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  1. daisyrob1

    Gout again.

    Water, water and more water 👍dyhidration in warm weather a big factor, I went for the strongbow, strongbow and more strongbow over the weekend started twinging yesterday think I've nipped it in the bud
  2. Great read👍the neighbour who suggested it's a slow worm must have been at the gin🥴
  3. daisyrob1


    Never seen one or so I thought, had one calling in work for 4 to 5 weeks really close but couldn't pick it out, then this morning there was a commotion above my head three jackdaws mobing a sparrowhawk after about four laps of the valley jackdaws give up and the sparrowhawk takes a well deserves rest on a tree forty yards away, I get the binos out of the van and its a cuckoo, can only assume jackdaws mistook as a sparrowhawk as well
  4. daisyrob1


    Hi vince not so brilliant before early 90s the coke works was something else to smell and behold I think it probably cut short many a life! O and the underground coal fire that burnt for years in the mountain was something else
  5. 6.5 32g fibre are like rocking horse ****, rc sipe 7 our 6.5 generally £330 a thou empire £280,a slab from just carts £97+15 postage empire £80 all in if they did them I'd certainly try them👍I see on their website they do 7.5 in a 32g think they would get a lot more takers for a 6.5
  6. A 6.5 option 2.5mm would be nice.
  7. Phew! Wouldn't want to get the wrong side of the sheriff 🙄
  8. Jeepers what make are they? Wonder what they were intend for? 535 bits in tht bad boy🤯
  9. Had a look at a affinity just before th lockdown found it to be chunky, fella then handed me a used franchi i fast really slim and lightweight, basically it's a benelli going to treat myself after the lockdown 😁
  10. daisyrob1

    Lager, ebay.

    Worzel Gummidge comes to mind, you could use it as your (clever head) never know you might be mistaken as a lager swigging genius 🤓
  11. daisyrob1

    Lager, ebay.

    Brilliant🤣🤣😂 what ever you do avoid Stella!! 🤯🥴🥴
  12. I'm Brian and so is my wife!
  13. The writing was on the wall when she stopped him attending the traditional boxing day shoot at Sandringham a few years back!
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