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  1. Pin boned, skinned (I love the way this process sets the scales to the skin), trimmed and packed. The trimmings are going in a omelet with spinach and spring onions for lunch. The sneaky taste preview I have had reminds me of the proper sides of wild smoked salmon from my teenage years, good flavour and a lovely firm texture. The only question I am asking myself was why I did not make the effort to get this done years ago!
  2. Just get both and have fun learning the differences between them
  3. After a couple of false starts, getting the level of the dust right and removing the top hanging bar to create a couple of extra inches of ventilation a full burn was achieved last night. I will be taking the dremmel to the adjustable ventilators today to take out some of the mesh. Minus 2 here overnight so everything stayed lovely and cool.
  4. I must admit that as I mainly eat game and venison for meat the idea of brisket now and again does appeal.
  5. I went to Black Dyke fishery yesterday, only half an hour from me. Took 3, let another 4 go and missed 4. Could not get touch on buzzers or nymphs so went 'feathering' with a couple of cats whiskers and a long tailed olive damsel and had a double hook up straight away. After catching 6 I put a team of 3 dries on as there was a tiny sedge hatch and caught 1 and missed 2. All this in 5 hours, it felt a lot colder than the 8 degrees hende the relatively short time
  6. A friend has lent me his hot smoker so I might give some brisket a go, how long do you give it? I am using a mixture of oak and apple for the trout.
  7. Depends how fast you want to sell, slow £150 - fast £120 it is a good cabinet and brattensound have excellent after sales service
  8. I have cz 452s in .22 and .17hmr, both bought second hand without testing first and both fine use eley subs in the .22 and hornady in the 17 have never had any ammo issues. The one thing I would say is that the bolts are almost identical so I make sure I have the right one if only taking out one calibre. I put in the lighter trigger springs available from rimfire magic and this made the world of difference to my accuracy. I had a howa 1500 in 243, hogue stock also bought second hand, unfired and it had done a fair bit of work as a foxing rifle, it was very accurate with federal powashok 100gr softpoints even out to 300m, only sold because I had the chance of a 6.5 x 55 sako 75 which will see me out. I also tested the federal 85gr copper bullets in the howa and at 100m the poi was less than 1/2 inch different. If considering new then I would also throw Bergara into the ring, I am hearing good things and they are a sensible price point.
  9. Having snaffled a very cheap, decent table saw off fb I am now able to rip down some of my 6 x 2 stock into more usable thicknesses hence finally getting around to my cold smoker project. Not seasoned yet but I have a few brined trout fillets just drying off in the new dry store that I will smoke tonight. With the doors open at both ends it is a decent wind tunnel in the new store and it certainly feels cold enough.
  10. Apologies for slight selling thread hijack, if the tube is 26mm then you can buy delrin 30mm to 26mm reducers to overcome this. I came up against this same problem when I purchased a Swarovski 6 x 42. Always worth buying good glass though and the fixed mags are fantastic value for money. Good luck with the sale
  11. We have our own nutter raping women in Downham Market. These crimes have become so common they are no longer reported except locally unless there is some sort of out of 'wow' factor. Voting for any party that says they will get tough on crime is now a pointless excercise.
  12. My experience with mtc was dire. When I contacted them to try and get a scope fixed they had a could not care less attitude so however good or not their scopes might be without after sales backup it makes it pointless buying another in my eyes.
  13. 243deer

    Ebay - changes

    This first came in as an option over a year ago, I switched the company I worked for then with no issues. Well explained here https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/news/2020/11/ebay-axes-paypal-sellers-bank-accounts-upping-fees/
  14. It was a pleasure taking out Daz. He is a credit to his generation. He easily attained the FE/DSC1 shooting standard including the new freehand 10m dispatch shot. His first shot at a munty was textbook and it dropped perfectly. I was impressed with the way he managed to take his time on the shot and cope with the adrenaline rush. His first gralloch was not bad either with lower legs correctly removed at the flats and head removed easily. Good luck with the application this time around.
  15. Thank you all
  16. Lovely. All the electronic gizmos do not pull the trigger though however much they help with setup. Glad I have a few more hedgerows than you to get closer.
  17. About size of a sparrow. I thought maybe Dunnock due to head or young goldfinch due to tail feathers?
  18. Good tip, I might grow some gherkin type ones for pickling. Anything commercially pickled has far too much sugar.
  19. My secret weapon for all roasts, particularly venison, as it retains lots of moisture in the meat and also seems to help marinaded joints. Lid off at the end for a really crispy finish if preferred but high heat at the start and then long and slow works for me. Pork with crackling excepted. Possibly the one time when thin honeycomb steel from China works to your advantage.
  20. we will have to agree to disagree Lloyd and please do not shout at me with capitals as it is extremely rude. Shouting your opinion at folk usually means an unwillingness to admit that their opinion has any merit what so ever. I am sad that you are so blinkered.
  21. I suspect reasonable quantities of a strongly flavoured red wine or ale will be needed to quaff with such a rich dish, sounds lovely. Stews and curries always mature and taste better the next day.
  22. only nonsense in your eyes. Many folk believe, as I do, that those who chose to live outside of the rules we have decided society should live by should also live outside of the rules of human rights. Just because a system is current does not make it right, nor should it make it permanent. If a system has been tried and it is not working then we should challenge it repeatedly and vigorously and so change it.
  23. From an email from Suffolk Police received today 'Police are appealing for help to trace a prisoner who has absconded from Hollesley Bay. Zenel Marku, aged 29, was found to be missing earlier yesterday evening, Monday, 26 April. He is serving a sentence of nine years for drug offences.' Hollesley Bay is cat 4 historically described as an 'open' prison. I cannot believe we are housing drug dealers in open prisons and expecting them to stay put. Presuming that the decision to house him there was made by at least a tribunal - that makes 3 folk with limited common sense making decisions that fail to protect the public and in particular fail to protect the young. All the families that are victims of this persons vile trade must feel completely let down, it is no wonder that ever more folk will now feel so unprotected that they chose to protect themselves and their families whatever the consequences. I think that the balance of liberalism has swung much too far towards the perpetrators - it is high time that victims are allowed their human rights to trump any rights of offenders.
  24. I cannot believe how many of you even bothered looking when the OP has 7 posts - but then that is what scam sites rely on, the gullible and those that do not pay attention not having a go here but please be a bit more careful folks
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