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  1. That feeling of triumph though when that part of an old flymo (that’s been sitting at the back right on the top shelf for years) is exactly what you or a mate need... 💥
  2. Doh. Never knew this existed. Bought some kit off eBay from them recently,which oddly was cheaper than going direct.
  3. Winner winner chicken dinner.
  4. Quite. My FEO reccommended me phoning to advise police of any time I’m out shooting near towns, what with townies more likely to phone in a report of ‘man with a gun’- which they obviously have to follow up, despite 99% of these calls being obviously legally held guns being used legally. If Police can resolve it with a quick phone call, or already know it’s you out shooting, they are more than happy. Makes sense to me. Re the OP, not much you can do really. Can’t imagine the neighbours want to join you, but an invite would be a polite, neighbourly gesture - unless you fear that backfiring with an acceptance!
  5. I thought my Beagle was bad. I’d have hit the roof!
  6. That looks superb. Just a bit too far for me unfortunately (and working lots of weekends a pita too).
  7. hod

    Miroku ID help

    Thanks all. If I can make it happen I will.
  8. Miroku Eggsberts, your assistance please with ID and age (or is a serial number required?) https://www.gunstar.co.uk/miroku-12-bore-gauge-over-and-under/Shotguns/1068104?op=photos thanks in advance hod
  9. It is a fascinating read, with many different opinions, from many experienced shooters. Does anyone know how many new o/u shotguns Beretta sell a year? I’m guessing into the tens of thousands?
  10. I’ve not watched the full video, but yes have seen the John Sweeney part which I fully agree with you with. Very valid points. There’s not huge immigration/changes in demographics where I live like some have seen in other parts of the country. An argument not without merit. But to think that Robinson is doing so out of concern for communities as opposed to his... dislike of Islam/minorities is debatable. His more recent trial demonstrates well that he is more interested in himself and his ideology, than the victims. Very true. More to do with calling him out. The name he chooses at this time (he’s had a few) sounds more English/British and appeals to his target audience. This must be the most involved in an internet argument I’ve ever been... must step away...
  11. I’ve no idea if this was the reason or not. Although I wouldn’t be too confident that the Facebook organisation has any genuine moral position - more like wanting to be seen to do the right thing, as to do otherwise would ultimately hit them in the pocket. Hence then notgiving a platform to contemptible individuals such as Yaxley Lennon. I find it astounding people defend his rhetoric and background - BNP, EDL, criminal convictions etc. All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to stay silent and all that.
  12. Steven Laxley Lennon is a racist with a mantra of hate. Unsurprisingly, the likes of twitter and Facebook etc don’t want to be associated with such views and being involved in propagating them.
  13. That’s a cracker. I didn’t think there would be a definitive answerti this. I also always wondered if there was any substantial and not just anecdotal evidence that the newer guns were less reliable. Granted a few people would be aware of guns with issues, but Beretta must have sold thousands of silver pigeons by now. Quality of finish/fit is maybe a separate measure of quality of the guns. An rfd would probably be best placed to comment on reliability I suppose, purely on the basis of larger numbers of guns they have seen pass through their premises? No wonder they showed interest in yours!
  14. Is there a definitive answer to this - I see it mentioned very frequently that older Berettas are better (more reliable etc etc) than the newer crop of silver pigeons that are (if I am correct) factory made. Is there a particular year that this changed (presumably the place/method of manufacture)? Please correct me if I’ve misunderstood on any point. I ask out of curiosity as last year I picked up a used 2014 32” sporter that is spot on in every way, but always wondered what the difference was to older guns?
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