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  1. Thank you for the reply! Very useful. Yes I don't want to go and make excuses, just want to at least have the judge put a face to the name than assume i'm some boy racer. Appreciate the reply and information!
  2. Where did I whine? I stated i'd be pleading guilty. I was seeking advice primarily of if appearing at court would be of any benefit and prevent them throwing the book at you. Got a decent set of plums on me tar.
  3. The speeding offence was prior to me obtaining my SGC but I'd received my NIP prior to my interview. I told the FAO during my interview that I was likely to have a court summons for speeding so they were aware before I was even given my SGC. My FAO is very approachable and had very little problem with the offence as I had been so upfront with him. Once I have received the fine and points I will be letting them know so they can update their records along with my insurance company. No the NIP was just to declare I was driving, all of the information for me to plead guilty etc. has only came thru within the last week. If you was a low life and was convicted of mugging someone you might have got away with £5 a week and probably a lesser fine!
  4. Thanks, The NIP came through within a week however. They've just been slow at processing this thereafter.
  5. Which is why i'm pleading guilty. I was speeding I've admitted that and I'll take the relevant fine / points on the chin. Probably didn't best approach the topic but I didn't know if good character may help in anyway if appearing at the court. I've never had a criminal record in my life nor a motoring offence since i was a teenager so it's a big deal to me and I don't know the process/differences in attending court or not attending court whilst pleading guilty. Bit strong for people to jump to the 'how many people are killed by drivers doing 50' i'd be willing to bet most forum members have sped at some point in their life granted it will be of varying degrees of seriousness. Yes back in may, NIP was through within 2 weeks then a follow up saying it had been forwarded on to another department. Then silence until last week.
  6. Already explained i wasn't speeding through the built up area the road conditions were no different to that of the 50 zone. I'd already past this van at 30mph in both directions which illustrates i'm not 'careless'. I bet even you on your high horse have accelerated from a speed limit into a higher speed limit knowing the road conditions and hazards are exactly the same (i.e not built up, no houses) Ok thanks for all the suggestions. Mods may close if they wish
  7. Which is why i raised the question to be honest. Pleading not guilty was never an option, i was always going to 'take it on the chin'. I just didn't know if there was any merit in appearing at court. I assumed the case went to caught either way and the judge just reviewed the evidence and handed out a max sentence if the 'defendant' wasn't in attendance. I wasn't sure if they'd make an example out of me due to the car in question also thinking i'm some kind of 'boy racer' in an evo which isn't the case. I wasn't sure either if i'd likely worsen or better my fine/points by attending or if it made no difference. AND I was genuinely curious and suspect regarding their statements within the evidence as I believe they are lying. HOWEVER It sounds like it may be best to just opt for the plead guilty and don't go to court option, from what you said above I'd only back myself into a corner
  8. These are the photo's.. Think I'm going to go the guilty don't go to court route.. My main reason to query cause in the back of my mind i think they have lied in their statement (in the first photo on the bumper) not in focus. But I genuinely think they were filming cars travelling the other way, it's a busy road trying to film across it would usually lead to it clear footage being blocked. I am taking it on the chin, never denied any wrong doing but just checking my options as most people I'm sure would do.
  9. I suppose but everyone is aware the van is there once past it but i guess people assume there out of view like i did. In my opinion that does nothing for road safety. The real issue with that road is people steaming from the 50 zone into the 30 all drive through the built up area of the village at about 40 before reaching the 50 zone in the other direction. And cars coming in this direction can't see the van until its too late so usually they opt for that id of thought as they would catch people all day long. I'll be pleading guilty nevertheless but honestly do believe if they panned to my side of the road they wouldn't have got an accurate speed, I only had about 150 yards of acceleration from where I started to put my foot down at 30mph heading to the 50 zone and they caught my somewhere in the middle having double my speed almost. I honestly believe I didn't exceed 50 in that area I was actually rather shocked when I saw the speed as I assumed it would be in the 40's when I realised the event. Don't want to risk worsening my fine points but I do believe they have lied in their statement. The thing that makes me laugh is, you get these scumbags that rob some old couple. Get a £200 fine and pay it off £5 a week. You can guarantee as I'm employed i'll get £1000 fine and it will need to be paid within 28 days despite any financial commitments I may have
  10. I have a photo evidence which they supplied but no video. One thing that is suspect is they claim they were filming cars heading East (as I was) but I'm sure they moved there camera to snap on to me as the car would have been making some racket. I think they were actually filming cars heading West coming from the 50 zone into the 30 as they wouldn't be able to see the van. It makes no sense for them to be filming cars from the 30 into the 50. This is some statement the camera man made on some evidence in the back of the letter they sent me. On one of the photos there is a suspect mark on the bumper almost as if the camera isn't correctly focussed like the camera has been dragged from one side of the road to the other.
  11. Hi All, I'll try and keep this short. I got caught speeding some months ago and after numerous correspondence have received a letter which gives me 3 x options. - Plead Guilty and go to court - Plead Guilty and don't go to court. - Plead not Guilty and request a court date. I've already stated in correspondence that I was the driver and the offence is for doing 56mph in a 30. I have no excuse and I do hold my hands up but due to the new fine structure I think it's most likely to be a capped £1000 fine and 6 points. Does anybody know how it may affect the penalty if I go to court or if i don't go to court? I just don't know the procedure but with the car I committed the offence in they may wish to make an example of me. (Mitsubishi Evo) The fact is i had not drove said car for 6months and was actually taking somebody on a test drive and sold the car that day. I had past the camera van that caught me twice (at 30mph) and on the second time once out of the built up area 300 yards down the road going away from camera van I put my foot down approaching the 50mph zone. Now I'm not making excuses but 56 in a 30 is a ridiculous speed and I'd never do this in a built up area, where I put my foot down the road conditions are exactly the same of that as a 50mph road which I was accelerating into (no lampposts and not built up. This doesn't excuse my speed as I knew I was still in a 30 zone but I knew the hazards were not the same.
  12. Can't fully help but I had concerns with this section myself when applying for my SGC. I'm 28 years old and haven't been to the doctors or hospital since I was 13. Moved several times and never actually bothered to register with the doctors as i never go anyway. I phoned up the surgery that I was with at a kid and they were surprisingly helpful so I'd just discuss it with the receptionist the one at my childhood surgery helped me no end. God knows how i was still on their records! I put down what little information I had to hand in the box and discussed it with the officer when I had the interview it caused no issues with the process so I wouldn't worry yourself over it too much. This reminds me I need to register at another practice!
  13. It's a funny one, if pressured and forced and as said non consensual then these people are victims no matter how high profile they are and they deserve justice. If however they have willingly flirted and accepted his advances and returned to his hotel room then they are not a victim and: A: Liked him as he was a good personality and wanted to have some rumpy pumpy (doubtful) OR B: Saw the aforementioned career advancement and assumed putting out will land them a role in a movie etc. Casting couch syndrome. Asking somebody back to your hotel room is not a criminal offence, if I was a woman and didn't want to get up to mischief with an individual I wouldn't return to their hotel room no matter who they were. If however you're a gold digger / or willing to sleep your way to the top then you would... OR very Naive.
  14. I'm quite new to shooting a rifle so not the best to pass judgement on that initially i was terrible as I don't have a consistent shooting position, my cousin had a go with it and got good groups though. Had no issue with the magazines they are very reliable, easy to flick in and out and reload. The mechanism that they clip into is plastic and concerned me at first but it seems to be more resilient than it looks! I live in Linby near junction 27, sometimes wonder over to Woodend Farm in Huthwaite near junction 28. Welcome to meet up there sometime and give it a try. May or may not be for you, it's no Weirauch or Air Arms but its a solid/fun gun for the money.
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