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  1. Moving a cylinder of air from indoors at 20C and 180 bar to minus 5C outdoors will reduce the pressure in the cylinder to 165 bar. The regulated pressure will not be changed by the low temperature of the air in the cylinder. The cold may affect working parts in some other way, of course, and not just on the gun 🙂
  2. Nice one. I was sitting round the table joining in the laughter. Great fun, and some tasty guns
  3. wobbly bob 2


    Found these work well enough. Give the same figures as Combro, Skan, and FX in my experience. Build quality leaves a lot to be desired, but if you manage to shoot it up, as many do with their chronos, then at 27 quid you won’t be sobbing in your beer https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Muzzle-Speed-Meter-Velocimetry-Anemometer-Velocity-Valence-Tester-with-Tripod/233006552634?hash=item364045d63a:g:9wwAAOSwmUFb4WL6
  4. I would personally say that the flaff of single shot loading made one take more time and care on the shot, and at the same time one tended to opt for single shot loading when one wanted to be more careful on a shot I have shot the Steyr Pro X semi auto and it is just as accurate shooting from a mag as a Steyr single shot if you take your time But of course it's such fun that you don't
  5. I bought an Eyoyo online for sub £60. No bells and whistles but checks out against a tape and more expensive stuff.
  6. The OP, an experienced and knowledgeable man, posed a simple question and asked that the thread remained focussed on first hand experience and avoided anecdotal stuff. The simple answer to the question appears to be no. Me too. No.
  7. Well, after waiting 5 months with no end in sight, and being told by the UK distributor ASI, maybe another 8-12 weeks who knows, in very much a who cares tone, I cancelled the order. So, sorry guys, I will not be reviewing the FX Dreamline Lite, or any other FX airgun come to that. I can only say it lived up to its name. It was a dream as light as air.
  8. Why would it be crass to ask him? Don't get me wrong - I would love to shoot pigeons in my own garden. I have more than enough of the things. I also have neighbours who feed the foxes. Know what I'm saying?
  9. Er ! like yes. Pretty much. I don't see any other reasonable extrapolation from the OP's question. He was looking for something to use in the garden that would kill pigeons and could be grabbed and used when necessary. And at a very modest 25 yards. What's your thinking then?
  10. My thoughts are: on what legal basis is your stepson going to be shooting pigeons in his garden?
  11. If the bunny moves does it still have an even chance of being killed by a 50/50 potshot usually?
  12. Like I said - it was nice to see an intelligent post ...
  13. Stonepark, It’s nice to see an intelligent post, and a coherent argument put well, and I agree with much of what you say, but if you wish to test your long range skills why not use card ? Obviously there is an element of skill, calculation, and equipment, but taking the shot at 50/50 is heavily relying on chance, and in today’s climate potting at live quarry on that basis is simply not on.
  14. I never said I took long shots, or wounded. I said it didn’t die as quickly as I would have liked. Sometimes they move just as you squeeze. Nothing ever goes completely to plan does it? But I plan for 100% not 50%.
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