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  1. A Diamond, and as someone mentioned it should have it written on the underneath of action. Doesnt have a gold trigger so I dont think its a X-grade... Their website isnt great, but the Diamond section is here : https://www.bettinsoli.it/en/catalogo/prodotti/fucili/1/226.aspx
  2. Another vote for JB Weld. Can be bought on Evilbay at a reasonable price. I find I use it for all sorts and the two tubes last for ages.
  3. Anyone know if there is a type of glove with fleece or lined on the back of the hands but just thin leather or fabric for palm and fingers? Tried Google searching but hard to describe it without getting all lined gloves. It's the back of the hands that get cold for me, getting hit by the wind, can usually curl the fingers around gun for protection
  4. Also check your local libraries. Often you can get access to apps such as Press Reader or Zinio for free with a valid library card. I get all mentioned magazines and more for free on the Press Reader app.
  5. I ordered the Evolution Crossfire for my wife at £34.95 and the Evolution Hunter for me at £39.95. Crossfire was cheaper so I got that at 1/2 price then I used the vouvher code and got another £10 off. So instead of £74.90 I got it for £47.43
  6. Bought myself and the missus some Evolution glasses, second pair (lowest price) were half price and I used a coupon CSM10 from Clay Shooting magazine and got another tenner off! This was at https://www.sunglassesforsport.com/shop/sport/shooting/ if anyone is interested . Thanks again for suggestions
  7. Thanks all, will look into all these suggestions. Appreciated.
  8. I had laser eye surgery last Wednesday and all has gone well. Will take a couple of weeks off to let the eyes adjust before I shoot. I have worn glasses for 30 years out of 40 odd and always had them on when shooting. I want to buy some shooting glasses for clays and occasional rough shooting. I am broke after the laser eye surgery, can anyone recommend some bargain basement glasses to use (under 100 ideally) while the bank balance recovers? (I really am broke!)
  9. We ended up buying a Bettinsoli Diamond X-grade game gun in 20 bore. Confidence wise she wanted to stick with the 20, maybe after some more practice if she keeps enjoying it we can switch to a 12. The game version suits her, just need to slightly shorten the stock.
  10. Going to check out a Beretta 686E Sporter 30" (not an Evo, I think its from around 2006/7) that someone I know is selling. Previous owner was a woman so stock has been shortened slightly and it has an adjustable comb.
  11. I think a new Kofs or a second hand Beretta is what is achievable in our budget and both would be a good first gun. We are going to have a look at both in the next week or two
  12. I personally hate using plastic wads as most of my shooting is on the family farm and it's not really necessary for the type of shooting I do. Very glad that manufacturers like Eley are pushing on with these new steel carts with biodegradable wads and hope more and more manufacturers start getting their finger out. What sticks in my craw is the lack of regard or respect to the shooting community to decide a ban will happen and then find the science to prove their point of view. If big businesses did this they would be rightly pilloried and the scientific conclusions ignored. But unelected functionaries in power can make that decision (whether it is correct or not), and whether there is an alternative or not and it will slowly churn its way into law. Ideally I would rather not use lead, but it feels like it is more of a ruse to price gun owners out of their own past time than a genuine attempt to be environmentally friendly.
  13. "The European Commission (EC) has requested the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) to prepare a restriction proposal addressing the risk to wildlife and humans (via the consumption of game meat) from lead in all ammunition (shot and bullets) including target shooting." So the EU Commission have decided lead is bad and then asked its scientific body for the evidence to ban it. Which can only end one way when scientific research is conducted in this manner. I am in Ireland and under no illusion that lead will be banned in the coming years. Wherever the United Kingdom are politically at that time (depending on what happens in the coming weeks) itwill have repercussions with you.
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