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  1. Cm76

    Fx impact .22 fac

    Sorry forgot to mention the gun is s/h with no warranty (private sale) cheers
  2. Cm76

    Fx impact .22 fac

    Hi guys sorry if this has been covered before. Recently purchased the above gun and it appears to have a leaking seal as over a couple of days it loses most of the air. Question is have any of you worked on these guns before if so what are they like it doesn’t appear to bad looking on YouTube but them guys can no doubt do it with their eyes closed or should I send it to an expert. Cheers for any advice.
  3. Cm76

    New forum Member from Co Durham

    Welcome to the forum and the world of shooting.
  4. Cm76

    Missed the boat

    Both good bags and excellent reporting as usual.
  5. Cm76

    3 gun cabinet

    Please see attached as requested cheers
  6. Cm76

    Shooting cap and gloves.

    Pm me your details m8 I’ll have them cheers.
  7. Cm76

    Shooting cap and gloves.

    Hi are these still available
  8. Cm76

    3 gun cabinet

    Hi it doesn’t have an ammo shelf the external dimensions are 21cm wide by 19 cm deep and 126 high cheers.
  9. Cm76

    3 gun cabinet

    In excellent condition £50 collection only more pictures/information can be sent on request.
  10. For sale bnib alloy gators wheel protection kit in silver to fit wheels from 13” to 21” £60 delivered.
  11. Cm76

    The boy getting on good with his 20g

    He doing really well Neil he gonna be one to watch in the coming years I’m sure.
  12. Cm76

    Rimmie hunting vantage

    Great spot to shoot nice looking rifle also.
  13. Cm76

    Boys new 20g

    Sure it will be 50 out of 50 before you know it Neil.
  14. Cm76

    First shot with the Cre8 28 gauge

    Great shooting