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  1. The deep water harbour is brimming with these new shiny rigs!
  2. Sadly, I’d agree. And said sentiments would just get the hackles up of most Scots, independent minded or not. Boris and co falling over themselves to do likewise.
  3. Every single one of the countries Britain ruled has since gone bankrupt and begged to be brought back into the empire though.... oh,no, wait... One thing has always puzzled me. If Scotland is such a drain on the uk finances (and a political pain in the **** for the tories, who are widely despised here), why does England want to keep it? My best guess is the nuclear base and the diminishing relevance of further parts of the empire defect?
  4. Just bought a new pair recently, great boots - take a little breaking in as they’re proper sturdy things, not uncomfortable though. Have another pair I’ve worn every second day or so, for 15 years. Looking a little tired now but really just need resoled. First pair ordered directly half a size different from each other.
  5. I’m no particular fan of the royals or the bbc, but they did report it.
  6. As above, depends on the efficiency of the stove, what you burn (how dry), how often you use it, and how you use it - slow burning with vents shut down causes more **** to go up the chimney. Ours is a modern pevex stove, using a variety of seasoned wood and some smokeless coal, for maybe the equivalent of every evening for 4 months of the year. Sweep has said every two years is plenty.
  7. This whole thing is outstanding, I’d love to have something like that.
  8. I got the awesafe ones from Amazon also, based on almost 5,000 good reviews. Absolutely spot on, to the point I wonder what the peltor ones would do better for the extra cost? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Electronic-Shooting-Range-Earmuff-Awesafe-GF01-Noise-Reduction-Sound-Amplification-Electronic-Safety-Ear-Muffs-Ear-Protection/dp/B0797SW8VZ/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=ear+defenders+shooting+noise+cancelling&qid=1601539556&sprefix=ear+defenders+sho&sr=8-3
  9. Lasted even less time than I expected...
  10. This makes little sense to me (well, none really), but two households appear to be allowed to stay in self catering, and more if hotel or similar. I wouldn’t be surprised if this changed soon, probably just before we head to Nairn in a couple of weeks. https://www.assc.co.uk/new-coronavirus-restrictions-in-scotland-what-you-need-to-know/
  11. Another vote for Tilly also! Great hats, not cheap mind you. Lost my first one in Sri Lanka, replaced on their insurance (new one half price). They then replaced that for free when part of it wore through, after 13 years of use. ooft, that’s good. Sure I could have bought a slab of cartridges for the price of mine.
  12. +1 and they are available in XXL, boulder head sizes too. I got a realtree one from the states, love it. Although, the OP maybe isn’t after a baseball cap...
  13. hod

    Cheap air rifle

    Whereabouts are you?
  14. Not that it makes much difference, but in Scotland it’s a separate Air Weapon Certificate now, or they could be held on a shotgun cert until it expired (I think most will have expired now). If you have a SGC or FAC, the AWC is £5 (five pounds), if you want an AWC only it’s £72.
  15. hod

    Various Chokes

    All now sold.
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