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  1. Can these be safely fired through a SAK moderator? I have an issue with very close range rats near cattle feeders and these seem like the thing to use without hurting the nearby barns and sheds
  2. The daunting part is my shotgun certificate is up for renewal next year so he took that and said he would combine the two licences so they were the same renewal date, leaving me with no way of obtaining shotgun cartridges at the mo! Did I do the right thing?!
  3. I know it's like asking how long is a piece of string but I have applied for my first firearms licence and have had my meeting with the officer who checked my cabinets and permission etc two weeks ago. I spoke to him to clarify something he wanted to know on Tuesday last week and said he would finish my paperwork that day, having spoke to both my referees that day as well. So how long now do you think until my certificate falls through the letter box? I'm in Devon by the way.
  4. Can 22lr dust shot be safely be fired through a 22lr rifle with an attached moderator?
  5. When you say accurate what have you got it zeroed in for and what groupings can you achieve?
  6. Haha I meant Plinker!! Note to self proof read before submitting
  7. Anyone own or used one? I love the tactical style of it and wondered whats its like as a plonker and a close range squirrel/rabbit gun? Any info or pics would be great!
  8. Anyone ever been to Romania shooting Quail and Dove? Been looking at packages and they seem quite reasonable for what you get. Anyone give me any reports of how the days can go?
  9. Anyone have a Winchester 9410 for sale? 2+1 for shotgun certificate. Any considered as fancy one for my squirrel control Thank you in advance
  10. If solely after Fox, I would recommend a 12 bore and a heavy load, something between 3 shot or BB. However, it’s surprisingly how many I have had with normal bird shot, but always made sure it was close range if I took the opportunity
  11. Picked up a brand new Armsan Cre8 28 gauge semi auto and was itching to try it out. Snuck up after work to a few squirrel feeders I have in place but nothing was moving. Plan B was to make my way to the pheasant pens via some gorse and gamecrop above one of the main drives. As I silently approached, a huge Red Stag got up from the cover about thirty yards away and after we stared at each other for a minute or two, the magnificent beast made his way into the trees. As I watched him disappear, I was suddenly aware of more movement and slowly brought up my gun to a gingery shape trotting though the long yellow grass. At only six feet from where I stood, a large Fox cub stopped and a single shot behind the shoulder dropped him where he stood. He would have caused some damage to the poults and was a good one to take out. Just shows how close they come if you keep still!
  12. I know subsonics are not commerially avaliable for a 28 bore but has anyone ever put a moderator on one? I was thinking a moderated Cre8 or Benelli semi auto would be a useful little gun without being too noisy with standard shells
  13. Anyone have a 32 inch 28 bore for sale? PM me please thank you
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