heating boilers could be in a utility room so not so critical on the looks. A few links below on non electric pellet boilers. http://www.rohlmann-dienstleistungen.de/peletofen--bruno-.html http://www.meskostav.zaridi.to/kachle_bruno_pelety.html http://www.meskostav.zaridi.to/kachle_bruno_pelet.html https://www.diltoo.com/poele-a-pellet-sans-electricite-ecolo-19265.html http://wellbeingsprl.com/15-poeles-a-pellet-sans-electronique-et-electricite https://acb13.net/nos-produits-granules-poele_sans_elec https://www.maxblank.com/en/stoves-and-fireplaces/stove-with-baking-compartment/ There are also pellet patio heaters, outdoor cookers and barbecues even the odd indoor cooker that are all non-electric.
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