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  1. Not sure why you were told it's not safe to drive ? The pipe can be replaced without removing the body or the gearbox, but it's a tricky job. There is an excellent write up and plenty of info on the Disco3 forum.
  2. +1 on the above, if you own a D3 a GAP IID tool is worth its weight in gold, its an expensive outlay initially at around £350 for the blue tooth version, but it will save you hundreds in the long term, and they sell for not much less 2nd hand, so you can always recoup your outlay. Each tool is coded to a particular VIN number, which restricts it's use on other vehicles to basic diagnostics and resets etc, so you can use your tool to read the codes on other D3's but you can't perform some of the advanced diagnostic & calibration features such as coding new keys and calibrating the air suspe
  3. Not meaning to cause any offense here, but this is not correct information for a Discovery 3
  4. Depending on what code reader you are using it may not read the suspension fault codes... only a specific diagnostic tool such as GAP or Hawkeye or LR dealer specific can read them. Also for the EGR delete, depends what year your Disco 3 is... 2004/2005 do not need a modification to the CCF (config file) to turn off the fault, but as you have seen, they still report an EGR fault when scanned, 2006 onwards need the CCF modifying using the GAP tool or similar. If it's lowering itself to access height on its own, and then resetting to normal height when you cycle the ignition then you shoul
  5. You need to get the fault codes read with a GAP IID scan tool or similar, if you are anywhere near Newcastle Under Lyme Staffs, I'll gladly do it for you for free. Ordinary OBD & generic scanners cannot read the suspension diagnostic fault codes on a D3. The GAP tool is worth it's weight in gold if you have a D3. Mat
  6. a good general purpose mineral/semi-synth l 2 stroke oil is what's needed. Plenty around at reasonable prices. Stick to 25:1 and you'll be fine.
  7. Regardless of the two stroke oil quality, you should stick to the original ratio (within reason) If you use a lot lower ratio of oil mix, you'll run rich, too much oil in the fuel and you'll run lean. As the carb has a fixed main jet, you'd need to jet down if you start to run 50:1 using newer synthetic oil.... on the plus side, running rich is safe for a two stroke engine, running lean can be dangerous.
  8. My tidy 2005 Discovery 3 drives like a dream :-)
  9. Hi, this is my gun. As described, excellent condition, here's some more pictures.
  10. What is the stock length of the Winchester 101?

  11. Hi, yes that's where my mates got a load from on Saturday 🙂 I paid £100 for 2 slabs of Hull superfast fibre's
  12. Just been out to my local gun shop, he told me that they don't have any clay shells and haven't been able to get any for a few months due to the Coronavirus shutdown 😞 Not sure how true that is, but I came away empty handed. Not sure about those AA trap cartridges being too good for clays... I'm a rubbish shot anyway and all cartridges are better than I am, so I usually go for the cheapest available... and they don't come much cheaper than free 🙂 Thx
  13. OK thanks for the information. I was hoping they were fibre's as I'm going on a simulated game day out next month and I need to use fiber wads only. I have a good stock of plastic wads already, but no prob I'll just have to go get another couple of slabs 🙂 Mat
  14. Hi, I've recently been given 15 full boxes of cartridges 🙂 Unless I'm being particularly thick, which isn't unknown, they don't say if they are fibre or plastic wads.... maybe it's because they're pretty old and were around before plastic wads were available ?? They are Winchester AA trap 100 12ga 32g 70mm 7 1/2's Any info welcome. Thanks Mat
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