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  1. Doh, too late. If anyone doesn’t come through with payment, please keep me in mind. cheers hod
  2. Can I have a pair please, Black if possible but any colours if not. Please PM details. cheers
  3. Police Scotland will also expect you to have some sort of shotgun experience they can verify.
  4. Some photos, not sure why they’re not coming across from gunwatch (many from the previous owner when I purchased the gun a year back - still immaculate- John, sorry not got your details still to ask if I can use them! Any objections, let me know...) Would consider a part ex for an equally good condition 30” barrelled Silver Pigeon - not for me, as I have discovered Brownings suit me far better. A bit disappointed as the Berettas look far better imo.
  5. hod

    Scotland Ref#2

    Going by the past two referendums, the majority of Scots would prefer to be British and European. Like it or not, the fact that their vote for the latter appears like it will effectively be disregarded, will likely be the grounds for having another referendum, and also likely influence, to some extent, the outcome of said independence referendum. To what extent remains to be seen. I’ve always wondered why English politicians want to keep Scotland in the union. Seems a pita to keep us, half the time! Unsaid answers have been oil (varying opinions of it’s worth), the issue of having to relocate the UK nuclear deterrent (not really a vote winner), and Scotland leaving the union making it less relevant. Or maybe a combination of the above?
  6. Is that not a warranty return?
  7. 👍 I am, cheers - it’s for my father in law who has no real preference for either. Just not 32” barrels!
  8. Mods, the gun referred to as a swap is already advertised for sale here, hope that’s ok.
  9. Looking for a relatively new Beretta Silver Pigeon, 30” barrels. Sporter/Game not particularly fussed but must be in excellent/mint condition. As near to Edinburgh as possible. I have a mint 32” Silver Pigeon Sporter if that in any way would suit as a swap. cheers Hod
  10. I tried some 525s a while back and they don’t really do anything for me. Had a couple of silver pigeons since. However, I just picked up a 2015 model 525 in a dealer last week, while idly looking through the guns for sale. It has an adjustable and extended stock (16” - but I’m tall with long arms) and a trap fore end. Can’t believe the difference in fit/feel- like this is what I’ve been missing all these years. Feels like an extension of my arm, pretty much bought it on the spot. Hence my Beretta (much better condition and better looking gun imo) now relegated to the classifieds...
  11. Sale fell through, available again.
  12. I’m not buying this either!
  13. Everyone here can only speculate. Only thing I’d add is that our justice system is (rightly imo) often criticised for being too lenient. If you got a 12 month sentence for a first offence then the offending must have been of some significance on the scale? Again, I am however only speculating. Pretty sure most forces will let you apply and if it becomes apparent that you would get refused, will ask you to withdraw your application as opposed to refuse it, and therefore avoid having a refusal on record. This would pave the way to applying more successfully at some point in the future.
  14. Wow, that's a niche market at that price!
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