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  1. One thing is absolutely certain in law, if you pull the trigger you are wholely responsible for any consequence. It is the same as a lorry driver having an unsecure load, even if he/she did not load and 'secure' it.
  2. as I load a bag of 250 carts into the truck again I often question my sanity, I think I should take a leaf out of JDogs book and run out but then I do not get the chance to go that often so I suppose travelling in hope has become the norm. The memorable shots are what keeps us going back time after time
  3. If 20 rounds a couple or three times a year on range days can damage the rifling on any modern hunting rifle I would very much like to see the proof and not just written conjecture as I have never seen any evidence of this. Nor are there any warnings included with new modern rifles even remotely suggesting this might be the case. As a manufacturer you would not last long if this were to happen. Target shooting is a completely different world where you can easily create 20 years wear in a barrel in a year using rounds near the limit.
  4. my mrs is under the firm belief that I have dried in the walkway at the side of my garage in order to store bbq's bikes etc. She is right, as always. It is obviously not going to be used for skinning moulting deer.
  5. why? A 14 x 1 is a well known thread and you would be very unlucky if a protector was not long enough Go here https://www.bushwear.co.uk/products/rifle-cap-thread-protector-14x1-black sign up for the free delivery code and one will only cost you 3.99 - that is what I did for my Sako
  6. if you are load testing 20 rounds in 45 minutes is not at all excessive, nor unusual, personally I would buy an all metal moderator though. I have had my shotgun too hot to touch on several occasions, all simulated game days, even with a leather glove on and a leather/metal barrel protector. It probably was around 200 C or more which would be high enough to melt plastic.
  7. upstairs or downstairs? we had a child lock mechanism on our upstairs windows, you lifted up the bottom bar in a specific position and then the window opened fully.
  8. Being a well practised ostrich I manage to avoid most 'news' as I do not like gossip much nor trials by media so forgive me for being a bit behind the times regarding these folk who have been given far too much confusing information regarding whether they are male, female or something else. It appears that fully functional male rapists are able to simply say they are female and be transferred to a female prison - insert your own tirade of unprintable swear words here As GR would say "&%^&$)_* unbelievable"
  9. Your tulips look better than mine - the &%^£ munties have had half of them already, technically the grass verge they are planted in is council owned so we just have to put up with a lesser display.
  10. 6 adult females yesterday on a walk around which I will add to the total 2 were very pregnant so another 6 - 8 that I will not have to deal with in the future 961
  11. When I get called out early on a Monday morning (the most common time the police are short on resources) it is usually to a mangled car and to dispatch an injured animal. This morning the call was to a deer trapped in a gate, screaming its head off with half the road watching and the house owner wanting the deer released. Can I sedate her? Was the first question Not in the way you mean. Was the reply, the humour somewhat lost. A blanket over the munty doe calmed her and everyone else down and stopped the noise. Then the house owner agreed that cutting the gate was the only real option so lent me a hacksaw and a simple cut, bend and rear feet lifted through and she was off. Sometimes Chinese honeycomb steel is an advantage as bending the bar back was not difficult. Anyone that thinks that the usually quoted 5 foot fencing for muntjac is adequate should note that she popped over a 6 foot panel with no bother. Chances of sleep tonight are slim, going to be a long day tomorrow.
  12. good job, after all the rain we had the fields are looking dry now, who would be a farmer?
  13. They might not be the cheapest initially but per year I seriously rate Hoggs, I have several pairs that are 20 years old, I purchased from John Forsey's
  14. Have fished Black Dyke a couple of times. The usual flies are working including dries, location is the key.
  15. I have a 612 sitting in the cabinet. I use it for the occasional wilfowling invite as I simply do not want to put steel through my sbs. If you fancy having a go with it you are welcome, my nearest clay ground is Chalk Farm.
  16. With the weather turning decidly chilly I decided to go and drop some venison off to one of my land owners and have a look around at the same time. At around midday I spotted 6 roe deer at the far side of a field I know to be 380 yards accross. I spent a very enjoyable 10 minutes observing. I never tire of this, watching them behaving naturally. 4 does and 2 young bucks in velvet made up the pod. The damage that they are doing to a relatively new hedgerow, now 10 years old, made up of blackthorn and hawthorn, is becoming more significant every year with a very apparent browse line now appearing. The 2 bucks are not particularly good quality so there is no reason not to harvest them for meat. The only cover that would get me anywahere near is a netting and two strands of barb fence that has some patches of bramble growing up to post height. With some stretches of 40 yards without bramble this was going to take a while. Fortunately the deer are moving to the corner of the field meaning that the effective length of the gaps is lessened. With 6 pairs of eyes on the lookout it will just need patience. The wind is steady, about 20mph and coming from my 8 o'clock so I judged that I should avoid being winded if I took a shot from around 100 yards. A little further than I usually like but still a challenge to get that close all the same. Over the next 20 minutes I did a hands and knees stalk simply keeping each movement slow and easy as it was impossible not to be seen at times. Stopping each time a head was lifted from feeding. A dry, grassy field that will be cropped for hay this year makes this type of stalk a lot more pleasant than it might otherwise be. For once everything went according to plan and the selected buck dropped cleanly. The 2nd one can wait for another time. To get the chance for this type of traditional stalk was a real privilage and it made a change from the more opportunistic stalks that are the norm.
  17. You might find your poi is not that far off when you test your copper rounds, my .243 was less than 1/2 inch off which was pleasantly surprising, used 100gr lead and 85gr copper, both Federal. To the op, if you are losing zero it could be scope as already stated and it could also be mounts. What scope / mount combination are you using?
  18. Forestry England have been using non-toxic for at least 5 years to my knowledge. I specifically asked a ranger in private if he had experiended any issues with copper and he said no problems at all. Bear in mind that anyone shooting 200+ deer per year will not want runners and the grief of retrieval far away from where they shoot. The rangers usually use .308s. FE do not currently control grey squirrels at all, a disgrace really, so that ammunition question does not arise. There are, however, very many syndicate game shoots on Forestry England controlled land. The question of whether steel would be damaging for their machines is an interesting one as a lot of wood now goes for pulp and use in power generation If I have to pay say £2.50 a shot to shoot a deer with copper rather than £1.25 with lead, that is still really cheap meat. I normally use around 100 lead rounds and 20 copper a year practising. Currently I shoot all meat for my consumption with lead, as I butcher away from bruised meat I really do not see that as a problem for game dealers, supermarkets or the general public as it does not affect them in any way. Happy to use a copper bullet if shooting larger deer that go into the public food chain. Absolutely no reason in my view why lead needs to be banned for any form of practice or target shooting, that includes clays, plinking with air rifles or any other form of target shooting. I also cannot see our armed forces wanting ammunition at twice the price.
  19. Have carried letters of authority from land owners / managers with me since January to carry out essential deer management. This was authorised by Natural England. I think this sets a precedent that would at the very least be a very strong defence for immediate essential pest control activities when you have a direct request.
  20. As Conor well knows I am totally against a complete lead ban as it is simply not necessary. This has been shown in deer world where the vast majority of stalkers will comply voluntarily with using non-toxic when needed. This probably has a lot to do with having to put a traceable ticket on a carcass so anyone not complying will soon be found out. Absolutely no reason why birds could not be tagged with the registered number of a shoot, in fact for food traceability this would be another positive. Tags are cheap enough for even small shoots to comply. With this in place the change would come from within the shooting community. Just because I choose to eat game and venison shot with lead I would not wish to impose this on anyone not comfortable with it. Indeed if more folk were to eat game and venison because it was known not to contain lead that would be a huge positive. I will fight for my right to choose what I shoot with for my own personal consumption, I am extremely disappointed that BASC et al will not do this on my behalf. I am quite happy to use alternatives to lead when meat is going in to the food chain and there is a disconnect between shooter and consumer. Why BASC et al could not have produced a statement along these lines rather than their ill thought through, crass, catch all statement effectively stating that all lead should be banned and attempting to impose this on their own community is beyond me. Alienating everyone not a 12g or 20g game shooter was not smart. It highlighted that BASC's main agenda is for game shooting, they seem to have forgotten their roots.
  21. You keep them down your end of the county, no need to send them over this way
  22. They put on memorable driven game shoots so I am sure that their woodland setup will also be innovative and interesting.
  23. It does not matter how tricky, or how many hoops, it is up to anyone moving overseas to comply with the local rules and move there legally. It is entirely their responsibility to ensure they have done their research, if they do not feel able to do this on their own then the simple answer is to hire a solicitor. I have no problem with Spain kicking out illegal immigrants, we should be doing the same.
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