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  1. And in a rare moment of Democrat honesty: Calif. Gov. @GavinNewsom: “Let me just be candid with you. I’d be lying to you to say that [Trump] hasn’t been responsive to our needs. He has. And so, as a question, as a sort of an offer of objectivity, I have to acknowledge that publicly." Newsom added: "The fact is, every time that I've called the president, he's quickly gotten on the line. When we asked to get the support for that [USNS] Mercy ship in Southern California, he was able to direct that in real-time. We've got 2,000 of these field medical sites that are up, almost all operational now
  2. Yeah I can recall some amazing spring weather here in Fife - invariably followed by a complete wash-out for the rest of the year...
  3. Sure. Your entire position appears to rest on an “appeal to authority” – i.e. x number of courts threw out the cases alleging fraud, therefore there is no valid evidence of fraud. This is a non-sequitur since the courts did not allow the evidence to be heard so logically could not have made a judgement regarding its validity. It also assumes complete impartiality on the part of the judges in these courts. However it stands to reason that the organisers of fraud on the alleged scale would take steps to ensure that any legal challenges were stonewalled at least until it is too late
  4. That's a bit harsh labeling CNN a "partisan online media" just because they inadvertently published data that demolishes your narrative. I guess that's one way of dealing with your cognitive dissonance. "An uninformed reader might say that the courts have examined the evidence and have rejected the evidence of electoral fraud as insubstantial. And, indeed, the reader would have to be uninformed or misled by the lies of the presstitute media. The fact is this: No court has examined the evidence. No state court and not the US Supreme Court. The reason that the courts have not acc
  5. Somehow I think if Trump had won the election and vote-switching from Biden to Trump had been caught live on air there would be a Judge somewhere agreeing to take on the case rather than hiding behind "standing". https://www.sgtreport.com/2020/11/five-videos-five-states-where-votes-were-switched-live-on-tv-away-from-president-trump-to-biden-updated/
  6. Looks like a good application for a few of these new fangled trail cameras...
  7. You might find this an interesting read: https://dogtorj.com/main-course/epilepsy-and-diet/idiopathic-epilepsy/
  8. Mine has a sound like a very gentle growl when he is anticipating something good - maybe a walk but mostly food - he is a lab after all... :-)
  9. Wonder what will happen to them when they ban single-use cups...
  10. Or his description of a deadly Australian spider that likes to hide under toilet seats. "If it bites you, you've got less than four minutes to work out how to apply the tourniquet!"
  11. Ha Ha, The old Aussie guy on the right is Tommy Emmanuel, reckoned by many to be the greatest living acoustic guitarist. If you like Ukelele check out Brittni Paiva:
  12. serrac


    And if Boris stood up on the 14th of October and said "well actually I don't know if it would be lawful under Article 50 to request a further extension and will not do so until the issue is clarified by the courts". Could make for an interesting second half to October :-).
  13. serrac


    And what if requesting a further extension turns out to be a breach of the terms of Article 50 and therefore unlawful? https://lawyersforbritain.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Article-50-TEU-Part-I-and-Part-II-23.5.19-by-Stanley-Brodie-QC.pdf Hmm, bit of a conundrum. Given the importance if this issue the question needs to be put through both the UK and EU courts before an extension is requested so we can be REALLY sure the rule of law is being properly upheld, as all the remoaners seem so keen on all of a sudden. Of course time's a bit short now...
  14. tried clearing your browser cache, or using a different browser?
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