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  1. I have two really big barley fields on my permission and they both have large swathes cut out of them (About two weeks ago). Any thoughts on why the farmers have done this ?
  2. We have a field of beans for the first time on one of my permissions. Checked them a couple of days ago and the pods are fully formed with the beans inside but they are still white - when will the pigeons show an interest?
  3. Have been out every weekend and a few evenings since Mid June and have managed to shoot a few birds and have seen lots and finding somewhere to set up and shoot has not been a problem. Went out this weekend and the lack of birds feeding and flying was very noticeable across all my permissions. In the end I set up on a field that normally produces a few birds and in the three hours I was set up I only shot one woodie!! With many fields Disced, ploughed and rolled have the good times finished already this year?
  4. Been out a few times on my perms in North Kent and having trouble finding any pigeons flying around let alone any feeding. Don't remember it being this tough over the last few years - they just don't seem to be around.
  5. North Kent is still very quiet, a few pigeons in the hedgerows and trees but no sign of them feeding in the rape fields. No flocks and absolutely nothing to set up for.
  6. Been all around the fields I have permission to shoot in North Kent and there is nothing to shoot!. Hardly saw a pigeon and its been like this since last Oct - when will things change? Its getting rather depressing lol
  7. Have quite a lot of land available to shoot covering a few miles but there are simply no pigeons around. Hoping if the weather stays cold we may see some coming for the rape.
  8. If this guy had the initials MC, had the same poor service and waste of money with him earlier this year - never again!!
  9. Have been out a few times in the last few weeks and have noticed that starting of with decoys on the spinner and on the ground is not pulling them in as much as other times of the year, but as soon as we get a few real ones on the spinner and floor they really switch on and we get some action. Another observation was Sat afternoon we shot 26 birds in a few hours and all but 4 were this years birds with no neck bars yet. But its not as busy as normal for this time of year and they can be hard to find....
  10. Monday came and it was my long awaited day out with Matt Cole Leicestershire Pigeon Shooting. Paid for a fully guided day with Matt, as although I have been shooting for a few years I thought it would be good to go out with a professional and pick up a few tips. Met Matt in a field, I was wearing camo etc, Matt looked like he was going to the pub even wearing a pair of loafers! . We trotted all around some of his perms covering a few miles and never saw a bird. When we did find a field with a few on we though OK lets give it a go - then found out he had no real birds to use on the spinner or decoys! Gave it an hour and with no birds coming anywhere close I said that's it and gave up. Matt was gracious enough to offer me another day but in the back of my mind I wonder whether he was saving a good field somewhere for the team from Malta flying in today or that he was just not to bothered on the day and had other things to do? Either way I wont be driving that far again when I can shoot birds on my perms 15 mins from home and I think my approach is more professional than his was on the day.
  11. Barley cut today and sounds like the rest of the crops will be cut very soon.
  12. Thanks for the positive support guys - hope your right
  13. Have quite a few fields to choose from growing Wheat, Barley. Oats, Rape and Peas and still cant find any birds to shoot. They really don't seem to be about, just see the odd half a dozen here and there that just move away when disturbed. Summer at the moment is not looking very promising.
  14. Went out yesterday and for the first time in 6 weeks actually saw some pigeons on a field. There weren't many but it was good to see them on the edge and in a poor area of a pea field. Rather than keep driving around the area we decided to set up for a couple of hours and watch the world go by. We shot 3 and a crow, not brilliant but the first birds shot in 6 weeks - lets hope things are changing.
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