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  1. Yeah there YouTube channel especially for deer and wildfowl is a treat
  2. I've had a Vango Banshee 200 for years and it's done probably 100+ nights and is still in good nick. Bit heavier than your desired weight mind. I just bivvy if I'm backpacking.
  3. Think I generally enjoyed this when I first listened to it - the guest I felt was a little misinformed about airguns but hey
  4. I don't own a centrefire but my deerstalking buddy brought his .308 T3x out - did the job on one youngster on the first night. Will go back out next week and try again if he's free - otherwise see if I can call within SG range maybe.
  5. Appreciate the advice, a bestfoxcall mouth call is on the way - I'll give that a go next week and see where we go from there
  6. Would be a bit of a trek to wales mind you! I wouldn't want to put you out of your way posting it!
  7. That's very kind and Newark on Trent
  8. My rabbit perm is overrun with foxes - this wouldn't particularly bother me but there are grey partridge on the ground. My deerstalking pal was happy to oblige but Im wondering if a caller could even the odds out? Happy to rent/buy maybe if close by - don't want to splosh loads! Cheers
  9. I'd suspect fuel delivery first - can you hear fuel pump when you turn ignition on? Given the low milage I would be inclined not to sell as a fixer upper but get it fixed at a local independent garage if tinkering isn't your thing - even just get them to diagnose it first so your outlay is limited. Otherwise it's just a 17 year old non runner! Probably nothing major that's thrown a wobbly
  10. I think the mitsubishi units are generally reliable (7 year warranty) however as for everything else we shall see fingers crossed. I do love the underfloor heating all of downstairs but I'm just glad we have it in a thermally efficient house. I don't yearn for harsh winters quite like before that's for sure!
  11. article.pdf I have air source on a new build 4 bed - it's no cheaper than gas. our leccy is north of £300pm when the temp drops, colder it gets less efficient it gets. That with wood burning running a fair bit too!
  12. I found this article yesterday interesting and relevant https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/time-to-drain-your-hot-tub-and-turn-off-that-aga-802q9x897
  13. I bought a 007 the standard older model for £175 on here second hand. Does the job bang on. A lot of fun can still be had with just a cheap torch mounted scope too
  14. Last night I attended the GWCT roadshow in my local area and it was superb - top experts in their respective fields giving interesting talks and taking time to answer lots of keeping, shoot management and wider bio diversity and farm payments questions. What struck me as sad was that there was only 5 people in the room. Considering the proximity of the event to some big shooting counties this seemed crazy. These guys are the ones that defend our sport more than any other and when they run events to help educate and also look to understand what folk are seeing on the ground no one turns up? What a shame! If its the case that people just aren't aware these events are being run here are the remaining ones on the calendar and I cannot recommend them highly enough; London - Mon 9th May Farnham, Surrey - Thu 12th May Royston, Hertfordshire - Tue 31st May It's more than worth your while! Cheers
  15. Enjoyed that last night Simon thank you - always nice to see someone using a full size sporter HW100 - we seem to be in the minority to the thumbhole and k brigade. Some excellent shooting as always
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