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  1. Hi not for range work / distance . I have herd some people have had problems with setting up and not enough adjustment , hence the added moa rail .
  2. Thanks for all the info chaps, its much appreciated . Happy hunting to all .
  3. Hi all Dose any one on hear have a Tikka t3x with a Picatinny rail fitted and using a pulsar N450 NV unit? if so do you have a 0 MOA 10 MOA or 20MOA Rail. How well dose it work ? would you recommend 0, 10 or 20 . Was there any interference with operating problems? Any info/help would be much appreciated. Regards Steve
  4. Or UKIP or the English democrats. Mr Batton and Mr Tilbrook are both very good men.
  5. steve 88

    Guns found in usa

    wow I don't think they make them that big !
  6. steve 88

    .17 hmr

    Hi is Hertfordshire to far ?
  7. Hi I have one that is 3 months old and no rust issues. its a varmint T3X synthetic in 243 ,sound as . take it back to where you brought it m8 if problem .
  8. hi all I have around 100 once fired cases, mostly Federal premium . Are they worth any thing and if so how much and is anyone interested ? I am in Hertfordshire, Regards Steve
  9. 100% agree CZ all day long .Although Anschutz are lovely bit pricey though
  10. Thanks to all for the input. I though it would be straight forward but you never no, this will be one less thing to worry about in the mountain if things to sort out , work ,schools for the kids moving , sorting out my garage with 10years of stuff that might be useful. happy hunting all .
  11. Hi all. I am going to be moving from Hertfordshire to Dorset ,How much hassle am I locking at? ,in changing location with my guns (FAC), what's the proses, moving gun safe, transporting guns and safe and location of safe in new home ,do you need to leave guns with FAD while paper work is changing and ok from new FAO . any info would be most great full Regards Steve
  12. steve 88

    Weihrauch 95k

    I had one for several years very happy with it, had a few problems when I first bought it with consistency .striped it down and found sworf in the cylinder cleaned oiled and reassembled all was fine after that .although not happy at the time . probably assembled on a Friday afternoon and fritz wanted to get to the bozzer .I have had other HW's and been very happy with them sold both, HW 100sk and HW 95k to fund FAC . Both were beautiful guns.
  13. Hi will , The mounts are very poor quality to say the least, take it back to were you bought it m8 and demand your money back and get a gun that is made properly . I gave mine back and got a Tikka T3X very happy with it to. if you want to contact browning you will need to speak to BWM on 01235 514 550 not very helpful and very dismissive they were more concerned as to how I got there number , they will just tell you. you need to go back to the place you bought it. hope this helps m8.
  14. try another scope, if its the same problem you have eliminated scope problem and can start looking else were for fault.
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