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  1. Mason4796

    Bruised pigeon breast

    Cheers. What happens when they dry out? Apologies, this is the result of having Sainsbury’s on your doorstep and not sourcing your own food lol. I’m clueless but keen to learn
  2. Mason4796

    Bruised pigeon breast

    Might it be better if I share a photo?
  3. Mason4796

    Bruised pigeon breast

    Huh? Not sure I follow. I’m not bothered but I just saw a few posts about removing the wounds/ bruised parts so just wondering if there is a reason for it or the whole thing is good to eat?
  4. Mason4796

    Bruised pigeon breast

    Hi all looking for a quick bit of advice. I’m new to this whole field to fork thing. I have been told that you shouldn’t eat damaged/bruised meat and to cut away any bits you can. I shot a couple of pigeons yesterday but hit them square on so the breasts have multiple shot wounds. If I were to remove the bruised parts there would be nothing left. Can anyone tell me whether it’s ok to eat or what I should do? thanks in advance!
  5. Mason4796

    3 gun cabinet

    Could you message me some pics of the inside of the cabinet? I might be interested thanks
  6. Mason4796

    Gun cabinet

    Hi all looking for a 3 or 5 gun cabinet if anyone is wanting rid of one? Ideally within 1 hour or so from York/ Wetherby area. Thanks Elliot
  7. Mason4796

    Cartridge choice

    Thanks and good point! I do remember reading that in the book also!
  8. I have been reading Wil Garfits book on pigeon shooting where he recommends the optimal pigeon load to be 28gram 7.5 shot. But everyone I speak with seems to go for 30gram 6 shot. Has anyone tried both and can give me a bit of personal advice on which they prefer? The figures I read were: 28g, 7.5 shot (385 pellets @ 2.3mm) 30g, 6 shot (287 pellets @ 2.6mm) Wills argument was that you see a 25% reduction in pellet count going from the 28 gram to the 30 gram load which is more of a consideration than the relatively small change in shot size of 0.3mm thoughts?
  9. Mason4796

    Shooting with the Guvnor

    Nice read! and a great memory you will have for a long time to come!!
  10. Mason4796

    Tadcaster, North Yorkshire

    Yeah he sent me through some details, he was really helpful and it looks like a great set up! Keen to find some permissions locally without having to fork out £170 odd quid though. Got a wedding to pay for and my other half might kill me haha but after the wedding I will probably join NPPC. I’m just staggered that in an area like Tad I can’t pick something up through word of mouth etc. But who knows with a bit of persistence.. good to know that NPPC has shooting around my area though thanks! 👍
  11. Mason4796

    Tadcaster, North Yorkshire

    Excellent, thanks! What time is it open from on a Saturday?
  12. Mason4796

    Tadcaster, North Yorkshire

    I haven’t made it to rufforth yet! Despite it being the closest ground to me!!! I am normally at Hazel Bank in Knaresborough. When is Ruffoth open? I have rung them a few times but the guy I spoke to made it sound like hard work and didn’t seem interested so never bothered going lol have heard good things though!
  13. Mason4796

    Tadcaster, North Yorkshire

    Apologies - that may help ha! Just looking to connect and get to know some more local shooters I guess. Everyone I have met or spoken with from PW all share the same passion and interest in shooting. I haven’t done much pigeon shooting in the local area and I guess in honesty, I thought it would be good to network and speak to local guys (or girls) that shoot nearby. It may be they can impart some advice and insight etc. I just wanted to network a bit more locally to me really. I got talking to a guy through my YouTube channel who very kindly invited me down to his permission a month or so ago. It was good to meet a fellow shooter and someone I now meet up with at a local clay shoot every now and then for a catch up and a bit of fun at the clays!
  14. Are their any pigeon shooters on PW that shoot the land surrounding Tadcaster/ Selby/ Wetherby/ York?
  15. Mason4796

    decoy stuff

    Would snap it up if you could post