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  1. Thanks for the kind offer I got the gun from a relative so don't know a lot about the gun or guns for that matter! My uncle mentioned it was a sidelock got lots of pins and screws on the action, would they be just decorative? I'm based in South wales got 4 rfds in a 30 mile radius a1 guns, nj guns, keens and merlin can anybody recommend any of these? Thanks to all members input T.
  2. Sorry folks it's a acciaio circa 1967 I believe it's a sidelock hope this helps
  3. Hi whilst out at the weekend I noticed the bottom barrel firing pin sticking out a couple of mill tilt the gun back it goes back in gun functioned a normal, whilst cleaning later I noticed a rattle coming from the action, any idea what it could be? Is it a easy fix for a gunsmith?
  4. Hi anybody got the above gun? Mine doesn't seem to have a o ring seal does it sit on the piston or on the mag tube? Thanks t
  5. Could be a lot worse and be lookin at a persimmon home!!
  6. Ye really like mine as yours got the strange French safety catch?
  7. I've got the 12g super lite weights in at 5lb 5oz,all my shooting is walked up so on good day maybe just into double figures for shots fired, gave 32g game loads a go soon moved on to 28g clay loads.
  8. Bet you had a few hours on Bournemouth beach and squeezed in a trip to Annfield! 43,000 people have died you numpty🙄
  9. Mines arrived in a seriously distressed parcel😁
  10. Ye reviews all good but so are most Turkish semi autos, so considering the lack of warranty going for a ata venza or armsan 612.
  11. Ye I realise their made in Turkey but I thought the were made under licence for weatherby Inc from the USA.
  12. Hi been looking for a semi auto and this took my fancy, had my eye on a used Franchi i fast for £450, the weatherby is £536 new got good reviews on the Web but the gun doesn't come with a warranty as such but any problems will be dealt with age and condition taken in account, anybody had any experience with this gun/company. Thanks in advance Tim
  13. daisyrob1

    Gout again.

    Water, water and more water 👍dyhidration in warm weather a big factor, I went for the strongbow, strongbow and more strongbow over the weekend started twinging yesterday think I've nipped it in the bud
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