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    Hi all .. Im Adam .Im 27 yrs old and live in Norwich,Norfolk . Im a Self Employed Ceramic Tiler Which i enjoy as im a hands on person , I enjoy being out in the field/ countryside and always willing to take advice and learn things . I currently have a Sgc and fac airgun . I have a beretta 687 which i cant hit much with 😂
  1. Improved cylinder for simple decoying shots , and half choke for going away second shots and long shots
  2. Hi all just wondering if anyone has this specific pair .. and what reviews you have .. thanks
  3. Thanks all .. seen philip today and gun is getting sorted
  4. The 687 silverpigeon is a different butt :(
  5. Did u have to get the sporting one or the game for it to fit ? Cheers
  6. Gun was made in 1989 .. the butt is a slight different shape to the recoil pads forsale
  7. Hi im looking to get a new recoil pad for this gun as its pretty hard .. but cant find one anywhere any info would be great .. thanks
  8. Hi all .. im looking for some pigeon or crow shooting in the norfolk area own sgc and insurance .. many thanks
  9. Hi all .. im looking for some pigeon or crow shooting in the norfolk area own sgc and insurance .. many thanks
  10. Hi any members go to wayland gun club as im looking to join, also need someone to guide me as fairly new to using a shotgun, thanks
  11. Hi is anyone from the watton /carbrooke ovington area 😆
  12. Hi jaymo .. thanks for the info .. im looking to go along to highlodge clays in suffolk maybe or maybe a little closer to home not decided yet il maybe go some weekdays and weekend so 3 times aweek. .. also even tho im not a good shot yet im still a full member with basc , i was just poking around on here and asked for the input as a majority of people maybe shoot everyday and have sensible advice for me to take in 😆
  13. birds arent likely to suffer as im not shooting them with a shotgun yet .. ive been on a friends clay trap and me or him are not hitting much so i cant get experience off him as hes doing something wrong also ..just i need to get experience and better with my beretta to start using it with better affect than a fac airgun .. ok thanks ips
  14. hi jaymo .. ive not yet joined a clay shoot club but i intend too .. i just have permission on a little land where there is pigeon / rook problem
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