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  1. Again to fair . Thanks tho
  2. Thank for you offer . 3,30 hours away tho Where about are you based
  3. 21g Will be clays .
  4. Hi all any one local to me wanting to sell the single barrel . Im gu35 postcode . Not wanting to travel mega miles for one . Cheap as possible . Trying to get my wife’s little brother into shooting . thanks
  5. Doitwithstyle


    Black widow . But wear a glove as mine pinches my skin
  6. Welll the missis has just said it’s now not staying in the house . So if any one wants it’s . Pm me an offer . Otherwise will go on the bay
  7. There is one on freeads but is £300
  8. Hi all sorry . They will be used full time . Just started out in the body shop and will be moving on to mobile smart repair for the company . Fort was worth a shout out before I buy new from sprayguns direct Pm me with what you have and prices
  9. Hi all any one have any mini jet spray guns that they which to part with . Might be a little bit of a long shot . But worth a ask . Thanks
  10. There is no markings on it . . Either way still wouldn’t like to get hit by it . Just wana find out how old it is .
  11. I’ll put a picture up . Will be easyer .. it just under 26” long . Leather strap and the bottom . P.s I googled it said 26” is a night stick . . So just assumed
  12. Hi all any one out there into police memorabilia?? Forgot I had this . Clean out my nans house a couple of years back and came across a wooden night stick . Just wondering if any one know anything About them or a age . Will post a picture of it if any of you would know about this stuff thanks
  13. Yes I use I drill bit by hand . Just a little bit smaller to fit in the ports . I didn’t want to use any thing bigger
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