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  1. Absolutely. I totally agree.
  2. I know, I know. I just fancied something new and I'm taking a punt. I've not exactly been overwhelmed by the "legendary" quality of Weihrauch. On the other hand the Steyr I was shooting last week was to die for - along with the price. Like you said: it's a few bits of CNC.
  3. The modular design is appealing because many of us like to tinker and tweak, and add some goodies. FX are on a bit of a roll at the mo, and the Dreamline has attracted a lot of interest. So I just hope they manage to maintain some decent QC.
  4. The OP asked what group size people would be happy with at a given range and I gave my personal preference. Group size, preferably 10 shots or more, is an important indicator of whether you can place shots accurately and consistently. The idea that sub 12 quarry has a one inch kill zone is fantasy. The recognised method of killing a pigeon sub 12 is a head shot, and you certainly don’t have an inch to play with. Not with squirrels or bunnies either really. So I wouldn’t shoot beyond a range I could group 10 - 12 mm, and I think 5p at 25 yd is not good. It annoys me when I see guys like Si Pittaway take a stupidly long shot at a bunny, then look into camera and say something like: I think that just clipped its ear. Which to my mind plays straight into the hands of team Packham.
  5. Not really hit UK shores yet. I have a Dreamline Lite in 177 on order for delivery end of June / mid July. Will let you know what I think.
  6. A couple of cards from when I was pellet testing for the 100 KT. At 25 yd, indoors, off a bean bag, all 14 shots. I can’t be doing with this pellet on pellet or single hole malarky, I measure the group using a Helix metric circles template. I do not consider 12 mm diameter very good. Any group the size of a 5p, which is 18 mm I would think was rubbish. Obviously a 5-shot group is not the same beast as a 14-shot group, and if the best a rifle could produce was 5 shots in the blue I would not use it on live quarry. Ultrastu certainly seems to have that BSA sorted. Now that’s a group.
  7. Full auto? Dream on my man. 😄 There is a lot of confusion about terms such as semi-auto, full auto. The Firearms Act prohibits "self-loading". The Steyr, and others like my Crosman 600, come in under the radar because they don't automatically load a pellet in the breech, instead they index the magazine, from which the pellet is fired. The effect is much the same and only serves to illustrate the stupidity of firearms law in the UK, excluding Northern Ireland, which is of course part of the UK, but has its own laws, including carrying for self-defence. 🔫😎 You couldn't make it up.
  8. Yes I did. And I drooled. Just can't see where to buy one.
  9. Well, I didn't mean to be cruel, but he's hardly a newcomer here with 1200 posts, and I have been trying to help him with the pellet thing, and I don't see that telling him those cards are good at 25 yd bench rested is any use at all. The HW100 has its faults, but it is generally better than that, Mice!
  10. I use flat heads in pistols at close ranges up to 10 metres, but I wouldn’t use them in an air rifle at 25 yd. To be honest, your cards don’t look like good groups to me, hardly grouping at all really. You are right not to go hunting. Bench rested at 25 yd I would expect my 100K to shoot a full mag of 14 pellets through a single hole, and I would be fixating on the size of that hole. Anything larger than 15 mm diameter would annoy me. With the right pellet I get 8 - 12 mm, and my scope is a bit limited. But getting the right pellet is the tricky bit. What to do with your old pellets? Sell them cheap to someone with a Kalibrgun, which seem to shoot any old pellet no fuss more accurately than an HW100. And yes, I am looking.
  11. Well it seems all HW barrels are different so I can't say they will work in yours. I was using die numbers 42 and 44, and yes I am starting the whole process again. Very frustrating. The tins have a label on the bottom stating the die number, date of production, and a couple of other bits, varies between manufacturers, and of course, a lot of the brands are made by the same people. So JSB make Air Arms, H&N make Bisley and Weihrauch and Daystate I think, but the contracts chop and change. When you find a good batch you just ask the guy in the shop for that die and batch number, if you're buying online you will have to ring and ask what they got. They all know the score that the pellets vary because pellet production has not yet caught up with improvements in air rifles.
  12. They were AA Diabolo Field at 8.4 in 4.52. I bought a selection box off you know where, and shot bench rested at an indoor range, and recorded the results, the groups, and flyers. The same pellet in 4.51 or 4.53 was not as good. I thought with the make and weight of pellet and head size I had it sussed, and went through several tins no prob, then because I knew no better without thinking I bought a different die and batch, and it went shotgun. I have also tried washing and lubing, and a pellet sizer and found it made no difference to pellets straight from the tin. For sure, if you find one that works in your rifle buy a few sleeves. 😃
  13. I tried a lot of different pellets in various head sizes in my 177 100K. Bisley and Weihrauch Magnums worked well, as did RWS Superdome and Field, Daystate Kaiser, H&N Sniper Light, Webley Mosquito Express, and a few others, but AADF in 4.52 worked best of all. Until I bought a tin with a different die number, and they were all over the place. 🙁 The die and batch numbers is what counts, and buying samples, as I did myself, means you don’t know that information. The 100K seems to be a particularly fussy little beggar.
  14. I've tried them for pellets in my HW100 and the results on paper at an indoor range were a quite a bit worse than pellets straight from the tin.
  15. I bought this one from Amazon two months ago for £58. Looks like you may have to shop around for that price now. From 6 yards to 60 yards it checks out against a tape and guys using 200 quid jobbies. Whether or not it is worth it to you to know the range to a yard is up to you and your gun and the kind of shooting you do. 🙂 https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01FJV28G8/ref=ppx_od_dt_b_asin_title_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
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