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  1. hod

    pizza oven

    A friend built his own one. Takes a while to get going and only space for 1/2 pizzas at a time, but as above they cook very, very quickly and taste amazing.
  2. In Scotland it is a defence (ie in court) that you were carrying the knife as part of a national costume. The offence refers to a ‘pointed or bladed article’ so I don’t think having no sharp edge would make a difference as it would still be pointy. So you can still be arrested for carrying one, but common sense dictates that cops wouldn’t waste their time arresting you for wearing one. Unless you were doing something stupid with it I guess.
  3. Wow. I take it you don’t do this as any sort of business, but just as a gift to friends? Very impressive.
  4. Ah, would’ve been ideal - second in line if deal falls through...
  5. Very generous! Not for me though as I have a .22!
  6. If you do decide to rfd, let me know. cheers hod
  7. hod

    Gat Gun fly swatter

    I know I definitely won’t be the only one, but I seriously want one of these fly swats now!
  8. No experience with trailer tents, but... We’ve got a modern (monster) tent. 8 man, it’s huge, bigger than my first flatbim sure. Takes about 15 mins to set up. My sister has a comparable air tent, it must save about 5 minutes putting it up. Not worth it my opinion (and I think they’re cool and totally wanted to get one). Although maybe a lot, lot easier if just one person is putting it up mind you.
  9. hod

    Toyota Hilux 2.5

    You’re killing me! 😄
  10. Crikey. That’s a great price for great gun. Picked one up last year for substantially more. Good luck with the sale. Don’t think you’ll need it....
  11. hod

    Tommy Robinson,

    Unfortunately I think the PS is wishful thinking...
  12. Noted... will try - would never had picked these up without a recommendation.
  13. hod

    Toyota Hilux 2.5

    Cracking truck. If this has been another year or two down the line I’d have bitten your hand off. I like taking care of my stuff - always a pleasure seeing others do too.
  14. hod

    Tommy Robinson,

    A fair assessment of the situation. I’m surprised by the lack of grasp of why he has been prosecuted, even on this thread the straightforward explanations have been provided.
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