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  1. I recieved a license for carrion crows, jackdaws, magpies, jays and rooks to conserve flora and fauna yesterday . NE sent me an acknowledgement email when I applied and sent the license via email.
  2. Good evening. Do any members know of any places that offer duck and goose flights that aren't too expensive in and around north Bedfordshire? Not particularly bothered about bag size. any info would be appreciated. thanks Supersport
  3. Im looking to book stalks with Paul Childerley and from what he has said to me in emails it sounds like they shoot muntjac all year round. http://www.childerleysporting.co.uk
  4. Cheers for you advice but i have decided I probably wont be using the new stock as it is far to complex and i dont really have the time to do all the Fiddling and things.
  5. Hahaha, I imagine it's going to take several attempts!
  6. I prefer the straight stock aswell but the one on my gun at the moment has a chip in it so I thought about sticking another one on it. I will probably leave it on though as changing it now seems like a bit of a challenge!
  7. It seems that the process may be more complicated than I first thought - I might just stick with the original stock.
  8. Thanks for you response! If i cant get the trigger gaurd to fit i might just end up turning the new stock into a straight hand stock, i know how to do this so it might be the better option.
  9. Thanks, It will be a bit of a project but hopefully i will be able to pull it of
  10. The gun is a spanish boxlock, I brought it really cheap a few months ago as it was in brilliant condition and the action was immaculate. I dont know how the current stock fits to the action and i dont know how the new one will fit on, but it was a cheap gun and the new stock is cheap so im not to worried about making a few mistakes! Cheers
  11. Thanks for your response, i would probably have to cut the trigger guard down but fortunately a close friend of mine is excellent with metal.
  12. Im about to purchase a new stock for my side by side 12 bore. The new stock has a semi pistol grip but currently my gun has a straight hand stock on it. My issue is that the extended trigger guard/tang on my gun is straight and will not fit on the new stock in its current state. My question is would i be able to bend the trigger guard to suit the new pistol grip stock? Cheers!
  13. I did clay pigeon shooting for my GCSE PE. I was the first person to have chosen it! Fortunately i also got full marks.
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