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  1. Blimey! My uncle who gifted the gun to me bought the gun off his mate in late70s who in turn had the gun from new, his mate only shot game no clays all walked up stuff👀my uncle as never fired it he worked on a open cast and one of the drivers asked him to bring it in on nights to see if he could get a fox that was mooching around, he had the fox with one shot he told my uncle (bloody he'll Brian that's a hard hitting gun.
  2. Evening, can anyone tell me the chokes on a shotgun I've acquired both barrels have 18,3 stamped on them which I presume is the bore, the top barrel as 17,2 bottom 17,6 tried to work it out but I'm obviously to thick👍
  3. On the but plate there's a logo of a semi naked woman(I think) holding a bow and arrow in one hand and a bird in the other, at her side is a dog
  4. Sorry been trying to upload pics but I'm useless
  5. Hi all I've been gifted a 12 bore over and under from my uncle on one side of the barrel its stamped (acciaio boehler blitz, the other sanremu Italia cal 12, bought it new in 1968 he seem to think they made barrels for berreta, any info? Thanks
  6. So if I'm a cer holder and permission to shoot on the land does that make me the (occupier)?
  7. Morning, is it legal to lend a shotgun to someone on private land if their not a cert holder?
  8. Morning all, myself and two mates are looking to do a guided pigeon day in Wales, any recommendations?
  9. Chinese in Port Talbot Wok u like
  10. Nissan gtr best bang for your buck, drove one on a track day the R8, Ferrari f430 and a Lambo that I also drove wouldn't live with it
  11. Just an observation the last four outings on three different permissions I've seen plenty of woodcock, sure I read an article saying that numbers are well down,I'm loacated sw Wales what's it like in your location? Also haven't seen a crow or magpie in months but overrun with Jay. Thanks T
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