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  1. You might find this an interesting read: https://dogtorj.com/main-course/epilepsy-and-diet/idiopathic-epilepsy/
  2. Mine has a sound like a very gentle growl when he is anticipating something good - maybe a walk but mostly food - he is a lab after all... :-)
  3. Wonder what will happen to them when they ban single-use cups...
  4. Or his description of a deadly Australian spider that likes to hide under toilet seats. "If it bites you, you've got less than four minutes to work out how to apply the tourniquet!"
  5. Ha Ha, The old Aussie guy on the right is Tommy Emmanuel, reckoned by many to be the greatest living acoustic guitarist. If you like Ukelele check out Brittni Paiva:
  6. serrac


    And if Boris stood up on the 14th of October and said "well actually I don't know if it would be lawful under Article 50 to request a further extension and will not do so until the issue is clarified by the courts". Could make for an interesting second half to October :-).
  7. serrac


    And what if requesting a further extension turns out to be a breach of the terms of Article 50 and therefore unlawful? https://lawyersforbritain.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/Article-50-TEU-Part-I-and-Part-II-23.5.19-by-Stanley-Brodie-QC.pdf Hmm, bit of a conundrum. Given the importance if this issue the question needs to be put through both the UK and EU courts before an extension is requested so we can be REALLY sure the rule of law is being properly upheld, as all the remoaners seem so keen on all of a sudden. Of course time's a bit short now...
  8. tried clearing your browser cache, or using a different browser?
  9. Years ago my son hit the brakes for a hedgehog. His best mate ran in to the back of him writing off both cars. Expensive little blighters 🙂
  10. Been there, feel for you. My wife says Louie will be our last, I'm not so sure...
  11. "The most popular gun is a rifle, followed by 1.4 million separately licenced shotguns, with just two per cent of applicants being refused in 2018/19." Eh? Maybe if you include air-rifles...
  12. Huh! so you're actually buying an actual farm. Thank goodness for that! I read it as "so it looks like I might be buying the farm" Something else entirely 😁
  13. I once dropped into Morrisons to fill up the X3 Had to queue for quite a while but eventually got the rear pump. The customer at the pump in front drove out so I decided to drive through and park next to the kiosk. Meanwhile the guy waiting behind me had decided not to wait any longer and driven out onto the street and back in the Exit - only to find me now sitting next to the front pump with nowhere to go because he was in front of me and someone had also pulled in behind. From the gesticulations and mouthed swear words I gathered he was not too happy having to reverse back out. I m
  14. Hmm, that sounds like the Whitchester estate that used to belong to the Landale family. My Mum grew up there as my Grandfather was the head forester on the estate. I knew the old gamekeeper back in the day - Jimmy Menzies (Minges to us) - he used to turn a blind eye to us young 'uns fishing in the Laird's trout pond :-) Sad to see something like this going on...
  15. My son scored a lathe with milling head from his work who were about to chuck it, mostly because it was hardly used. Not one of these toy mini-lathes either - half dismantled it to move it and the two of us could only just lift the bed section into the garage. It didn't make it into the skip which is just as well as it probably wouldn't have come out very easily.
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