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  1. Spot on sir👏🏻👏🏻
  2. Try this I’ve heard it does what it claims,
  3. Try looking at their website and see if you can find a black battue then 🤨
  4. If you think that terriers can’t be trained then look at this u tube clip
  5. You may want to consider this place http://www.bristolclayshooting.com/
  6. Are you not allowed to get a copy of your medical records under the FOI rules? I don’t believe that they can change you for this as you have a right to know what records they keep once you have a copy let the firearms department see them and hopefully you can get your license sorted Good luck
  7. Mr.T


    Gamebore Super Gems great shells!
  8. Well said Rewulf, spot on, too many people think it’s the end of the world but there’s some of us who can remember what we had before the E U and much of it was better
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