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  1. Hi, OK so I took a trip over to look at my Uncle's Browing B80 semi-auto, 1980's vintage. Whilst almost the same as my Beretta, there's a few small differences. On the trigger mech block the B80 has a spring loaded pin that stops the carrier plate latching in the down position. I guess this stops you having to depress the side button to load more carts ? B80 trigger is on right hand side in the above two posts. But basically, the B80 displays the same movement to the side when the carrier plate is depressed. On my 301, there is another spring loaded catch near to the spring loaded cartridge magazine that isn't there on the B80 ?? It seems that on my 301 the side of the action where the carrier latch has been rubbing just needs to be gently dressed with some fine wet & dry to get rid of the slight ridging ? The B80 also shows signs of wear at this point. If I fit the B80 trigger block into my 301, it behaves the same, so I know the problem isn't with the trigger mech block. Any ideas what the extra spring latch on the opposite side to the carrier release button is for on the 301 & why it's been taken off on the B80 ? This latch can be seen on my original posed set of pictures, 2nd picture down, top right hand side of the picture. The exploded parts list in the owners manual calls it "shell latch" Thanks Mat
  2. Yep, that's what I'm doing later :-)
  3. Yes, my uncle has the exact same Browning B80.... same mechanical's as the 301 -:) Mat
  4. Yes Beretta A301. To be fair, Fenn Tiger is just using his browning by way of comparison (I think) and I think the Browning & Beretta semi-auto's of that vintage are very similar. I'm coming to the conclusion that the problem must be the actual carrier lever/ramp itself & the pin that holds it into the trigger mech block, because it's definitely moving to the side as it slides up when the cartridge is loaded, and there is some side to side movement caused by a bit of slack in the two holes at the sides & maybe the pin. 2nd photo down in this set of pictures. I think on the later Beretta semi-autos there is some history of bending of that carrier plate/ramp itself Thx Mat
  5. Hi, pictures as requested. I can't see any particular issue, apart from some movement in the pin/pivot of the carrier plate in the trigger mech block. I think that could be the problem.
  6. OK George will do, thanks for the heads up . I'll try and get it stripped out tonight and send some pictures. Actually I have had it all stripped down already, and I found the trigger mech pin was broken, so I replaced that (thought that was the problem initially) I didn't notice any other broken bits, but I'll take a good look later. I think the gun is generally "worn" it's in general good condition, but it's had plenty of use before I got it a couple of years ago, only paid £200 for it and it's been fine for general use. I just need to find out what part's worn causing this issue 🙂 Thanks Mat
  7. No the pin looks fine. You can see in the extra pic I just added, the carrier plate doesn't look too bad when it's in the down position, but when you push it up to load the carts, it kind of moves over to the right & rubs on the side of the action, which causes it to stick in that position. If I lever it back with a small screwdriver it springs down again. Thanks
  8. Some pictures as requested showing the problem.
  9. Yes, thanks..... I was looking at this last night and thought that the bar doesn't seem to be retracting back into the frame of the action far enough (I maybe wrong) and I wondered if there's a build up of crud behind it somehow, but it could be that its started to fatigue and break at the fulcrum point ? Does the tiny pin on that just knock out with a small punch ? I guess it needs to be knocked out from on top somehow ? I'll post a few pics up later tonight, thanks Mat
  10. Hi all, I have an ongoing problem with my 1980's Beretta A301 semi-auto. It's developed a problem cycling cartridges. The problem shows itself when manually loading and cocking the gun. Basically the loading plate (carrier plate) seems to stick in the upwards position when loading and cocking the gun, so instead of springing back down when cocking it raises and then sticks causing the cartridges to jam. Looking from underneath, it seems that the plate isn't exactly central in the gun, it's slightly over to one side and appears to be rubbing on the side of the action ? If I remove the trigger mech and carrier everything seems fine and free, it's just when it's fitted back into the action it seems to be a problem. As usual, any help is appreciated. Thanks
  11. Hi, ok thanks for the feedback. So the land I want to shoot on is owned by me, so that should be straightforward enough. For the application itself, then should I just put 0.177 FAC air + 0.22 FAC air + 0.22LR + moderators and then see what comes back ? ie can the police say for example you're OK for FAC air but not 0.22 LR and then just issue a ticket for what's approved ? or for example they could just clear me for all three, and then even if I only have a 0.22 FAC air rifle I'm OK to get the others in future if I want to ? For the ammo for FAC air, is there any need to declare a maximum ? as it would be the same pellets as used in a sub 12ft/lbs rifle, of which I already have a stock ? Regarding the land being cleared by the police, do I need to do anything specific here, or just submit my application and then wait for them to come and check it out ? Thanks Mat
  12. I did think about getting a .22 LR For the FAC do you have to apply individually for each type of gun ? So for example I apply for FAC air & .22 LR together or individually ? Thanks Mat
  13. Hi all. I currently own a few shotguns, 12GA + .410 and also two air rifles, a TX200HC and an S400 pcp. I have quite a bit of land of my own, as part of our house, which was once a farm, and we are surrounded on all sides by fields, on which I have permission to shoot. I was thinking about getting a FAC for my air rifles, to allow me to shoot rabbits, squirrels and rats etc, at a bit longer distance with a bit more certainty, I have a rabbit problem on my vegetable plots, also I can shoot early morning or evenings without letting loose with the 12 bore. What's the actual process involved in applying for FAC air rifle use ? Thanks Mat
  14. Sorted 🙂 Turns out it's a piece of the trigger plate holding pin, that secures the trigger block into the action. Only noticed when I started to re-assemble everything and found out the pin was about 10mm too short... oops New one ordered for the grand sum of £2.50
  15. My trusty old Beretta A301 started to jam occasionally recently, so I stripped it down to take a look and give it a good clean. After I'd cleaned up all the parts, I noticed a small pin lying on my towel, I think it's fell out of the trigger mech block (can't be 100% sure though) but I can't see where it's come from ?? I've looked at the exploded parts diagram in the owners manual and can't see it there either..... any ideas anyone ? Mat
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