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  1. I’ve got several pieces from Adrian Johnstone over the years very good work. Believe he is based in Darlington
  2. Haven’t been this year but last season it was very good and following posts on f/b it seems that this year is no different
  3. Thanks for letting us know, I was thinking about going there, think I’ll leave it now
  4. Had a PVD in right eye March 2019, optician did full examination said no damage to retina and go back if flashing dots appear, had another PVD Jan 21 this time in left eye again no damage no retina both clear up within 3 months but can be annoying at times found changing flys when fishing difficult with spots floating around, optician says age related so can reoccurrence is probably go to happen
  5. Can’t imagine how bad she must feel, all the hard work and shooting so well at present must make it heartbreaking. Just hope she stays healthy and will continue competing once given the all clear
  6. Scully, When I read a comment that you were a painter I thought you meant Dulux and a 4 inch brush😂 You have an amazing talent Sir, I take my hat off to you, your pictures are truly awesome 👏🏻 👏🏻👏🏻
  7. They need some one to heap the blame on when it comes to a public inquiry, my guess is it will be Mr Hancock that will take the brunt of it now… That’s politics for you,
  8. Helping my late Grandfather clean his side by side after he had been shooting, that would have been 55 years ago. Also remember going for a country walk with him when he stopped, picked up a stone, threw it and rushed of to dispatch a stunned rabbit. Walking back and Grandma showed me how to skin and cook it. Country life had me hooked
  9. Right handed shooter for over 40 years, last hearing test showed 70% loss of hearing in left ear and 40% loss in right ear. Also have tinnitus in left ear.
  10. BT for me, combined package for landline, internet and BT TV never had a problem with the mobile phone service from them, and only £5 a month unlimited calls and texts
  11. Yes, booked for Thursday afternoon, haven’t shot a Beretta shoot since the days of Roundwood, looking forward to it
  12. Bought my first clay gun from Chris Potter’s a Winchester 101 would have been the very early 80’s faultless service and good prices even back then.👍
  13. Yes I’d be happy to be fired from my job if I can get a £20 million pay off. Ridiculous amount of money.
  14. I remember when you didn’t have to have any security measures, the licence didn’t list the guns that you owned or have your photograph on it. But then I am getting on a bit.😂
  15. Mr.T


    She fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down
  16. This just shows what clay shooting is up against local shoot that currently runs under 28 day rule, has applied for planning permission for 200 days per year. https://www.gloucestershirelive.co.uk/news/parents-lockdown-nightmare-neighbour-decides-4993580?utm_source=linkCopy&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sharebar
  17. In my experience Yes
  18. I have 2 favourites at present they are Dalwhinine and Balvenie but every ones taste differs so it’s a bit like marmite some like it some don’t just try as many as possible, my excuse is I’m do research 😜
  19. Get a good catapult and practice would be my opinion
  20. I came late to this saga, but having now read all 22 pages, I don’t want to hear of Mr Moles demise, it’s kept half the country amused, what will we all do if there’s no more Mr Mole?
  21. Mr.T

    Sea Eagle.

    This is the photo shown in the local press regarding the Kestrel shot in Newent, it doesn’t like like a shotgun kill to me but I’m no expert
  22. Oakedge is still on tomorrow looking at their website and social media
  23. Have used them for a quick clean, but when the rope breaks it’s a real pain 😖
  24. Try Longridge or Park Farm also South Worcester none of which are that far from Hereford
  25. Careful Penelope what you are suggesting here would be of great interest to HMRC, having worked in import and export of military goods for many years I can assure you that it can be done just as long as you follow the rules The U S dealer might have to get an export licence and you as importer would need to declare the goods to Customs but if it’s shipped via DHL or FedEx they can do this for you Duty payable depends on the commodity code applicable to the goods and then there’s VAT on top plus a charge for the declaration to HMRC but it can save you money
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