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  1. Simonmealing001

    Revo Matrix 12g for the female gun

    Cool was no sure if it’s the same company or not but I’ve no problem with Turkish guns I’ve a Revo myself and enjoy using it
  2. Simonmealing001

    Revo Matrix 12g for the female gun

    Am I right in thinking that Armsan and Revo are the same company ? Or are they different
  3. Simonmealing001

    Revo Matrix 12g for the female gun

    Hello all I’m looking at getting the wife a semi auto for keepers day , pigeon, and the odd afternoon on the clays now I’m thinking semi auto reduced recoil etc i don’t want to spend loads so I was thinking the Revo Matrix 12g but how does the lady gun get on with them i know Turkish but I have the premium game and like it so thought of the matrix for her thank you in advance simon
  4. Simonmealing001

    Camo ?

    So some dark clothes and a hat should do the trick no need to go Rambo style
  5. Simonmealing001

    Camo ?

    Would you say it matters which Camo you use
  6. Simonmealing001

    Camo ?

    I normally shoot clays and driven pheasant / duck but would like to start shooting pigeon so my question is do you all use Camo if so does it matter which you use ? Mtp or dpm thanks
  7. Simonmealing001

    Converting 12 to 20 gauge subs?

    I would give clay and game a look there webpage has everything listed
  8. Simonmealing001

    Lee Loadall 20g cost?

    About £70 from clay and game +p&p
  9. Simonmealing001

    Home reloading in the uk .

    For me I’m just after a cheep cartridge to use down the clay ground I don’t take it to seriously just a chilled afternoon and a bit of practice for game season to get on the pheasants and ducks come game season I will buy carts ready done unless I find a proven mix for game
  10. Simonmealing001

    Home reloading in the uk .

    I’m not sure what the p & p is for the bits from clay and game not cheep I would think as powder and primers are dangerous goods a load all is £70 carts about £10 for 100 my time well there never enough of it just cartridges are 20 miles down the road so Change from £10 in fuel I hope and no Labour time
  11. Might sound a odd question or ramdom but is home reloading any cheaper than going out and buying a thousand for clays live had a look on clay and game and got some load data etc now from my working out ( I’m bad at maths ) I would be reloading 70mm carts for 24g 7.5 i will need powder which is £38 for a tub NOBELSPORT GM3 500g I should get just over 300 loads out of it at 0.11 ea primers box of 1k is 37.50 so 0.03 ea shot 10kg7.5 lead £36. / 0.08 ea Wads 500 bag £12 / 0.02 ea So if I reload 300 a (tub of powder ) It works out at 24p ea or £72 for 300 or £240 per 1k are my maths right if they are would it not be cheaper to just go and buy 1k of tt1s for £189 at just cartridges? Thanks guys
  12. Simonmealing001

    Family battle bus

    Cool thank you just seen your reply we did get one we picked up a 07 plate xt ltd edition Full leather all the Crome etc like new inside and out I’m really enjoying it fuel wise it’s not bad compared to my old n plate c class but driving style has changed and yes not as fast
  13. Simonmealing001

    Family battle bus

    Not for me as shooting season os only once a year but still need a car for work holidays etc
  14. Simonmealing001

    Family battle bus

    How are you getting on with the Kia I have found one local to me for sale that I’m looking at tomorrow we are looking at a 07 xt with the full leather etc have you tried it of road as last season I had to take the wife’s scenic to a shoot and got stuck it was not fun being pushed out on my first day at a new shoot by the guns ☺️
  15. Simonmealing001

    Not ever, never

    As with reversing into a space that’s a good driving habit as your not ment to reverse from a minor to a major so a space to a road or a drive to a road etc i like both and want both trading my merc for a disco fuel wise I think going from lpg to anything else it’s going to feel painful