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  1. hod

    What is an older Beretta?

    That’s a cracker. I didn’t think there would be a definitive answerti this. I also always wondered if there was any substantial and not just anecdotal evidence that the newer guns were less reliable. Granted a few people would be aware of guns with issues, but Beretta must have sold thousands of silver pigeons by now. Quality of finish/fit is maybe a separate measure of quality of the guns. An rfd would probably be best placed to comment on reliability I suppose, purely on the basis of larger numbers of guns they have seen pass through their premises? No wonder they showed interest in yours!
  2. Is there a definitive answer to this - I see it mentioned very frequently that older Berettas are better (more reliable etc etc) than the newer crop of silver pigeons that are (if I am correct) factory made. Is there a particular year that this changed (presumably the place/method of manufacture)? Please correct me if I’ve misunderstood on any point. I ask out of curiosity as last year I picked up a used 2014 32” sporter that is spot on in every way, but always wondered what the difference was to older guns?
  3. hod


    BBC or murdoch? Errr bbc every day of the week, thanks - even with all its faults. Apart from channel 4 news I suspect that bbc is the most balanced overall, and that is despite me I having huge reservations about their independence during the 2014 Scottish independence referendum.
  4. hod

    SGC/FAC with cautions

    Rehabilitation of offenders means squat in this instance unfortunately. The police are more interested (rightly, I think) in making sure the wrong people don’t get access to firearms than your right to have past indiscretions forgotten. As others have said, plenty of folk have been granted certificates with ‘previous’ but on the face of it yours is quite recent and quite serious charges. And call me a cynic (I am!) but as someone else pointed out, these are just the times you were caught... Good luck with whatever you decide to do, I just feel the deck may be stacked against you right now, and being refused a certificate is almost another black mark in itself.
  5. hod

    Air Arms TX200 HC, .22

    PMs replied too, cheers.
  6. hod

    Air Arms TX200 HC, .22

    Looking for the above, in the Central belt in Scotland would be a bonus. Good condition, doesn't have to be flawless. Saw one recently but turned out to be more rust than gun ☹️. Scope and silencer would be a bonus also. Cheers hod
  7. hod

    Northern Lights

    https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-highlands-islands-47086534 Yiuve just got to get through half the country with weather warnings in place, and hope you don’t freeze to death before you get there. Minus 15... nuts to that!
  8. hod

    Northern Lights

    https://www.visitscotland.com/see-do/landscapes-nature/northern-lights/ I’m assuming the chances of seeing a good one are less than in the likes of Iceland, however might be a wee bit cheaper... Further north you go the better your chances I’d expect.
  9. hod

    Cracking last day

    Cracking pictures. I could happily walk about and not fire a shot with scenery like that.
  10. hod

    Tropical fish

    Didn’t even know you could do that. I’m fairly on top of partial water changes and adding stuff to the water, cleaning filters etc. Be damned if I can get any plants to stay alive though... onto plastic ones now. Fish all appear healthy at least.
  11. hod

    Tropical fish

    Dougy, Im totally new to fish keeping. We got at Christmas very similar fish - two dwarf gourami, half a dozen neon tetras, some pencil fish, a couple of small catfish and some other sucker catfish things (name escapes me) that help keep the tank clean. More work than I imagined, feeding, cleaning, etc etc. However, my daughter loves them, and they’re quite relaxing, apart from when the bigger gourami has a go at the other one!
  12. hod


    Macsween’s haggis, best in the business. Tesco stock them, not seen them in Lidl’s though.
  13. Clearly! While GPs can object on these grounds (like other issues too, abortion, antibiotics even), they must be able to refer you to a GP who is willing.
  14. hod

    Wee Eck

    Very much this. Consensual vs otherwise perhaps the debate to be had in court?
  15. hod

    Stove fan