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  1. Papercase

    Beware cheap parts

    I have this issue every time I buy a "Britpart" AKA "****part" bit for the landy.
  2. Papercase

    freelander 2

    My dads got one same year - had literally no problems with it at all. Apparently the most reliable vehicle land rover ever made. He's probably done 50-60k in it and its at around 100,000 miles atm. Only known common failure (that I know of) is the haldex unit. His tows a 1600kg caravan to south of france every year. I have the earlier FL1 that's just hit 100k and I wish it was as reliable as the FL2!
  3. Papercase

    hello from the peak district

    Welcome from Thorpe Hesley!
  4. Papercase

    2 nd Time Lucky

    Lovely, thanks for sharing Clodhopper
  5. Papercase

    Lanber 12 gauge

  6. Papercase

    Pump Club

    Finally in the "Pump Club" - purchased a Winchester SXP Waterfowl last night, looking forward having the right tool for the job on the geese this year! Enjoyed some of the other PA examples on here
  7. Papercase

    Hello from North Sheffield

    Cheers guys
  8. Hello, Looks like a champion forum, looking forward to doing some digging. Rough shooter that occasionally gets on the decoys. Currently on the lookout for a 12g pump for the stable - any advice please let me know, Cheers Alex