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  1. I switched from fags to vaping, back to fags for a few weeks then quit cold turkey - it's been 15 months now and I don't even crave after a drink. Best thing I ever did.
  2. I use handheld CB pretty often on site work to communicate with plant operators. I pick up signals at home from other users with burners in the county, in 2014 used to get loads of transmissions coming over from the USA related to the solar radiation or something
  3. Thats brilliant. Keep the dogs out of the way? They should be happy with everything else
  4. Sounds like you've seen a lot - a very interesting read thank you. I guess the question has to be - why would you ever leave Finland?
  5. Excellent - some the dastardly mink haven't killed yet. I wish animal charaties would focus their attention away from saving things like foxes and crows to things that really matter and are in danger - such as these
  6. 3. Quite happy at that - only got 250 lead then will probably try and get some more eley 32g 5's fibre and run those through my non steel shot proofed gun and mammoths for in the pump till I can get fibre version with 42g in
  7. I'd imagine most likely that through the back channels of government they have been told that the position on lead is untenable - laws will be coming in and you can either work with it at a steady rate or it'll be legislated. After everything with general licences - nothing is set in stone, the rug can be pulled from underneath in not time at all. I would imagine this would be needed pull all of those organisations together. Heads will roll? - this isn't a witch hunt, the ends don't justify the means.
  8. Agreed - I think this'll be a right kick up the ****. To be honest I feel like they may have been pushed - something behind the scenes must have happened.
  9. I have changed my mind a few times on this - it's a choice of two evils. My permission and syndicate (rough shoot) floods and we are lucky enough to have grey partridge which we are attempting to increase in number from a small base - we don't shoot them. I don't much like plastic but I already see it in the ground where it's been blown in or maybe even in some recycled topsoil/fertiliser. This season I have been shooting lead with fibre wad, steel with fibre wad (eley 32g 5's) in my early 80's o/u and Gamebore Mammoths (which I love) in the SXP. My current thinking is that I'd like to use the eley steel 5's for the drives that don't often see high birds on and mammoths on the geese/one drive they really get up on. I did get a complaint for taking my Winchester SXP on a day though - from a guest no less. On this land I feel plastic would be the lesser evil - if used for geese / higher birds - we have no livestock just grey partridge and a lot of fowl which lead can be a detriment to.
  10. I don't think lead in rifle ammunition should be phased out however - surely much less likely to be ingested than shot.
  11. It was me that used the S word - apologies. I was trying to get across my frustration in people leaving - but you can vote at the ballot or with your feet and those people are very welcome to do so. It's a very dirty word where I grew up in S. Yorks but it was meant in the collective not individual.
  12. Frustration maybe? At a lack of willingness and investment? Just a thought
  13. Wider shooting community - jump before being pushed, being on the front foot all that. Nothing in the statement surprised me much - they feel hurt because BASC didn't consult them first same as a lot of members. Can't say that I get the rest of the argument though. Market force dominates regardless. If sales of steel go up - because people are choosing to buy steel then their will be a market force to the cartridge companies to make more. Otherwise we'll be in the place 20 years from now - if there isn't the demand then there will never be the investment required to make it work. If cartridge companies or any business have the choice of producing the same product they are tooled up for OR investing money/time into new products machinery ect then they will automatically stick with the status quo. Do you think the steel shot suppliers are going to say no when they ask for more shot? They may say we don't have capacity at this time - but by jove if you've got a growing market demand your going to try and fill it and quick! Get this though - if we don't hit the five year mark, so what? We'll be heading in the right direction albeit slowly on the good ship HMS PROGRESS. Some interesting reading for those that havent read. https://pheasantsforever.org/BlogLanding/Blogs/Field-Notes/The-Evolution-of-Steel.aspx
  14. So you would expect them to fall onto their own sword in a battle they know there is little no chance of winning - with bigger ones on the horizon? Just because some of the members insist that there should be no movement from the traditional line? If they have chosen this path then it is because it's the right thing to do - and/or that will only damage and hamper other campaigns in the future.
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