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  1. Strange how only the people saying good things about the new defender are those that get paid by Landrover to do so OR need to keep land rover on side such as the magazines etc .
  2. I'm inclined to disagree with the post TD5 defender comment - I've driven a few nice TD5's but mostly Puma or Duratorq 2007 to 2014 models and I must say the later models blinded it in terms of interior comfort, road noise, heaters/fans and general road manners. The gearbox was also noteably better. The engine may not have been quite as simple as the TD5 but considering it was in effect a transit engine, had more low down torques than you could shake a stick at and had a sixth gear so it would cruise at 70mph without revving it's nuts off. My old work had some at 150,000 miles that had a rough life towing 3.5 ton trailers and drilling rigs up and down the country occasionally sinking the odd one or two they held up very well. The replacement Hilux models they began to replace the fleet with shortly after were throwing transfer cases and gearboxes left right an centre after three months of use.
  3. What I can't understand is when companies like mercedes and fiat have moved into the pickup market and Nissan and Toyota invest heavily in the line of pickups - Land Rover have gone and made yet another Chelsea tractor when they already have six on the market. They could have hammered the other makers at there own game and kept the rugged workhorse let's face it the sales of all the other models have been based on for the last 30 years. They should have let the name rest in peace.
  4. Jesus! I knew blackpowder was some nasty stuff but that's something else
  5. If it was that black Lloyd we'd have bigger issues! The garage is work in progress, I've built my shelving but need to get my bench done, maybe this can be leverage?
  6. I couldn't pull them off if I tried. Hence I'm as nature intended
  7. Not because I have a nice stable full of old hammer guns with an expensive diet of papercase cartridges. I treat myself to a box or three each season, it's a nostalgia I never knew being one of those horrid millenials and what not.
  8. So we recently moved in to a new build house. I was cleaning my pump action in the bathroom this eve, when for some reason I decided to push the bronze brush through with the top of the barrel in the air instead of pointing down. The white wall now has a mix of Napier cleaner and Eley Mammoth residue... What a mingmong! Cue grovelling in three, two, one...
  9. One of the many deer that have wondered past mine (video screenshot) - I really need to get my Section 1 and DS1 cert ...
  10. Underwater not very long... In the dry I've left it for over two weeks with 8x 2600mah NiMh batteries and they've got plenty of life left - even after a few hundred actuation
  11. I have the SXP and initially found it short - however I've found although my mount is different with the stock sitting lower down my cheek I shoot well with it, it cycles like a dream and I've been beating a few guns with O/U's on a round of sporting clays with it. Love the thing now !!
  12. @Benthejockey - thanks I actually managed it in the end and got it for the same price, hopefully I won't leave this one somewhere it can flood this time!
  13. Link mate? Flooded mine and need a replacement
  14. Keeping spitting the dummy out of the pram, throw enough shizer 'till it sticks seems to be the current focus. There hand is no stronger than last time - apart from they've had some more media coverage.. As Matt Cross said "I doubt they think they can knock out shooting with one legal punch, instead they intend to wear down our willingness and ability to fight." "...Calmness is essential. When their next thing comes along, look at the detail of the challenge, not the grandstanding headlines. Both of their challenges have been far more limited than they appeared and far easier to deal with. The first was seen off with a paperwork exercise by DEFRA, the second will probably go the same way. Undoubtedly annoying and disruptive, but hardly a cause for panic. Shooting has powerful, well-organised lobby groups. The organisations are essential. Small groups can make large organisations look foolish and slow to react, that comes from the way different sizes of organisations work. But they are powerful groups with serious resources. Should any of these challenges ever come to court, those resources will tell. I have no doubt that a significant part of the Wild Justice plan is to sheer off chunks of the membership of those organisations in order to reduce their resources and political clout. It is like a speedboat and a frigate. The speedboat can dart in and cause chaos, before the frigate is even heading in the right direction. But when it comes to the crunch the frigate will win. Unless half her crew has jumped overboard in terror convinced that their captain is useless and that their ship will be sunk."
  15. Cheers islandgun - I've often heard the project mentioned by GWCT but never seen the website. Thanks
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