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  1. I used to have an HMR too, Used this stuff along with a bore snake usually every 75ish shots. Groups were pretty all over the place without it http://www.sportsmanguncentre.co.uk/product/44b21331a53aef829534525/MILFOAM+Forrest+Foam+Rifle+Barrel+Cleaner+500ml+'28GMK93308'29/
  2. Hello there EH? Can I just call you every? Jim.(Night Owl).

  3. Im down in the centrel belt too, Not too far away from newmains! Used to be a keeper up north. Back down here now looking to get some shooting here. Need some ground to jutify my fac. |Not been out in about a year. Anyone fancy a trip to the clays?
  4. Haha, Moved back home. Gave up keepering for a non killing job. Yeah, i know i'll regret it soon!
  5. Hey guy's. Not been on here for ages. Cant beleve how many members we have now!! Just thot i'd say hello to all the folk who might remember me from a few years back
  6. Have a wee look in this weeks shooting times, Big revew on the Quad
  7. It's not just the police that get let off lightly, What about that footballer that got caught being over a hundred mph? 28 day ban and a fine which he could prolly pay with the loose change in his ash tray
  8. Hey Lad's, Had to back up north so i could not get near a PC. Mr Pieman, i've already got a 25.06 for the big staggies it's mainly just for foxes really. Thinki'll prolly get a .243 and start loading my own rounds, My new boss does them anyway and said he'd help. Cheers for all the help
  9. Yeah Cranfield, The last 2 years have flown past. I enjoyed my time away up norht but it was just too far away from everything. the nearest corner shop was 40 miles!!! My new job is around 45 mins from my mum and dads house and all my friends. Think i'll prolly go with the 22.250 but i'll have a word with the keeper there and see what he thinks. I think i'll go for a stainless sinthetic or maybe a laminate stock......depending on my wages!!
  10. Hey lad's As some of you may know i have spent my last 2 years on a highland estate where i have worked towards my svq level 2 in Gamekeeping, However. as i am now moving onto my hnc i had to chance estates and i am now moving to a lowland shoot with 9000 Pheasants, Duck ponds and Roe stalking. As my .25.06Rem is Prolly a bit big for foxes and other winged vermin i'll be shooting at, Im planning 2 new rifles. I think i'll go for a .17hmr and either a 22.250 or a .243, Need a bit of help choosing between the 22.250 and the .243, Any suggestions? Anyone got experience with either calibers and what makes of rifle to go for? Thinking about a Sako finnlight But as yet im not too sure. Any help would be greatly apericiated!!!
  11. This is me and my new terrier puppy, I know. Bad hair cut! You all know how it is, Too busy to get it chopped
  12. Hey mate, I was out at continental shooting supplies last week. They had a second hand lowlander in stock. Not sure of the spec but it was nice! I think it was in at the 800 mark, Give him a phone up. Pretty well stocked shop too. You can trie all the second had guns on the range. Also try the gun smiths in egelsham. They had a few in too! Spoilt for choice. His number is in the phone book! Good luck!
  13. Hey guys. I got a 5 shot on my fac, but you can get pretty much anything up here. I got a cheap franchi for £150, The guy in the shop said it would only fire heavy loads which was what i wanted it for......fox drives. Tried it with a range of carts. Takes anything from 24 gram 7 and a halfs to 42 gram bb's.......Only thing i need now is some foxes to shoot and we're away!!!!
  14. ...... Sharpshooter is the kind hearted river ghillie who lets me use his computer.
  15. I've tried the skin so soft. you can get it as a cream which i think works better than the spray. but, If there out in force theres no stopping them!!! Just cover up----->
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