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    Just about to say this. Loads of folk don’t know Re basics of cleaning the filter Etc, and presume they’re burst. We've had one for 15 years, it’s had a hard life but still going.
  2. hod

    Elizabeth is Missing

    Have to agree unfortunately having watched the whole thing.
  3. hod


    I’ve a 62 plate 2.0 Amarok, took me a while to find one without intergalatic mileage, at a reasonable price, but absolutely love it (as does Mrs Hod, which surprised me). Gets about 28 mpg, mostly shorter journeys on A/T tyres. Had a long trip from Edinburgh to Moray and got 35 mpg. Pretty much what I’d expect given how I use it. My biggest concern is the DPF getting gummed up, so always try and take it for a blast down the motorway if such a journey has to be made. Also get my mechanic to run a forced regen when it’s getting serviced.
  4. hod

    B525 Trap One

    If I was buying any gun from a dealer being sold as new, I’d be expecting a full warranty. As an aside I fairly recently picked up the same gun (same year too), fits superbly with the extended and adjustable stock. Didn’t know what I’d been missing all these years...
  5. 10 years is a long time to sit in the cabinet... I've got one for sale, Edinburgh though, don't know where you are.
  6. Bada-bump. Would consider p/x for a Browning 525.
  7. How new is newer? Mine is 2015 I think.
  8. hod

    Trump & ISIS

    Trump's complete lack of diplomacy, statesmanship, modesty, vocabulary, and general decency should surprise no one, but I have to admit I had raised eyebrows and shook my head at the dog comments. He's starting to remind me of that Iraqi minister I think his title was in the second gulf war, who just talked complete, unbelievable drivel. As noted above, the office was previously also seen as the leader of the free world. Trump has quite quickly eroded that one.
  9. Has anyone received any Mora knives?
  10. Yeah, this... Pretty much suck it up really, and hope your GP is cooperative and reasonable.
  11. Google is your friend. I was curious, turns out over time a barrier layer of effectively scale forms. So there’s no transfer of lead.
  12. hod

    For Sama

    Brutal stuff.
  13. Chock full of ****. Sifting out the decent items and deals requires a bit of research and frankly, luck.
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