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  1. serrac

    Brew dog Beer

    Nope, it's true - google isinglass
  2. serrac


    My daughter uses CBD Brothers Blue Edition to apparent good effect for her epilepsy ~£130 for a 100ml bottle. From the leaflet that came with it I worked out a 1ml dose gives 50mg of CBD so I guess that equates to 5% I agree with SSS above that quality is what matters. Since it's a largely unregulated market there are undoubtedly plenty of people jumping on the bandwagon with me too products which may not actually have much of the good stuff in them. You can buy synthetic CBD in crystal form from China, dissolve it in some hemp oil and Bob's your uncle - but maybe not the same properties as something cold pressed from the plant and including some traces of other possibly helpful compounds (entourage effect).
  3. serrac

    Tommy Robinson

    Absolutely, As long as we also have equal freedom of speech for those who would inform us of what life would be like under sharia law. Ideally followed by a one-time national referendum as to whether any such parallel legal system should be allowed to exist anywhere in the UK.
  4. Thanks Guys, I will probably sign up for a lesson or two at some point & would be happy to join in fun days when I'm free on the appropriate day. Fifegun has invited me to join him at Cluny and I intend to do so soon. Cheers Mike
  5. Hi, Just recently got my SGC through and bought my first gun. Looking to get started on the clays and would like to go round my first time with someone who can show me the ropes. Coffee and scones are on me afterwards. Cheers Mike
  6. serrac

    4" Roller Decorators/Anyone Help Please?

    I used the little rollers meant for painting radiators. They were just the right size for following the contours of the panels and I don't recall any issues with depositing hairs. Cheers Mike
  7. serrac

    Lanber 12 gauge

    Sent you a PM Cheers Mike
  8. serrac


    well I guess you could blame the planning dept too though it would have been nice if Aldi did their sums before wreaking their havoc on our environs
  9. serrac


    "If they are mature trees they probably need thinning and selling off for lumber." They weren't "thinned" - every last one was chopped down and now we have an acre or so of abandoned bare ground instead.
  10. serrac

    The Salisbury poison gas incident.

    hmmm... https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/03/07/poisoned-russian-spy-sergei-skripal-close-consultant-linked/ http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3754655/Google-buries-Clinton-body-count-Search-engine-accused-hiding-negative-stories-Hillary-s-campaign.html
  11. serrac

    And now the time is near

    I've never been keen on the killing aspect of shooting. Yet there's a sense of purpose, maybe a connection with our hunter gatherer past, in walking the land with a gun that's just missing from target shooting. I hate the thought that I might cause unnecessary suffering to any living creature but realise that our quarry doesn't generally end its natural life in a care home side-room surrounded by family - death by predator, starvation or disease awaits the ones that get away. At the end of the day we are just another predator - except we have the capacity for empathy even as we carry out the task we have volunteered to do - maybe it's the ones who lack that empathy who should be encouraged to find another pastime.
  12. serrac


    We won't be shopping in Aldi anytime soon. They announced we were getting a nice new shiny Aldi store in our town. Only problem there was a lovely copse of mature trees standing where it was to be built. There was a local protest against cutting them down but the planning dept sided with Aldi, so down they came. Then Aldi decided they didn't want to build a store there after all...
  13. serrac

    Why....and what do we do about it?

    My daughter is at her wits end with her neighbour's son and his mates - they sit in their cars in the street outside her house and just dump their fast-food junk out of the window. She gets on well with the woman but has resorted to picking up the rubbish and dumping it on her drive. That doesn't seem to have resolved the issue though - seems like the woman has no influence over her son and her friends.
  14. serrac


    “A special licence is required if torches are being used for night-time shoots" Anybody here got said licence - who issues it and what does it cost?
  15. serrac

    Radford RAD59 "Labpack" (power supply gizmo)

    Am I the SPF? Sent you a PM a few days ago. Thanks Mike