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  1. Can I just say that Norfolk is complete rubbish. Nothing to do, nothing to see, %^&* beaches. Just do not come here, it is a waste of time and effort.
  2. Looks lovely, gonna have to give those a go
  3. Accountants certainly have a role in any business but the cartridge market is highly competitive and if a company produces absolute rubbish due to cost savings it will not last long. A poor cartridge will also affect the reputation of all the other cartridges in their range so it is not in a company's interest to produce the sort of cartridge you are alluding to. I well remember various French and Russian cartridges from the 70's that had some interesting features, including so much confetti that seeing a second bird could be challenging, they all killed pigeons though. Over the years we have seen a steady increase in the cost of cartridges, if the price had remained stable then, for sure, cost corners would have been cut. With many folk now owning a chrono with which they can check for themselves that the speed claimed is in the ball park, then going on to check the pattern I cannot see a compelling argument that a poor cartridge would not be quickly found out and the news splashed over social media with glee.
  4. I get that, I did not realise that this was not a contracted job. Maybe ask him if any of his farmer mates have one you could borrow?
  5. If you have a tractor why not a pto hole borer? Even if you buy new and sell 2nd hand after a few jobs it will pay for itself in saved time and energy.
  6. I rely on the cartridge manufacturers for selecting something capable, they helpfully call suitable cartridges names such as 'clear pigeon' or 'pigeon special', I reckon they know a lot more about cartridges than I do. I am a simpleton when it comes to cartridges, I use 7 1/2 24g for clays and anything from 28 - 30g 6's for pigeon and game I think the rest is up to me.
  7. There will be a few folk on here that are good enough shots to notice a difference in cartridges (which they are probably capable of adapting to very quickly) but for most of us mere mortals which pigeon cartridge or choke for that matter is a mute point. If you are an average shot gun shot, as I am, then letting cartridge type or choke get in your head is counter productive. Your energy would be far better focussed on gun mount and swing through.
  8. What a ludicrous chicken and egg situation your feo has put you in. He gets a feather in his cap for keeping gun numbers down which is not his job. As soon as restrictions allow take advantage of the offers, you could also come over to Norfolk if you like for an intensive weekend of firing several firearms calibres and talking safety on an area that will look as flat as a billiard table compared to your area. Once you have the knowledge regarding safe shots/backstops, hazard awareness and be able to mention in the right place the use of high seats there is absolutely no reason why you should not apply for all the calibres you want. I would start with .22, .17hmr and your .243 as there is not much you cannot do with those 3. If you have reds to shoot then swap the 243 for a 308. I know there are lots of other lovely calibres but it sounds like you have the sort of feo that you need to stick with what he might understand. You can add in fac air as Stu suggested if you have some rats to take care of. With 2 permissions you have perfectly good reason to have firearms. Calibre is completely irrelevant to whether you are a safe shot or not hence do not be afraid to apply for all that you need. Your already good safety record with your shotguns has shown you to be a responsible person so in terms of experience even a day out with someone experienced will teach you what is safe and what is not. Any reticence on the part of the feo then challenge them to come out on site with you so that you can explain face to face what you need to do, where, with which calibre, pointing out safe backstops, public footpaths, dead ground etc. He has to have good cause to refuse you which he will not have after a day or two out with the lads.
  9. Always the fault of the gun and not the person, on the basis of 'preventable' deaths caused annually we should ban cars or at the very least have far stronger checks on the mentality of the folk driving them. Both ideas equally illogical.
  10. I would put 2 12v batteries in series and add a controller capable of taking the higher voltage then wind up as required. 24v should give you twice the speed, not sure how long the motor will last but I presume all motors are made with some over voltage capability. possibly worth getting a scrappy windscreen wiper motor first and testing 24v with it for a day or two rather than testing with your magnet, if it fails then your magnet will for definite as the magnet motor is under greater strain. multi voltage rheostat here https://www.amazon.co.uk/Controller-Adjustable-Stepless-Governor-Regulator/dp/B078TC3DTX/ref=asc_df_B078TC3DTX/?tag=googshopuk-21&linkCode=df0&hvadid=310883071142&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=9636222332841082082&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9044891&hvtargid=pla-452985164615&psc=1
  11. I always think back to how many milk carts I used to see being towed home when it comes to electric only cars. Folk being normal and imperfect plus battery voltage drop not being entirely predictable I can see history repeating itself. When I was quite young there was a report on tomorrows world about boilers capable of running 12 or so homes on 1 bale of straw a day in the summer and 2 in the winter. A few farmers took this up but for some reason the idea of pooling houses together for efficient boiler use has never taken off. Millions of potential bales of straw are chopped up at the back of combines every year. My late father, a civil engineer, never understood why we continue to use land fill when we could simply burn our waste to generate electricity.
  12. We bought a pair of Barr and Stroud Sahara 8 x 42, they are excellent for daytime use, waterproof, nitrogen filled, rubber cased and right in the middle of your budget I bought from a fellow deer stalker who is far more experienced than I am in optics that are value for money Review here https://www.birdguides.com/reviews/binoculars/barr-stroud-sahara-8x32-and-8x42-binoculars/ best price I could find new here https://www.rothervalleyoptics.co.uk/barr-stroud-sahara-8-x-42-binoculars.html
  13. If anyone you know has had a dog stolen it might be worth them contacting Suffolk police https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-suffolk-56475355#:~:text=Eighty-three dogs believed stolen,suspicion of conspiracy to steal No surprise where they were found though.
  14. Sorry but that is complete rubbish. I have tested Federal Power Shok copper in 85gr through a Howa 1500 .243. Point of impact was only half an inch off Power Shok 100gr softpoint at 100m with neat circular holes showing no signs of bullet de-stabilisation. Meat damage on fallow, muntjac and roe is very similar. As always with a .243 if you take a well placed shot at a sensible disrance on the bigger deer they will drop, ask all the boys in Scotland and NZ who use them. The only slight sticking point at the moment is Scotland insisting on 100gr minimum for reds however there have been murmers on the grapevine that this may be reduced to allow the use of copper if they make it law. The chances are that lead will not need to be banned as the uptake of copper for venison going into the food chain is already voluntarily high, without any need for silly statements from the BDS, other organisations should take note.
  15. as a strategic plan to save field sports it will not work. Religious status would stop people saying nasty things about us and would also stop the direct action of antis or at least mean that the police could charge them with further offences. It will not stop ever more restrictions on what we can shoot, where, when and with what. The giving up of any ground should be being hard fought by our organisations however recent history shows a complete lack of spine between the lot of them.
  16. A quick search for intelligent lipo chargers threw up these folk - looks like you might get decent advice for a compatible - https://www.componentshop.co.uk/chargers/lipo.html
  17. I think that you will find that you will need to go through your rfd as you will need to show certificate to prove ownership of the boltless rifle. GMK are the wholesalers, they can be great and they can be very poor so good luck.
  18. Have you contacted A1 decoy, they are always helpful
  19. Stu, it makes a change to see real world results rather than just hear how folk shot a 2 1/4 inch group at 1000 yards at Bisley snap shooting with a 50 cal (I kid you not folks, I was once told this by the owner of a gunshop) What it really shows is that before setting out to shoot live quarry with small kill zones a lot of folk should do a lot more practice and be far more honest with themselves about what their maximum humane range should be. Did you use a bench rest for the groups or was there a human error element?
  20. Whilst DSC1 is not a requirement what it does do is to take away one of the excuses for not granting as you are showing due diligence. As with any training if you are open minded there will always be at least one snippet of good practice or information that you can get from it, for newbies a lot more. Do not be tempted to pay for pre DSC1 days though as totally unnecessary, you will learn all you need to on the course. If you have a permission this will also help greatly. This is a great resource https://www.thedeerinitiative.co.uk/best_practice/, start with learning the legal seasons and rules on minimum calibres/power and the deer ecology sections. What DSC1 does not teach you at all are all the bits that you gain with experience - that is where a paid stalk or two with a good guide will help you get going unless you can find a kind soul to teach you and take you out for free.
  21. I will try some next time we go as a comparison but our nearest Aldi and Lidl mean a 30 mile round trip so we do not go that often.
  22. I was originally looking for liquid smoke when searching and fortunately someone that knows how key words work on Google had linked to the Malvern smoked. I like Malvern salt anyway, it is lovely for making trout gravlax. It is quite a subtle flavour compared with shop bought but this allows you to taste the meat. Have been meaning to make a smoker as I would like to try different smoking times - will add to the project list as I have a few on the go at the moment awaiting funds.
  23. I have started with cheap and cheerful this first go as that lump cost me 7 quid and I did not want to ruin good meat.
  24. As part of our days shooting a friend and I like to stop for a cup of tea and a bacon roll. As we poured away ever more white watery cccp whilst starting to cook using shop bought it was time to make our own dry cure bacon. I found this recipe for exact salt amount and it turns out really well, it is also easy and requires no special equipment so here goes 1.7kg loin of pork 2.5% / 42.5g smoked Malden Sea salt - gives a hint of smoke but not overbearing 1% / 17g Demerra sugar - stops it drying out too much 0.25% / 4.25g pink salt - this is technically poisonous so needs to be pretty accurate Lots of black pepper and any other dry flavourings you fancy adding - sure folk will be along with their favourites Mix together then rub in cure Vac pac or place in a ziplock with most of the air excluded Place in fridge and turn every day for 7 days Wash off and place back in fridge for a day to dry off Slice, pack and freeze, makes 8 packs of 6 thick cut slices, enjoy
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