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  1. Doitwithstyle

    2250 ratcatcher or Smk 79 air rifle

    Hi all any one got a ratcatcher or Smk Co2 air rifle for sale ?? Thanks pm me
  2. Doitwithstyle

    Game carts near guildford needed asap

    Decathlon store online sell carts . Will prob have to phone the store . But there is one in Guildford iv never ask as they don’t sell clay rounds . also have no idea who make them or if there any good
  3. Doitwithstyle

    GoPro sg Mount

    Hi . Yes very well . ( haven’t worked or how to upload vids on to here sorry ) but no distortion. Gopros are made for fast moving vids so they can handle it The only thing I didn’t mention you do need to make little metal plate as well to go between the screw that holds the go pro in place to the mount / houseing . Other wise the recoil pushed the go pro back and forth . Also film in narrow you can use the others (wide / med ) But it makes it a little harder to see the clay in flight
  4. Doitwithstyle

    GoPro sg Mount

    So just a simple little project to fill my morning . Turned out well i fort pictures are better than words
  5. Doitwithstyle

    Remington 11-87 cartridge extractor

    Hello I have the 1100 . Super easy to do a complete dismantale . As mention it Is all on YouTube .. you should be fine . If you not confident in doing it then go to a smith
  6. Doitwithstyle

    Game scene jigsaw puzzle.......Who sells them ?

    Make your one . Or get a company to do it for you . Google . Custom jigsaw puzzle upload your picture and they will do it all for you
  7. Hi all any one have the following contento e stock and for end or any thing that might fit it . Mine are fine . Just seen something I want to try out with them . And if Work will be put onto my gun . Thanks
  8. Doitwithstyle

    B.A.M. .22

    Pm coming
  9. Doitwithstyle

    Cheapish pump action

    Thanks for the reply’s . Do you have a picture + more info . Also we’re abouts are you based ? Thanks
  10. Doitwithstyle

    Cheapish pump action

    Hi all Looking for cheapish pump shotgun to have a bit of fun with at the clay ground I’m hampshire / Surrey based . Not wanting to travel mega miles Yes I do have a sgc Message me with what you have Thanks
  11. Doitwithstyle

    Shooting cap and gloves.

    To big but thanks anyways
  12. Doitwithstyle

    Shooting cap and gloves.

    Size gloves ??
  13. Doitwithstyle

    Fore end alteration

    thanks for the praise 🙏
  14. Doitwithstyle

    Fore end alteration

    When I messed around with Pcp air rifle stocks I did it all the time but With a cooper pipe . I’m not sure if it was something I fort of as I have lack of tools . Or something I saw in the net . Most probly something my dad showed me . I mention the plastic pipe as you can get all sizes . I do have a good idea now and then just not that often
  15. Doitwithstyle

    Zabala 12 gauge

    Not a member will have to message directly