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  1. I am looking to offer my help to support any pest control needs in the South East, Kent, and similar areas. Eg around Sevenoaks, Oxted, West Malling and so forth. See image for example areas offered. If you require help in looking after land or have land that you would like responsibly controlled then do get in touch. I am insured, security vetted, can provide character references, have both shotgun and air rifle so can be adaptable in the approach to suit circumstances. No charge. Ideally a small farm or land owner that requires some part time support to control pests. Thank You.
  2. thanks for the help so far. Something like this perhaps..? https://www.opticswarehouse.co.uk/product/nikko-stirling-panamax-long-range-6-18x50-ao-ir/
  3. is that yours? ^ looks sublime I guess, but I now have to advertise and shift the Leuopold!
  4. Have you any links to help to elaborate on this please? #learning ...
  5. haha, Iasked that. perfectly reasonable answer. chap owned and sells many rifles and said they never sell without a scope, so it needed to be bundled with a cheapy to shift it I agree the Leupold is a good match 😁 yeah, its all bit murky right now... I think it's a bit like a Blairite policy where law and practice are entirely disconnected ... essentially, I think people will carry on doing what they've always done. Won't prevent me getting the shotgun out now and again.. Hmm... Have I made a bum-choice here..?
  6. As the subject states , I picked up a rather lovely Daystate Huntsman classic, In 0.20 Calibre, Actually it's this rifle https://www.gunstar.co.uk/daystate-huntsman-2-air-rifles/Air-Guns/1087950 And Ive Just paired it with This Scope https://www.gunstar.co.uk/leupold-vx-ii-3-9x50mm-1-tube/Accessories/1090641?utm_source=emailWebsite&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=contact_confirmation_email&utm_term=_&email_stats_id=13271630 So I have quite a nice little outfit here, And am planning to get permission to use the gun For local rabbit pigeon and vermin control on nearby farms.
  7. we have one whihc has a Theoben gas ram in. Good if you can get hold of one..
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