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  1. Must... resist! That’s one great looking silver pigeon.
  2. hod

    Wilder V Fury

    Fury every round, comfortably (well maybe save the point deduction). Fully deserved. Slightly odd performance/gameplan from Wilder, although I don’t know if that is a ruptured eardrum which effected his balance, he didn’t look to be moving well at all.
  3. Can’t just be me waiting to see a full ad with details and photos, surely?! 😀
  4. hod

    Wilder V Fury

    Now now. I genuinely don’t think this is easy to call. A look at the bookies would confirm this too. I would like to see Fury get well beaten though, doesn’t come across as likeable to me (which is some going in the world of boxing where being a pillock seems to be something to aspire to).
  5. Thanks for the detailed reply - have my suspicions the price thing is little more than a cartel. Interesting Re new stoves. Cheers
  6. A very detailed reply with some key information not reported in said press release, and also a few points I’ve never heard of. Can you explain why when I last bought a stove (3/4 years ago I think), no one would advertise prices? I had to either phone them or go into a showroom? Also, is it possible to see particulate emissions for existing stoves, is there a table anywhere?
  7. Who on earth burns wet wood anyway? All in all a bit pointless/daft?
  8. That is an impressive wood pile and operation, very jealous! A good description, of a fascinating book. This whole thing sounds a total nonsense, the only pain in the **** thing for myself is that every so often I buy a large quantity of wet wood from a tree surgeon (suits us both), relatively cheaply, then saw, split and season it myself. And as someone else pointed out, most of my kindling comes from dismantled pallets (presumably end of life pallets are burned anyway?). Cant say I’ve seen any sort of enforcement of any smokeless-coal-only areas, ever.
  9. hod

    Free adds

    Mods can this be merged with the other thread?
  10. I’ve no dog in this fight, nor will I seek out an argument on the internet. The two people I know get their hours a week prior. It suits them both (Or at least doesn’t bother them as long as they get an acceptable average), they’re not being done over by some cretin like Mike Ashley. However you look at it, it does limit financial planning/ budgeting.
  11. Unless I’ve misread this, this is exactly how they work, you don’t know your hours (and therefore pay) from one week to the next.
  12. hod


    First question I asked anyone was if they had a certificate (they all did). I just emailed freeads and requested my account be closed owing to their decision not to allow these items. It was all I used it for. If everyone did so it might send a message... or maybe not, I don’t know what % the shooting community made up of their users.
  13. hod


    Looks like it, I had the search bookmarked. Recently picked up an air rifle silencer on it - ideal for that, very quick and free to advertise.
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