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  1. SPAS 15


    Brilliant photo.
  2. SPAS 15

    S.I.R. Rail

  3. SPAS 15

    22 RF Magazine??

    I have no idea what rifle this magazine is for but it as never been used. Its full aluminium construction. You can actually fit 11, 22RF in it. £30.00 posted.
  4. SPAS 15


    Clulite A36 clamp, never been used, mint condition. £20.00 posted.
  5. SPAS 15

    S.I.R. Rail

    I have for sale one genuine S.I.R. Rail for M16 style rifle. One add-on picatinny rail missing form right hand side, otherwise good condition hence price of £130.00 posted. Overall length 12.75" - 325mm Main body length 7.75" - 207mm
  6. SPAS 15


    Nightmaster now SOLD
  7. SPAS 15


    Nightmaster 800, comes with the following. IR, red and green pill extension for extra battery two batteries and charger X-Searcher head clamp remote switch £130.00 posted, tracked and insured
  8. SPAS 15

    Pulsar DFA 75

    SOLD pending
  9. SPAS 15

    Pulsar DFA 75

    Last chance buy it now at £450 before I bin it!
  10. SPAS 15

    USAF Flight Jackets

    I will give them a try, cheers.
  11. SPAS 15

    USAF Flight Jackets

    One B3 and one ANJ4. Don't want to sell them but might need to go to fund a new toy. Had them both 33 years and not worn either for above 25 years. Not been stored on hangers or in sunlight. Condition on both good for age. B3 is size 40R. It has a non original zip as i could not get a Talon style one at the time but makes it very wearable. There is a tear on left arm and small hole under right collar with both being there when i bought it. ANJ4 is similar size to B3. Has original zip but no puller and was like that when i bought it. Price is £650 each. Both jackets on hangers for photos only. More photos if needed please PM. B3 ANJ4
  12. SPAS 15

    USAF Flight Jackets

    I have a couple of original USAF flight jackets for sale. PM if interested.
  13. SPAS 15

    Pulsar DFA 75

    Where i was using this i was limited to 100 yards approx. Range i think depends more on your IR illuminator. It come with Pulsar integral illuminator but i always used my Nightmaster 800. Clarity is good enough to determine body shape and species. It has been a long time since i have used it.
  14. SPAS 15

    Pulsar DFA 75

    I have a Pulsar DFA 75 add on night vision for sale. I do not use it enough as i now do more shotgun shooting and a new project needs funds. For sale are as follows. DFA 75 10x32 Pulsar Monocular Pulsar Battery Pack, EPS5 Newton Video Recorder CVR640 Three sets of Pulsar Cover ring Adapters, two for 50mm, one for 56mm and a few for 42mm £550 the lot.
  15. SPAS 15

    Browning Cynergy Black Ice

    You have a PM