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  1. Vlad

    HW95 fettling

    Hi mate By removing 2 coil spring rings and having fitted just the Top Hat and the Rear Spring Guide the power was 1147,60 ft.lb Which was something uncomfortable for my self ( probably just a personal preference) being that close to the limit of 12ft.lb After fitting the Short Strocke Extensions Kit the power dropped to 1061,20 ft.lb
  2. Hi guys I'm looking for a FWB 300s or similar target air rifle. Thanks Vlad
  3. Vlad

    HW95 fettling

    Hi guys I was thinking for a while to fit a Short Strocke Extensions on my hw98 ...In the end decided to go for it....I'm impressed with the results 🤩 !!! I like it so much....I really like the way that my 98 is shooting now with this 10mm Short Strocke Extensions....FAST ,SMOOTH AND SHORT KICK IN THE END !!!
  4. Vlad

    HW95 fettling

    Hi guys I have experienced the same things on my hw98...removed first coil spring and been doing 13.4 with TbT kit ....stripped down second time and remove coil spring again....and the power drop down to 11.2 which is fine for me....I really like this rifle. I'm waiting for a new spring guide as the one which is fitted currently is a bit loose in the spring .... I have discussed with Nick about this.....and the new spring guide 14.2 mm replacement is on his way to me... As I said I have just a TbT kit fitted on it ....no magic touch....no hundreds pound's spent....and it does
  5. Hi thanks for offer but I want to swap my rifle for something different. My rifle is quite similar with your rifle .Loading sistem is the same same calibre .... and I can't see a reason to do this swap. If you have something else springer... recoilless...I don't know... I who's explaining in the description( what I want to swap it for) please let me know. Kind regards Vlad
  6. das

    Morning. Have 2 Weirhauch rifles.

    1. HW77 Special Edition, Summer Green Laminate stock .177 mint, less than a tin of pellets through it,
        range use only.

    2. HW98  .22  excellent condition, drop-in kit gives a smooth cycling 11.4 lbs.

    Please message if interested.


  7. Hi all...I'm from Swindon
  8. Hi all,does any one know we're I can find a sound moderator or an adapter...too be fitted on air arms se90 in.22 Calibre please?The barrel is not threaded!!!Thancks !!!
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