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  1. agree with the above, stay reasonable and you should get it sorted. are you a union member? if so ask your rep to do the digging. you could ask for loss of interest they wont like it costing them more! there must be a record of what shifts you have worked somewhere, get hold of that so you can have all your facts in place before the challenge is made. good luck
  2. sweden has a glowing reputation for recycling but it seems this isnt as justified as it seems. aparently wales is doing very well! https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/sweden-recycling-rates-revolutionary-dark-truth-behind-uk-wales-incineration-a7471861.html
  3. unless these protestors have walked to these protesets or riden a bike made of hemp their cries fall on deaf ears as far as im concerned. but unfortunately this is not the case for everyone. people in glass houses and all that!!
  4. if money is no object then get an price for an assa abloy. high boron content in the metal so that will make then very hard. but its only as strong as whatever its put on. i use these at work and they are out in all conditions and last well. but at home i use two of those cheaper disc locks on my shed and they get some oil every now and again and have been fine.
  5. As above, totally agree these diesels need to be driven with a certain amount of gusto to keep them clean and running properly. I might be over simplifying it but these diesel particulate filters could be a bit of a con. As any filter they clog up and it is recommended that you give them a blast up the motorway to clean them. But the carp they are meant to keep out of the atmosphere either stays in the filter or gets blasted out on the motorway?? In my opinion these filters keep the emissions down for an mot only. The rubbish has to come out sometime. Again only my view but these un
  6. modern diesels need to be driven properly which is totally different from driving a petrol car. drive them to slow and in to high a gear and they will clog up the dpf and egr. in to high a gear and all the low down torque of the engine will be passed through the dual mass fly wheel and shake that to bits. when i bought my mondeo it had 45k on the clock and it was owned by an old man before who drove very steady and it needed a new dual mass so that was done before i got it. it was only giving me low 40's mpg and after putting several cleaners through it and my 70 mile round trip to work it now
  7. i had heard the thing about them being merc engines but it turns out they are based on the mercedes design only so do not have the same quality just the same design.
  8. nextbase are definately the way to go. some insurance companies even offer a small discount if you fit one👍
  9. i hope so, the way some people have been talking on the radio recently it sounds like the world will end if we dont get a deal!!
  10. this is my feeling as well, not really based on any science just my gut feeling
  11. +1 plus my wife is covered for her car at no extra cost
  12. brilliant news well done to your grandson you must be very proud i know i would be.
  13. i looked at one and drove it on a test drive and thought it was good. the only problem with the one we drove was it kept jumping in and out of gear! we said this to the dealer and he said yeah dont worry we will sort that out! but by then we had lost confidence in the vehicle and the dealer. this seems all to common when buying second hand cars they dont fix the issues until you point them out or not as the case may be. a quick search on the internet when we got home showed us that the gearbox oil is cooled through the radiator and if the rad breaks the fluids can mix. best case new rad worse
  14. I am reading this at the moment and it very good. Or anything by Bernard Cornwell.
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