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  1. daisyrob1

    Storm Dennis

    South wales its bad currently on our 3 power cut, walked home from my local at 7.30, 7.35soaked through to my pants
  2. 437 peaces of shot in there👀you can't miss🙄
  3. Have a look at gamebore review on practical shotgun. Com nothing good to say about them
  4. The last two outings I found the cartridges I was using had zero recoil because I had zero shots😞15 miles of nothingness, I tell a lie lots of Fieldfars, if only I had taken my 30g of 12 shot and was from the continent👀
  5. Above on sale 28g 7.5 shot plastic £3.68 a box £147 a thou! £87 a thou cheaper than JC
  6. Thanks all for you help here's a fe more pics
  7. Thanks both it does look very similar to a fias but the logo on the but plate isn't fias, can't download a pic to many GB!
  8. Ye boehler blitz on one barrel and mod.sanremo 12 the other, thanks
  9. Right sorted some pics of the gun I've been gifted, as anyone come across this make no Info on the Web, only details I've got it's italian made in 1967👍sorry can't upload more I'll try later
  10. Shot 2 last week with 7s 3/4 choke 35/ 40 yards dead in the air when plucked double figure strikes, no chance flying of pricked!
  11. Clay shooting magazine had the pellet count at 375 hence the 7 1/4
  12. Not in tt1 2.3mm,2.4 on mine Neither do I! But you should be getting what you think your getting
  13. So when you buy your carts do you ask for a box of anything because you don't give a ****!
  14. Norgas have the 7.5 as 2.3mm on the slab I've got 2.4mm! Rumour as it their actually a seven and a quarter😀anybody fancy counting one?
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