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  1. Your phone on speaker will work 100 percent better .
  2. This lot aren't complaining 24 grm of no 7.5
  3. I've not had a problem stuffing pigeons at 40 yds with 28 grm of 7.5 euros
  4. In my limited experience with hw 97 s . They can certainly twang a fair amount and the plastic stocked versions even more so .they feel very front heavy and the hollow rear shifts the weight forward . Every spring gun is different and there can be great and terrible ones that look identical . I'd certainly want to shoot it first before buying it . I wouldn't say that 16 fpe is too much for a hw 97 .in .22 and it could be a really nice gun to shoot but I wouldn't expect any great things over a sub 12 in either calibre .. A 16 fpe .177 though could be a different matter , the pellet would be going around 900 - 930 fps flattening the trajectory and as long as the accuracy is there straight shooting out to 50 yds is nice .
  5. 16 fpe isn't really any great advantage in .22 cal A 16 grn pellet would be around 675 fps (slower than a heavy .177 pellet in sub 12 ) A lighter 13.4 grn pellet goes around 730 fps . So not much faster . Airgun pellets don't have any great super stopping power until you get to .25 cal at 40 fpe (in my opinion ) so the advantage of fac air usually comes as a flatter trajectory and increased long range accuracy . A 16 fpe .22 will give neither over a sub 12 .177 .
  6. That's cool .I often like to go the other way and use the the minimum amount of energy required to hunt my prey . So for rats 5.5 fpe is good .rabbits I like to use .177 at 11 fpe and pigeons also. Squirrels fall to a .22 cal airgun at 10 fpe . For me this can make the hunt more enjoyable and its certainly quieter and safer . Ps I also have high power fac airguns .
  7. This was last year the pige loved the dried peas so much
  8. I find it very satisfying to shoot the .410 . It's easy on the shoulder and ears (with the mod on ) and doesn't disturb the locals . Get the right cartridge and choke and its very capable out to 30 yds and a bit beyond . Its sooooo nice to pull a bird from the sky over head and watch it come down leaving a puff of feathers in the wind .I've said it before but if I was pressed to have just the one gun only .it would probably be a .410 such can be the Enjoyment in the shooting . This is the best I can do its a screen shot of the video I caught ,the pigeon is crashing to the ground and the feather puff is to the left .
  9. Maybe but to be fair we all get a feel for our guns effective range with cart/ choke /quarry . I know my 20b is around 40 , 45 tops . This 12 is so far showing potential at 50 plus My .410 is 30 yds The kills give a better picture than the pattern plate
  10. I needed to adjust the stock on my sa. So went down the farm .First shot at a big card and the mark I'd made was centre pattern .lovely. then a couple of crows fly over head high .probably 40 plus up .I gve it a bit of lead and he crumpled in the air and dropped down onto a shed roof (range finder out he was 38 yds away level from my location )so he was easily 50 yds away when hit . I thought wow guns shooting where I want it and the 32 grm no6 drops crows at 50 yds sweet .I took one more shot on the card and poi was perfect so I went hunting .this was 1/2 choke Happy bunny .
  11. I dont understand why the game shoot is happier to have plas wads from the steel carts on there ground than lead and fibre wads . Surely the plastic is more harmful of the 2 .?
  12. This is me trying out my "shot cam " Ie phone held under the barrel
  13. So I went back to the same field I shot yester day with my airgun on the way home from work .this time I took my .410 and set up at the top of the field where the pige seem to prefer to land . I only set out 4 pige on cradles and one in a flapper .(shot yesterday ) I was obviously in the right spot as the action started right away .After a few early misses I found my groove and settled in to hitting some lovely birds at all angles . I was keen to put the hull pheasant 18 grm fibres to the test today , as I'm not so sure they are as good as the plas wad version I've run out of . Well I shot some rangey birds out to 35 yds So pleased enough. Puppy was a hero today .he chased a pricked bird almost the full length of the field for a mega retrieve . 30 birds for 44 shots is pretty good going I even managed to hit 2 one handed while recording the shot on my phone with the other .good days
  14. Nice report . Don't worry about the hit ratio .as long as you enjoyed the day .
  15. Ultrastu

    22 in HFT

    Try jsb rs /falcon acc plus 30 yd zero 8 x mag with a hawke map ret .
  16. Ultrastu

    Bsa clx

    Decided to stop over a wheat field for an hour after work today . I just sat up against the hedge with my dog and .177 sub 12 and 8 plastic decoys out infront . The birds wanted the field but were reluctant to settle in my simple pattern . What did touch down long enough was dispatched and retrieved by my springer .. 5 pige and a crow And I didn't lose a single bird shot at. It was very nice to just go old school with a sub 12 and simple field craft .
  17. This is what I've been doing for years seems to work just fine so far .
  18. Fx wildcat if your looking for .25 cal . They are brilliant in .25 Mine runs kings at 45 fpe My mates hades at 50 fpe . Both awesome
  19. Ultrastu


    Illegal to stab anything to death I believe .
  20. Sweet an extra 3 yards Excellent news cheers
  21. This was what I was thinking . I've just got my first 12b And since my 20 b does pretty much as every thing a 12b ou does I wanted my 12b sa. To have more punch and range for those high flying crows that 28 grm of no 6 or 7.5 doesn't quite reach . Ideally I'd want 34 - 36 grm of no 6 but those cartridges are silly prices . 32 grm seams the max while remaining reasonable . Thinking its going to need 3/4 or full choke to bring down the 40 plus birds reliably ??
  22. Just bought a slab of these to try in my sa. I'm hoping they will be good for high crows too with a bit of choke. Any body got any experience with them ?
  23. Ultrastu

    A real treat.

    I think this thread should be a runner with every member posting photos ofwhat they are up to on their birthday .extra points for going shooting on your big day .so over to you zapp for the next photo . Unfortunately mines in march but I did go wild camping with my dog in the woods back then .
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