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  1. Yes, I find actually with all the greenery and leaf on the trees in the summer its the only way to get them into a shooting position. I also pop a trail camera by my feeding stations to monitor what time and how many squirrels are visiting so I know when is best to plan a sit out with the rifle. A bit of peanut butter spread on the trees by the feeder also works wanders.
  2. Anyone seeing many young Squirrels out and about yet? Would have thought they would be out the dreys by now
  3. Couldn't eat it all myself, had to share it with the family obviously
  4. Another walked up bag consisting of pheasant, snipe, moorhen, woodpigeon, mallard, a carrion crow, woodcock and grey squirrel A lovely morning over marshland/moorland resulted in this bag between four guns
  5. One of our mixed species days, bag included a record number of 29 snipe that day, also gadwall, mallard, woodcock, pheasant, woodpigeon and teal, all walked up over spaniels 18 woodcock all walked up one day over the Xmas period on our pheasant shoot Nice bag of Grey Squirrels taken with the 28 bore auto one morning stalking through beech trees
  6. Where is the best place to order some additional 17hmr magazines for this rifle? Or does anyone have a spare I could buy? Thanks in advance
  7. For sale, BSA R10 with sling swivels. In excellent condition except a slight scratch on the pistol grip near the checkering. Looking for £120 posted. Any questions or for further images please message me
  8. Bit of a long shot but anyone have one of these for sale? I know there are a couple on guntrader but I was after one with slightly better wood.
  9. Anyone have mixed walked up days for sale in Devon for this season? Happy to work own dogs and get stuck in to get our sport. Can organise a team of 6 guns, anything considered many thanks
  10. Anyone know if they are away on holiday or if something is wrong? They sent me some 410 chokes which sadly did not fit my gun, they then asked for them to be returned with a standard choke for my gun as a comparison and have heard nothing. They have received my chokes however as I sent it by recorded mail. Despite emails and answer phones messages I have heard nothing at all
  11. Anyone offering trips duck/ goose flighting in Devon? Happy to pay and can get other Guns if need be. Please let me know what you have to offer
  12. Anyone use the above call? It comes with a sillosock bundle of Canada geese decoys from ShootWarehouse that I want to use on the stubbles the next couple of months where we get Canada geese coming to feed
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