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  1. Hi mate . don’t have to be a member So basically pay what you shoot . If go in pairs or 4 .. you have to shoot a Certain amount at the mo . Down side of Bisley is Each person has to have there own licence and own insurance so can’t bring your friends to try . shotgun wise ... can’t hire . But say if you and me go ..... you can use my gun ... and not have your own . It’s 42p a clay ... 150 clays = about £60ish pound .... + your cartridges . but if go on your own and do say 50 clay . + carts . Is about £35 day .. if you can stop your sel
  2. Need a 2nd wood set for my cheapy and I will do the same
  3. I have a vid of my go pro hero 4 mounted to me semi . Can’t post as to big of a file 10 sec Duno how to make it smaller . my settings were . Narrow . 60 fps . At 1080 . Not sure what the recording speeds are in the hero 3 .
  4. I wana see the stock post a picture
  5. I want one .. but only shoot clays ... lightest load 12g ... or just buy the 20 ??
  6. Hi all just a quick one to say Bisley pay and play surrey is still open . had a very cold but fun morning with the old man .. after what seems like a very long break from shooting.
  7. Hi all have a 2250b that Been sat in shed and use now and them .. completely standard think it’s time to use it a little more and make it better .. any one got any parts for one ? mainly looking for steel breech . small scope silencer etc . thanks
  8. Got a 2250 b for sale ?
  9. Have Crosman 2250b . Pm me
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