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  1. Thanks for the offer but just to far away so still looking
  2. Pm me more details
  3. Doitwithstyle

    Pump gun

    Hi all looking for a pump gun Winchester SXP ?? Or what do you have £200 ish Hampshire / Surrey Thanks
  4. Gun shop told me not to buy in 12g as will kill your shoulder . And go for the ata
  5. Hi all looking for a new gun . want to go back to semi auto . Any one know of one that can take the lighter loads with ease ? Thanks
  6. If person below for some reason dosnt come through . Il take this
  7. Hi all looking for cheap air rifle smk . Gamo .. crosman that sort of thing springer or Co2 pm me thanks
  8. Again to fair . Thanks tho
  9. Thank for you offer . 3,30 hours away tho Where about are you based
  10. 21g Will be clays .
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