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  1. Increase cover / anything you can do to make woods warmer / more comfortable places to be will help along with game plots if thats possible
  2. They would be lead astray by the wild dogs in the beating line (INCLUDING MY SPANIELS !) I also believe a full days beating would nt help the dogs as far as trialing goes as a trial will involve a short spell (one drive) out working and then long spells sat in a dog box waiting
  3. The medium sized commercial shoot i beat on has two regular pickers up who travel two hours to get to the place and they do alot trialing and all of their dogs are excellent but both have said they would never take any of their dogs beatin Neither of them shoot they do the picking up as training for the field trials
  4. chrisp

    career change

    Id like to think im still young enough to make the change Yes scotslad thats always been my thinking ,if the **** hit the fan i could walk back into my current line of work fairly easily
  5. chrisp

    career change

    I do get where your coming from but i genuinely cant see myself doing another 30+ years in this trade and if i leave it any longer thats what will inevitably happen If i try something different at least i can say i had a go
  6. chrisp

    career change

    Thats a good point as ive worked on farms and at ag engineers in the past where health and safety are dirty words and construction sites will be the opposite of that Just spoke to another agency there and he says to go for my tickets as there loads of work in the borders currently (alot in jedburgh so he says) but i get the impression he would say that as he wants guys on his books to keep the hourly rate down !
  7. chrisp

    career change

    Thanks ive spoke to a couple and most of the work seems to be up edinburgh way (about an hour from me) Yes ive driven ag telehandlers but the machines are very similar apart from construction machines having stabiliser legs (lets hope the agencies and employers see it the same way !)
  8. chrisp

    career change

    Iv had the chance to re train but sadly it always comes down to money I also looked at open university courses in electrical engineering but 20 hours learning a week for 4-6 years seemed out of my reach as i work 50-60 hours in my current job and have a baby at home
  9. chrisp

    career change

    Aye pretty much sums it up its too late to re train as anything worth while as ive a mortgage to pay and cant take a pay cut to train and too old for an apprenticeship anyway
  10. chrisp

    career change

    For the past ten years or so ive been parts manager / parts supervisor at an agricultural engineers ,prior to that i worked a shepherd / general farm worker ,ive also done fencing and some machine maintenance / repair work My currenty job is getting old fast ,i tried changing companies two years ago and its the same **** as with any retail job ,the main problem is the moneys pretty good Ive looked at getting back into a more hands on / outdoor kind of job again (farm / estate work) as i miss being outside but the moneys just not there One thing i have thought about was putting myself through my telehandler tickets as ive 15 + years experience operating them and there seems a fair bit of well payed work (£15-£16) an hour self employed on contruction sites but i dont know how secure it would be and living in the scottish borders it would come with the possibility of alot of running up to edinburgh for jobs Anyone any experience working in the construction industry ? Thanks
  11. Thanks for the advice il get her booked into my local gunsmith
  12. I have a winchester 101 that i bought recently ,im very happy with it and seem to shoot well with it Only problem is when i have fired both barrels the guns very hard to break (shes easy enough to open when ive only fired one barrel) Is this normal for a 101 ? Thanks
  13. No not legal to use as a road fuel and it wont lubricate your pump so once it fails you wont have saved any money
  14. My local rfd does the same ,another not quite so local one doesnt so i try to make a point of going to him instead !!
  15. There were alot of people doing it including myself around 10 years ago but as has been said the suppliers caught on and put the prices up ! I ran a few diesel peugeots on it with no ill effect (bosch fuel pump not lucas as you will destroy lucas seals) but ive since learnt that its not good to run pure veg oil long term due to the water content but if your running and old cheap car its worth the risk ,you can process it which includes heating the oil to remove the water but the equipments not cheap Landrover 2.5 tdis aswell as terrano 2.7 tdis will run happily o it too as they have bosch pumps
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