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  1. Aw c`mon there's been worse! Jimmy Saville, Benito mussalini, Robert mugabe, Nicolae ceausuacu and a lot of dodgy politicians and W⚓s sorry Bankers🙄
  2. Nice pair of used aya no1s on gun trader for£25,000 tempted Lloyd?
  3. If that's the case I'd call it a draw😁
  4. Empire cartridges do a 7 and a 7.5 in 32g I think their £85 a slab or £300 thou, owner told me uses 32g in 7.5 for normal range pheasant and partridge.
  5. Sorry about that so is italian a true 2. 7mm, English 2.72? Hull have their 5.5 at 2.75
  6. Great I thought you'd have the answer 👍
  7. Hi going to get some victory carts size 6 2.7mm does anybody know the pellet count per ounce👍
  8. Thanks for the kind offer I got the gun from a relative so don't know a lot about the gun or guns for that matter! My uncle mentioned it was a sidelock got lots of pins and screws on the action, would they be just decorative? I'm based in South wales got 4 rfds in a 30 mile radius a1 guns, nj guns, keens and merlin can anybody recommend any of these? Thanks to all members input T.
  9. Sorry folks it's a acciaio circa 1967 I believe it's a sidelock hope this helps
  10. Hi whilst out at the weekend I noticed the bottom barrel firing pin sticking out a couple of mill tilt the gun back it goes back in gun functioned a normal, whilst cleaning later I noticed a rattle coming from the action, any idea what it could be? Is it a easy fix for a gunsmith?
  11. Hi anybody got the above gun? Mine doesn't seem to have a o ring seal does it sit on the piston or on the mag tube? Thanks t
  12. Could be a lot worse and be lookin at a persimmon home!!
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