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  1. hod

    Various Chokes

    Cylinder choke now sold. One Teague Invector plus choke left - Imp Mod (5/8) - £25
  2. I have been wondering lately If they were the same fit, lost a beretta one I had and didn’t want to chuck a tenner on one pointlessly, ta!
  3. hod

    Various Chokes

    Only the following left - Teague Invector Plus flush: Cylinder (open) - £25 Imp Mod (5/8) - £25
  4. Yes. 100%. That is racist.
  5. hod

    Various Chokes

    Two Teague and what appear new/unused (never used by me and still in oily plastic bags) Browning Invector plus chokes left- Teague Invector Plus flush: Cylinder (open) - £25 Imp Mod (5/8) - £25 Browning Invector Plus Flush, all appear new and unused: Cylinder (open) - £15 Imp Mod (3/4) - £15 Full - £15
  6. My wife orders from wish a lot. It doesn’t help that frequently the completely wrong item is sent, but it’s an entertaining game 😀
  7. Absolutely this. Not even debatable, unless you wish to try and defend racism.
  8. hod

    Various Chokes

    It is indeed, PM sent.
  9. That stock does look nice! Out of curiosity, how old is your daughter? Seems to be a wide age range folk look to get their kids into shooting.
  10. External? As in extended? If not,
  11. Whilst this is great news, I can’t help but feel slightly cheated at the lack of curly haircuts in this thread 😜
  12. I don’t know, haven’t been since the start of the year. Facebook page states they reopened end of May though.
  13. Have to agree, this seemed a bit of an odd thing to pick up on from today's tragic events.
  14. hod

    Various Chokes

    Bump. Only Invector plus flushing fitting chokes left. 2 x Teague, 4 x Browning.
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