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  1. There’s woodland park in Brecon? Or there’s a clay club in manmoel and heolgerrig in Merthyr.
  2. They look really good! I have a set of peltor ex mod ones, just looking for opinions on the Bluetooth/radio ones that are available so I could play a set list from an iPod or listen to the radio. Wondering if they are a gimmick that doesn’t really work or not
  3. Does anyone use a Bluetooth ear defender? I’ve seen a few radio and Bluetooth ones listed and thought they may be good for a one of the slower days in the hide??
  4. Don't know if it's too late but I too have an early lanber that displayed this issue whilst using reasonably light loads. Mine looks the same as yours. I fixed mine by stripping the action and cleaning wherever I could, my issue appeared to be the trigger would pull, however felt slightly grainy whilst resetting itself to its position. i cleaned and cleaned mine however did not make much difference, it was only when I removed the trigger assembly cleaned it in individual pieces and rebuilt it did the creep in the trigger go away. The front pin holding the trigger assembly felt as if mine was binding before re assembly but didn't after reassembly with a little dry oil. Hope that's a bit of help to you.
  5. I've recently purchased a 64 plate as I drive them daily in work. Around the doors you get around 35-37mpg and on a run 43-45mpg, mine is the 163bhp model with intelligent 4wd. I've taken the work ones quite a few places off road and have all handles superbly. Took mine on amsoft sand no so long back and even with road tyres and it weighing over two tonne, it didn't slip at all. I purchased it for use with shooting and hopefully to tow launch/retrieve a boat from the shore. I don't doubt its capability one bit. The only thing I can say is it's not the quickest. But my other car is a low slung pretty powerful Alfa Romeo so it's not going to. If you like your gadgets then go for one with sync 1.1 which is some of the 64 plates and upwards as you can install apps to the car like Spotify etc Forgot to say mines a kuga.
  6. Not as long as you would think, Only need to complete the probationary period. When you get in do a secondment with them-it may not be what you think it's like. Nice comfy X5 though!
  7. Congratulations. Do you aspire to specialise in any particular department?
  8. Altberg sneeker if they don't need to be massively water proof or altberg p1 aqua if they do. I wear altberg sneekers every day for approx 10-12 hours and I am constantly running across wet grass and mud, they have not let water in yet. They are also brilliant to drive it as the have so much movement at the ankle. I can literally do a bleep test and get the same result as running trainers in them. I've had mine a year and had magnums before that-no comparison in my eyes! If your wearing them a lot then spend a bit on them. look after your feet, they are handy to keep
  9. Santiago de Cuba... so good they won't let it leave Cuba!
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