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  1. Hello - anyone got a Falcon Light Hunter in .177 or .20 that they would like to sell? - please get in touch
  2. I think you are bang on there - thats exactly what I saw
  3. So the pigeon was .177 headshot (bloody lovely shot 25m freehand) and on the ground for around 30 mins, after that it's been in the fridge for a day - could this be maggots?
  4. Just opened up the breast of this bird and didn't like the look of the small white things between the membrane and the pigeon breast pictured - is this what I think it is and is it an issue? I must say it out me right off my pigeon on toast... Thanks in advance
  5. If you can find out which engine it is (usually made by 2-3 companies for all mowers) - just done a champion mower that is 15 years old and it shares the engine with mountfield models and a number of others - maybe it will work - a carb rebuild and new plug usually fixes 99% of non starters.
  6. I'd personally just fix the Qualcast - they don't make em like they used to, I was given a 1970's qualcast suffolk 35 this week (donated for the scout group to have a go at fixing up). Fresh fuel and a little tinker with the carb and off she went. All the spares still availible too. Otherwise I'd be picking up a mountfield around the £175 mark that should have 10-15 years in it, batteries just don't last that long and they keep changing the shape on purpose to keep you buying new kit. Stanley have just done it with the fatmax range and now all my batteries are redundant.
  7. 300 bar way better tanks to have - wish mine was I'd get triple the number of fills. Super easy getting them tested and filled - i borrowed one from a family member and just test and go. Paid about £30 for my test and fill.
  8. Welcome from Newark - your in good company here
  9. A very fair point I'd not considered actually - guess it was just bad timing that made it look that way
  10. I don't think there's much question as to Mr Crows shooting ability and effectiveness - obviously the editing crew decided ooh thy would better if he took a "shot" I'd imagine he'd be horrified
  11. Surely they'd realise that the audience could see if they'd faked a shot being taken.. pretty funny to be honest! Original film here with blooper at 6:36
  12. R.I.P old boy, what a legacy to leave. Some man for one man.
  13. I switched from fags to vaping, back to fags for a few weeks then quit cold turkey - it's been 15 months now and I don't even crave after a drink. Best thing I ever did.
  14. I use handheld CB pretty often on site work to communicate with plant operators. I pick up signals at home from other users with burners in the county, in 2014 used to get loads of transmissions coming over from the USA related to the solar radiation or something
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