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  1. They do have a fishing rod or two though 😄. My experience with Ed (bought two guns actually, a year or two apart) has been nothing but positive. I’ll be back and have recommend him to others, can’t say I’ve done that with any other RFDs, or even any business in general.
  2. I don't reload, but earlier this week I was in the new Edinburgh Rifles & Sporting Goods shop on Comiston Road (Edinburgh, funnily enough). They have reloading supplies, although I couldn't comment on specifically what. I was thoroughly pleased with my new (to me) 686S and got a fair price on my trade in too. Well chuffed.
  3. This made me chuckle. A taste of his own medicine would be some karma on a plate.
  4. Hee-haw rabbits near me. Saw one cutting about Linlithgow Palace today though 😄
  5. hod

    Crawford v Khan

    Hard to disagree with that.
  6. hod

    Crawford v Khan

    I didn’t even put in the effort to find a stream, never mind pay £20 to watch Khan. The predictions were almost spot on about him claiming he was winning before being hit, albeit below the belt. Certainly looks like excuses from a washed up (and imho always over rated, especially by the likes of promoters/sky) fighter, on the way out.
  7. hod


    At home, filter coffee in my machine, or sometimes using the Italian style stove top pot. Grinding beans makes a crazy difference to the taste. Takes an extra 20 seconds and the wee machine only cost £20 I think.
  8. That feeling of triumph though when that part of an old flymo (that’s been sitting at the back right on the top shelf for years) is exactly what you or a mate need... 💥
  9. Doh. Never knew this existed. Bought some kit off eBay from them recently,which oddly was cheaper than going direct.
  10. Winner winner chicken dinner.
  11. Quite. My FEO reccommended me phoning to advise police of any time I’m out shooting near towns, what with townies more likely to phone in a report of ‘man with a gun’- which they obviously have to follow up, despite 99% of these calls being obviously legally held guns being used legally. If Police can resolve it with a quick phone call, or already know it’s you out shooting, they are more than happy. Makes sense to me. Re the OP, not much you can do really. Can’t imagine the neighbours want to join you, but an invite would be a polite, neighbourly gesture - unless you fear that backfiring with an acceptance!
  12. I thought my Beagle was bad. I’d have hit the roof!
  13. That looks superb. Just a bit too far for me unfortunately (and working lots of weekends a pita too).
  14. hod

    Miroku ID help

    Thanks all. If I can make it happen I will.
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