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  1. Hi, looking for some info for the above, currently loading 36g lead plastic wad, 70mm case, 616 primer, 23 grains green dot, looking to go fibre anybody got some data for this? Thanks T
  2. Well done mate stick to your guns or cartridge in this case🙄at £65 a slab bet there's plenty more on this forum(me included) paying that sort of money for their less overkill carts👍
  3. That's poor workmanship, wall and slabs need grinding back 25mm wall rejointed with a 4 to 1 sand cement mix. slabs I don't bother using sand/cement anymore use a jointing compound 'Jointit' very good about £35-£40 for a 20kg tub covers 6 to 8 Square meters depending on joint width.
  4. Ordered stuff on their website, Facebooked them, rang and texted them, absolute zero!
  5. Thinking 4mm over card 20mm wad can the wad be cut down if need be?
  6. I'm following recipes from folkestone engineering using psb+2sp but the data is for 5 and 6 shot. Cheers T
  7. Hi ordered some fiocchi 70mm 12g cases I want to reload with lead & fibre, loads I want are 34g and 36g with 2.5mm size shot what size wad and and over powder card should I use. Thanks T
  8. Hi anybody got the above that's surplus to requirements. Cheers T
  9. Hi can anybody give some recommendations for the above £30 max. Thanks T
  10. It's OK I've had some from another site, good luck with the sale👍
  11. Hello what's the postage cost? Thanks T
  12. Maybe the first, the antichrist as been here a while, he will come wearing a crown Trumps buffont maybe?
  13. All we need now is The Four Horsmen to turn up and put a tin lid on it!
  14. Saw a gun on guntrader from a rfd in Gloucester listing was basis one pic, Make, model, sent a message asking for ckoke sizes and weight, return message read choke multi, weight unknown! Really 🤯
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