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  1. This thread itself answers the question why folk would want to vote snp/independence.
  2. New unused Brady Cartridge belt. No box. 12G, 25 closed loops. Size medium. Approx 40” total length (not a 40” waist, hence me selling!) £50 including postage.
  3. As soon as we’re allowed out our own counties ☹️
  4. No my rfd is still doing it, as was the one down south.
  5. I’ve seen a couple online for 2-3 grand plus, way out my budget. Granted one was large and very plush looking. I do realise a cabinet maker isn’t going to be charging me £20/hour, but I’m a fair way off £3k for a cabinet. My guns total value is comfortably less than that! I’ve not really thought through the corner aspect. I guess a standard one just sitting in the corner but bolted through a solid triangular piece of timber behind it may work... that may require more thought on my part... But as above, really I’m not looking for much more than a carcass into which I can put th
  6. Anyone have one or make one? Looking at getting or having made a corner grandfather clock, and putting in a gun cabinet in the body (so the clock face/mechanism would be just be a modern clock, not pendulums etc). From looking online they’re a crazy price. Surely a cabinet maker would be able to make a shell of it at a reasonable price?
  7. Got to agree about it being a decent bunch on the whole. And like any online transaction, you can gauge a seller’s trust from their history/standing, details and photos of the item etc.
  8. If you don’t get payment up front and the buyer doesn’t show at the rfd or declines the gun then you’re out of pocket for postage, at least in one direction and possibly two. Depending on gun value that could be annoying or a chunk of the value of the gun. There’s always an element of trust with online transactions. I’ve done bank transfer and PayPal (friends and family). Don’t mention anything about guns in the transaction or paypal will cancel the payment, as their rules state it’s not allowed to be used to purchase firearms.
  9. Took the gun out last night and had a go with the newly arrived steel wool. Gentle but continued rubbing, with plenty of oil, seems to have done the trick and not damaged the finish in any obvious way. Phone ran out of battery so no photos, but looks several times better. I’m not sure I’d want to try the same on a more expensive gun, in case it don’t work out, but all good on this occasion. Thanks all.
  10. A valid point! I did take a couple of photos but e light was poor and it really didn’t show up clearly the issue. Haven’t managed to get the gun out again since (the joys of homeschool and working) but will do so. Appreciate all the suggestions- as can be seen from this short thread, there’s no one straightforward answer. A good point about taking the stock off, as presumably the gun’s been wet or stored slightly damp... however for the price I paid it’s not really worth having a gunsmith look at it.
  11. Thanks - I’ve had a go with oil and a rag for a good while. Small improvement. I’ve ordered some 0000 wire wool so will have a shot with that and more oil. It’s a cheap rizzini I picked up for Pigeon bashing, but it’s not a bad looking thing and I like taking care of my stuff generally too.
  12. What’s the best way to go about this? I’ve been searching away and there’s conflicting answers, ranging from just gun oil and a rag/elbow grease, to using fine steel wool or bronze brushes, or brasso type polish.
  13. Where’s the like button?! Great post.
  14. Yes, unfortunately. Greatest country in the world.
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