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  1. Yes very much so . Very well built .with good barrels . It should serve you well .if its in good order .
  2. Gas rams cam also slowly leak air over time reducing the power . FYI.
  3. It's a gas ram gun .there are loads of different makes of them these days . If its sub 12 fpe .then its not a fac .
  4. Yes but mine is on a 20b and I had mine reduced to 8 inches from the standard 10 inch .it works pretty well (my mate had a full length one on his 20 b sa. )and was quieter than mine . I've not heard one on a 12b gun ,but I suspect the standard one would probably sound similar to my 8 inch version . It can be shot without ear defenders comfortably. It's never gonna be as quiet as a.410 with mod obviously .
  5. Some of the screens are very small and make seeing around the dot tricky .get one with at least a 30 mm screen . Some have a strong blue tint to them .I dont like this it makes the whole image feel odd. The dot size is important. 3 moa dot is about as small as they go and are best for finer targets at longer ranges . But can be hard to see in brighter sun light . The 5 moa are bigger and can obscure a smaller target at range but are easier to see when it's bright .Great for fast action shooting (military style) Most have adjustable brightness settings to get round some of this . Depending on how hard the gun recoils will effect its ability to hold zero .some dots are adjusted by moving the entire thing around others move the dot on the screen .you get what you pay for in this regard . Some have rets that you can change with a flicknof a dial (from dots to circles or crosses ) pretty handy as you can go from fine dot (target ) to big circle for shotguns or fast stuff .
  6. Ultrastu


    What was there reasoning ?
  7. I have a .410 mod on the end of my single barreled yildiz .as most of this type of gun are very light and wippy on the front end .the add on mod massively improves the handling of the gun .yes you can slide them down the barrel to shorten the overall length- to the sacrifice of quietness. Put them on the very end and they can be very quiet .the type of cartridge you fire makes the biggest difference while at the muzzle .but go 200 yds away and they all tend to sound the same with the exception of the very subsonic ones which can be extremely quiet /ineffective at killing. I dont think the full modded guns (with barreled porting)are significantly quieter - cart for cart .but they do seem to shoot at lower velocities which can hamper range a fair amount . Basically I highly recommend the .410 add on mod and wouldn't dream of shooting a single barreled gun without one . Why would you ?
  8. Yeah set up where u want the sheep will clear off to the far end . Cows are different they always come over for a look at your decoys
  9. What a beautiful gun . Its simple and elegant .wish I was closer .
  10. Ultrastu


    I like it . That's a newer se model ? Is that barrel weight standard with the. 25 cal . also short barrel .looks like it came off an xl ?
  11. Ultrastu


    Can you post a photo of your .25 cal bsa . I dont have one and I'm quite green eyed of those who do .😆
  12. Both mine are upside down and work fine .I have holes in the top surface. It's good as it let's the cabinet breath and condensation out
  13. I would NOT introduce wood worm into my home .they can be dormant for quite some time in my experience .they are most active in sumer when its warm . Pretty sure old scaffold board shelves would look a bit carp in my opinion . I'd look for a better option .
  14. It looks like all the lacquer has been stripped off ? Especially the fore end . Just wondered as I like the remmington guns
  15. Don't go to Oxford. Would be my answer . And if you need to go for business .charge it all back to the client / company who made you go .
  16. Fx mk4 or hills .mk4 / mk5 Excellent pumps not hard to operate . If your filling a gun with less than 100cc of air to 200 bar .it's easy . Bit more effort for a 200ccto 230 bar . And 300 cc to 250 bar is best done in a couple of stages with a rest . I wouldn't attempt above 300 cc personally .unless your only filling to around 180 bar and take your time .
  17. Ultrastu


    Does that work for rabbits and pigeons as well ?
  18. Ultrastu


    So .hunting with an airgun .and a sub 12 .25 at that .that's tricky due to the loopy trajectory even with the lightest pellets (h+n ftt ) zero at 20 yds to avoid a apogee that is too high .if you have a mildot type scope .spend some time working out which dot corresponds to which range past your 20 yd zero .so say your on 6 X mag your first dot down would be 25 yds .second 30 yds and 4th 35 yds . Confirm this on paper at those set ranges and tweak the zoom on your scope till it works out nicely. Then go out into the woods with a pocket full of pellets and some crab apples or shot gun carts and randomly place them about .try and guess the range with eye or scope or range finder .and plink away .using trees and walls etc to steady your aim . This is the best hunting simulation available . Once you have this mental map of range /aim point .and your confidence grows your ready to go hunting .a walk in the woods for quarry is mostly about field craft in getting close enough . Learn how to guesstimate the range to your quarry and practice consistent gun hold and trigger technique and you should be all good .. Have fun most of all .
  19. That's obviously because there is no 1 correct answer .
  20. I cant really think how that could happen ?🤔. Unless he slipped and fell somehow firing the gun andits muzzle turned 180 degree back towards him . Shame though and reinforces how we must all be careful when guns are loaded .
  21. Have to say I've cut a few 20 b back gold apart in the past and the shot has been excellent. If a bit bigger than it should be .so no 5 shot measured more like no 4 but this I put down to the special coating on the pellets . I've stopped using them as they were too expensive and the pellet count wasn't what I wanted ( being no4 instead of no5 for pigeons )
  22. Good post .I think if I were specifically targeting squirrels in trees .my tool of choice would be a .177 fac shooting heavy pellets so as to increase penetration and pass through .but worry less about elevated shots going somewhere they shouldn't (ie like a .22 lr )
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