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  1. I see on Facebook that Double Barrelled Podimore (Don Brunt) is going to be working in association with Spotsman Gun Centre at Ashcombe
  2. What happened to the Barbury purchase?
  3. Mr.T

    Mo Farah

    Just shows what checks are carried out on some one who gets honoured by the country, it seems to be easy to through life and never be found out?
  4. Same with me, apparently one of my jobs I was opted out of SERP’s so had a shortfall . Reckon that £800 gives extra £10 per week pension so providing you draw your pension for 18 months you get your money back from then on your on a winner👍
  5. They did eventually get my forms for me but I had to chase them more than once. Not the best service and I won’t recommend them.
  6. Each to their own, I admit they don’t look like a Beretta SO or even a EELL but the one I had a go with balanced nicely and smashed clays, plus you can use it with steel and tight chokes if needed, for a lot less money than other guns that are limited with steel shot and chokes.
  7. If was was tempted I would go for a Fabarm, proofed to 1630 bar, will take steel even at full choke, and not a lot of money, for the money you are looking to spend you could buy a pair😊
  8. Mr.T

    Sue Gray report

    I think his main crime is tell the House of Commons on more than one occasion that he complied with the rules and no parties took place. So now what ever he says no will take it seriously, it will be just another little Boris lie. Can’t see how you can have some one like that running the country
  9. Mr.T

    TV aid ads.

    Before I donate to any charities I look on Wiki so see what their CEO takes as a salary, that normally means my money stays in my pocket when you see some of the numbers these people take. How can a charity CEO earn more than the PM ?
  10. Turn the aircon off see how much more mpg you get 😊
  11. Beretta negroni gun case for sale. Combination locks still at factory settings very little use. £80 plus postage or collect from Gloucestershire . More photos and details if interested Mr T
  12. Having been in import and export for 20+ years it can appear to be a bit of a lottery, most of the express parcel companies (DHL, UPS, FedEx etc) use any method possible to get a customs clearance they don’t care if it’s correct or not as long as it’s customs cleared they are happy. The problem is it’s you the importer that is liable not the clearance agent. So if you think you have paid to much or the wrong tariff has been used it becomes a nightmare to get the clearing agent to put it right. My advice would be if the item is high value (£1k + ) get a freight forwarder to make the customs entry at least they take a little more care on getting it correct
  13. It depends on what the country of origin is, just because it’s coming from France doesn’t make it French origin once you know that then you can determine the rate of duty, which is determined by the commodity code for the item. Don’t forget that you then add VAT
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