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  1. Hi ant.mass I’ve been looking at the pard 007 haven’t heard of them until recently what are they like for the money any good ? Cheers
  2. Looking for advice on a new ir been looking at the Solaris laser illuminator and was wondering if anyone on here was using one and what they thought of it if not what are you using I’m looking at something that will throw the light a good way as I want to use the nv to spot the quarry at a distance and call it in or approach it quietly. Appreciate your views cheers.
  3. I must say you guys really do put the effort in to get the pigeons. Great report as usual.
  4. Well done Neil keeping the numbers down
  5. above should only read 9 not 93 not sure what happened there
  6. Just wondering if anyone on here has the above and if so what you think of it.. thinking of getting one just thought I would ask for your opinions good or bad cheers.
  7. Had a big decline in the past few years in this area use to plenty to go at but numbers are limited now.
  8. First outing tonight for the fox pro inferno and brought Charlie in after about15 mins impressed so far.
  9. Got a dog fox tonight 223 and nitesite total 92
  10. Thought I would post an update. I decided on a fox pro inferno from bushwear so fingers crossed it will do the job cheers for all the posts.
  11. Hi I will take the rest please just pm me your details and the amount cheers.
  12. currently have a u caller but looking for something new with a remote option that will work upto 120-150 yds away. just thought i would ask what everyone here uses or recommends before i buy cheers
  13. well done mate another productive outing
  14. The place must be crawling mate
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