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  1. Get a good catapult and practice would be my opinion
  2. I came late to this saga, but having now read all 22 pages, I don’t want to hear of Mr Moles demise, it’s kept half the country amused, what will we all do if there’s no more Mr Mole?
  3. Mr.T

    Sea Eagle.

    This is the photo shown in the local press regarding the Kestrel shot in Newent, it doesn’t like like a shotgun kill to me but I’m no expert
  4. Oakedge is still on tomorrow looking at their website and social media
  5. Have used them for a quick clean, but when the rope breaks it’s a real pain 😖
  6. Try Longridge or Park Farm also South Worcester none of which are that far from Hereford
  7. Careful Penelope what you are suggesting here would be of great interest to HMRC, having worked in import and export of military goods for many years I can assure you that it can be done just as long as you follow the rules The U S dealer might have to get an export licence and you as importer would need to declare the goods to Customs but if it’s shipped via DHL or FedEx they can do this for you Duty payable depends on the commodity code applicable to the goods and then there’s VAT on top plus a charge for the declaration to HMRC but it can save you money
  8. Try looking at their website and see if you can find a black battue then 🤨
  9. If you think that terriers can’t be trained then look at this u tube clip
  10. You may want to consider this place http://www.bristolclayshooting.com/
  11. Are you not allowed to get a copy of your medical records under the FOI rules? I don’t believe that they can change you for this as you have a right to know what records they keep once you have a copy let the firearms department see them and hopefully you can get your license sorted Good luck
  12. Gamebore Super Gems great shells!
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