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  1. Hi, ok thanks for the feedback. So the land I want to shoot on is owned by me, so that should be straightforward enough. For the application itself, then should I just put 0.177 FAC air + 0.22 FAC air + 0.22LR + moderators and then see what comes back ? ie can the police say for example you're OK for FAC air but not 0.22 LR and then just issue a ticket for what's approved ? or for example they could just clear me for all three, and then even if I only have a 0.22 FAC air rifle I'm OK to get the others in future if I want to ? For the ammo for FAC air, is there any need to declare a maximum ? as it would be the same pellets as used in a sub 12ft/lbs rifle, of which I already have a stock ? Regarding the land being cleared by the police, do I need to do anything specific here, or just submit my application and then wait for them to come and check it out ? Thanks Mat
  2. I did think about getting a .22 LR For the FAC do you have to apply individually for each type of gun ? So for example I apply for FAC air & .22 LR together or individually ? Thanks Mat
  3. Hi all. I currently own a few shotguns, 12GA + .410 and also two air rifles, a TX200HC and an S400 pcp. I have quite a bit of land of my own, as part of our house, which was once a farm, and we are surrounded on all sides by fields, on which I have permission to shoot. I was thinking about getting a FAC for my air rifles, to allow me to shoot rabbits, squirrels and rats etc, at a bit longer distance with a bit more certainty, I have a rabbit problem on my vegetable plots, also I can shoot early morning or evenings without letting loose with the 12 bore. What's the actual process involved in applying for FAC air rifle use ? Thanks Mat
  4. Sorted 🙂 Turns out it's a piece of the trigger plate holding pin, that secures the trigger block into the action. Only noticed when I started to re-assemble everything and found out the pin was about 10mm too short... oops New one ordered for the grand sum of £2.50
  5. My trusty old Beretta A301 started to jam occasionally recently, so I stripped it down to take a look and give it a good clean. After I'd cleaned up all the parts, I noticed a small pin lying on my towel, I think it's fell out of the trigger mech block (can't be 100% sure though) but I can't see where it's come from ?? I've looked at the exploded parts diagram in the owners manual and can't see it there either..... any ideas anyone ? Mat
  6. Exactly as Hector Vector has said. It's not used on the later TD5 (15P) engine. It should be blanked off, but over time the cap perishes and leaks. It's an easy fix. Either buy the genuine hose blanking piece, or just fit a bit of short hose with a home made plug in the end, that's what I did three years ago and it's not leaked since :-) Mat
  7. I've been given an old 12g side by side, it's made by a French company called Nemrod. It's in need of a light refurb. I've noticed that it's missing the screw from the center of the top lever that open the barrels. The lever still works fine, but I'm guessing it'll come loose eventually if I use it. Does anyone know if the screw is a "standard" size across a lot of guns ? or is it something unique to every manufacturer ? I've googled Nemrod, but can't find too much info on the net. Thanks
  8. OK thanks. I'll give it a good clean & polish. I've also bought some shorter 2" cartridges to try. Thx Mat
  9. Hi. I've been given an old single barrel .410 which is in need of a bit of TLC. It's a Harrington & Richardson, with a manual cocking lever. It basically seems to shoot fine. I plan to restore the woodwork and re-blue the action & barrel. The only problem I've found is that the spent cartridges are very difficult to extract. New cartridges fit nice and smooth, but once fired the plastic body of the cartridges must expand and make it difficult to get out. I know it's the plastic body, because you can feel it if you try to re-fit the spent ones, they're tight to push into the chamber. I'm using Llayvale 2 1/2" (65mm) #5 cartridges. Any ideas why this is happening ? Thanks
  10. I had the same problem(s) on my 2003 TD5 Discovery 2. I just removed the ACE completely. I bought a set of used anti roll bars from a non-ace Disco, fitted them with new bushes. I also removed the ACE pump and fitted a dummy pulley kit. TBH, the way I drive my Disco I can't tell any difference at all..... just my opinion. Mat
  11. I have a Beretta A301 multi choke... dates from around early to mid 1980's I also have the factory supplied owners manual & full set of 4 chokes. The chokes are designated : 0 00 000 0000 With 0 showing the tightest pattern, and 0000 showing the widest pattern. It doesn't actually state full, 1/4 etc, just a small graphic image by each one showing the spread of shot. So I would agree with what dodeer & BB have written above ? Mat
  12. matgriff


    Thanks for the info, I'll perhaps call my friendly FEO and ask his opinion... I regularly shoot pigeons/crows on my land and also in the fields next door and all around with my Beretta semi 12g , but at a reasonable hour, It's not that the 12g is too loud for me or our house, it's just that the noise carries so far across the open fields in these still summer evenings or early mornings & I don't want to upset anyone or give anyone cause for complaint, even though I'm perfectly legal doing it. What's a realistic range to kill rabbits with a 12g ? I'm guessing similar to pigeons... 35-40 yards with something like 32G #6 carts ? Thx Mat
  13. matgriff


    OK, thanks for the info guys. I'll do a bit of research on the 22RF. Basically we are surrounded on all sides by fields (which I have permission to shoot on) apart from at the front of the house, which is the single track lane public road, but everything is well away from that. The surrounding fields stretch to around 200 Acres with the odd farm dotted at around 3/4 mile away at the closest point. Mat
  14. matgriff


    Hi, I live on a farm (well ex-farm) with a couple of acres of land, chickens... getting some pigs, veg plots etc etc. I already have a shotgun certificate, two 12 G guns + two air arms air rifles. I've got a big rabbit problem going on at the mo, eating the veg and digging up the plots. They're a bit out of range for my air rifles, and I'm not too keen on firing off the 12g at 4am in the morning or 11pm at night. I was thinking of getting a .17HMR so that I can drop them from 50-60 yards or more. Would I have a problem getting the FAC ? Thanks Mat
  15. You might want to find a good independent garage who know's a bit about Land Rovers..... they can be troublesome at times ? I've had my Disco 2 Td5 face-lift for ages now, and It's great for hauling stuff around and rough driving, but I've had to fix a load of problems over the years.. 99% of which I've done myself though. Good thing is that support is very good, and they all suffer the same "common" faults, so loads of advice on owners forums. Mat
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