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    Sue Gray report

    I think his main crime is tell the House of Commons on more than one occasion that he complied with the rules and no parties took place. So now what ever he says no will take it seriously, it will be just another little Boris lie. Can’t see how you can have some one like that running the country
  2. Mr.T

    TV aid ads.

    Before I donate to any charities I look on Wiki so see what their CEO takes as a salary, that normally means my money stays in my pocket when you see some of the numbers these people take. How can a charity CEO earn more than the PM ?
  3. Turn the aircon off see how much more mpg you get 😊
  4. Beretta negroni gun case for sale. Combination locks still at factory settings very little use. £80 plus postage or collect from Gloucestershire . More photos and details if interested Mr T
  5. Having been in import and export for 20+ years it can appear to be a bit of a lottery, most of the express parcel companies (DHL, UPS, FedEx etc) use any method possible to get a customs clearance they don’t care if it’s correct or not as long as it’s customs cleared they are happy. The problem is it’s you the importer that is liable not the clearance agent. So if you think you have paid to much or the wrong tariff has been used it becomes a nightmare to get the clearing agent to put it right. My advice would be if the item is high value (£1k + ) get a freight forwarder to make the customs entry at least they take a little more care on getting it correct
  6. It depends on what the country of origin is, just because it’s coming from France doesn’t make it French origin once you know that then you can determine the rate of duty, which is determined by the commodity code for the item. Don’t forget that you then add VAT
  7. Sorry hadn’t seen it before
  8. From the Shooting Times today, shocking numbers of accidents, 421 fatal accidents in 22 years Can you imagine that in the UK? A 17-year-old hunter has accidentally shot and killed a hiker in France. The victim, a 25-year-old woman, is reported to have been hiking on a marked trail near Aurillac in the Cantal region in southern France when she was shot. According to the French authorities, she died instantly. The hunter was participating in an organised boar hunt at the time. She required hospital treatment for shock and has been questioned by police. Tests found no drink nor drugs in her body. According to figures published by the French government, there have been 421 fatal hunting accidents in France since 2000. Hunting, and particularly hunting accidents, has become a key area of debate in the French presidential election. Incumbent Emmanuel Macron is a supporter of hunting, which is seen as a way of courting the rural vote. However, his leading left-wing rival, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, has called for a ban on hunting during holidays and at weekends. ■
  9. I had a similar problem with my rotator cuff, fortunately I had BUPA with my job and had a scan, same diagnosis as the GP gave, so if you have to pay for the scan I wouldn’t bother. The exercises do work but it isn’t a quick recovery ( well not for me) 6 - 9 months Good luck hop you have a quick recovery
  10. More smoke screen to please the electorate, real focus should be on police force that granted licence and returned guns to him 🤬
  11. Question for you all, do you think Putin would still have invaded Ukraine if Ukraine was a member of NATO?
  12. Patio chair blown over, total devastation 😂😂😂 truthfully sunny and a little breeze in Gloucestershire
  13. Fortunately my library has it so I can download a copy to my tablet at no charge 👍
  14. Mr.T

    Liz Truss

    That’s because they have a budget for gritting the roads and if they don’t use the budget then they lose it for the following year, Stupid I know but that’s what happens when the world is run by accountants and balance sheets
  15. Tragic loss to the clay shooting community a very talented young man, condolences to his family.
  16. Mr.T

    Mark Drakeford

    I can't see him lasting another election cycle with what he's done to Wales in the last few years. He's crippled the country with his overbearing COVID restrictions, refusal to address the M4 problem which makes anywhere west of Magor about as attractive to businesses and industry as a cactus tampon and wasted millions on consultations and white elephant projects that could be better spent opening up Wales to the wider world. Oh, and it's It's all Westminster's fault. I was asking some Welsh clay shooters if they thought that Drippy would be re-elected after his crippling measures and answer I got was “You could put a red rosette on a donkey and it would be elected in Wales “ to which another one said “That’s what we have now so no change “ 🤷🏼‍♂️
  17. I’ve got several pieces from Adrian Johnstone over the years very good work. Believe he is based in Darlington
  18. Haven’t been this year but last season it was very good and following posts on f/b it seems that this year is no different
  19. Thanks for letting us know, I was thinking about going there, think I’ll leave it now
  20. Had a PVD in right eye March 2019, optician did full examination said no damage to retina and go back if flashing dots appear, had another PVD Jan 21 this time in left eye again no damage no retina both clear up within 3 months but can be annoying at times found changing flys when fishing difficult with spots floating around, optician says age related so can reoccurrence is probably go to happen
  21. Can’t imagine how bad she must feel, all the hard work and shooting so well at present must make it heartbreaking. Just hope she stays healthy and will continue competing once given the all clear
  22. Scully, When I read a comment that you were a painter I thought you meant Dulux and a 4 inch brush😂 You have an amazing talent Sir, I take my hat off to you, your pictures are truly awesome 👏🏻 👏🏻👏🏻
  23. They need some one to heap the blame on when it comes to a public inquiry, my guess is it will be Mr Hancock that will take the brunt of it now… That’s politics for you,
  24. Helping my late Grandfather clean his side by side after he had been shooting, that would have been 55 years ago. Also remember going for a country walk with him when he stopped, picked up a stone, threw it and rushed of to dispatch a stunned rabbit. Walking back and Grandma showed me how to skin and cook it. Country life had me hooked
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