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  1. Hi, this is my gun. As described, excellent condition, here's some more pictures.
  2. What is the stock length of the Winchester 101?

  3. Hi, yes that's where my mates got a load from on Saturday 🙂 I paid £100 for 2 slabs of Hull superfast fibre's
  4. Just been out to my local gun shop, he told me that they don't have any clay shells and haven't been able to get any for a few months due to the Coronavirus shutdown 😞 Not sure how true that is, but I came away empty handed. Not sure about those AA trap cartridges being too good for clays... I'm a rubbish shot anyway and all cartridges are better than I am, so I usually go for the cheapest available... and they don't come much cheaper than free 🙂 Thx
  5. OK thanks for the information. I was hoping they were fibre's as I'm going on a simulated game day out next month and I need to use fiber wads only. I have a good stock of plastic wads already, but no prob I'll just have to go get another couple of slabs 🙂 Mat
  6. Hi, I've recently been given 15 full boxes of cartridges 🙂 Unless I'm being particularly thick, which isn't unknown, they don't say if they are fibre or plastic wads.... maybe it's because they're pretty old and were around before plastic wads were available ?? They are Winchester AA trap 100 12ga 32g 70mm 7 1/2's Any info welcome. Thanks Mat
  7. I guess it all comes down to cost, a center diff is more complex and therefore more expensive... definitely an advantage for the L200, which is why its probably the choice of farmers.
  8. L200 has a centre differential, so can run in permanent AWD mode on any surface at any time with no danger of transmission wind up, this is the same set-up as used on Land rovers etc....Navara's, Rangers, Dmax etc don't have a centre diff, so can only run 4WD on muddy or slippy surfaces, where the mud or snow allows the front & rear sets of wheels to turn at the same speed. If you try and run these in 4WD on tarmac it will damage the drive train. In this respect the Mitsubishi super select is superior to the others.
  9. The same pin on my old A301 broke last year, I ordered a new one, cost about £5. The pin has two small groves, one at each end that hold it in place when you tap it in. I found the new pin was a much more snuggy fit that the old one. Try a new pin first.
  10. Hi, got it out... tapped it out from the top down, towards the roll pin I removed. The spring was indeed broken 🙂 Should be a cheap easy fix.
  11. Hi Smokersmith, thanks for the info. 103a is a small spring dowel pin, i've tapped that out. I tried to tap out the latch pivot pin from the bottom, ie from the side I just removed pin 103a from and it felt pretty solid, but I may have used too big a drift.. At the top side, the pivot pin sits flush to the action, you can hardly see the head of it. I think what's happened is that the spring has broken one of the legs off, so when you squeeze in the side button, the back of the latch plate fouls on the spring as it's moved to one side, whereas the spring should sit in the middle and
  12. Hi, I posted a few pics of a problem with my Beretta A301 semi-auto a while ago. It's been sitting in the cabinet for a while, but I've finally pulled it out and taken a better look. I think the problem is that the latch plate is sticking in the "up" position, as the carrier release spring plate can't recess back into the action fully. When I take a closer look, I think the spring (part number 101a in the picture) is broken, and is sticking under the release plate. I've driven out the small pin under the lever (item 103a) but does anyone know how to remove the lever pivot pin 102a ? ? d
  13. Hi, OK so I took a trip over to look at my Uncle's Browing B80 semi-auto, 1980's vintage. Whilst almost the same as my Beretta, there's a few small differences. On the trigger mech block the B80 has a spring loaded pin that stops the carrier plate latching in the down position. I guess this stops you having to depress the side button to load more carts ? B80 trigger is on right hand side in the above two posts. But basically, the B80 displays the same movement to the side when the carrier plate is depressed. On my 301, there is another spring loaded catch near to the spring loaded cartr
  14. Yep, that's what I'm doing later :-)
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