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  1. Here is a handy guide to some basic Lanber info I took a photo of when I had one of my own. It has the choke info in the bottom table.
  2. Also, if you're the other side of the person holding the semi auto, you can't see if there is a flag or not.
  3. I agree. I have a 3.5 Maxus. I consider it more as a 3 inch that will shoot everything down to 24g with some cartridges. But always nice to have the 3.5 option there, even if I don't see myself using it too much. Just adds a bit to its versatility.
  4. I know when you are using the speed loading system for the first cartridge I have to swipe it with my thumb up rather than push it in. Maybe try and keep your thumb more vertical rather than pushing the cartridge in horizontally. And keep the tip of your thumb lower down on the brass as you are pushing it into the magazine. When I got my Maxus I spent a bit of time loading shells, ejecting and reloading out in a field before I was happy with a technique that worked for me. I initially had an issue with the second cartridge jamming after the first cartridge was fired and ejected. I found it was all in the way I was loading. There is a definite knack to loading a Maxus , but its very much a learning to ride a bike situation. Once you've figured it out you dont do it again. Thats my two cents! Hope it helps.
  5. I use German Army surplus driving gloves. Cover them in a waterproofer, heat with heat gun, they're the business. I've always got them a little small if I can and the leather will stretch naturally til they... don't say it... fit like a glove https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/182394895903
  6. I've only picked one up in a gun shop and found the rubber butt pad to be VERY rubbery, sticky and catches on clothes. Has anyone who has one had a problem with them or swapped the butt pad out?
  7. I have a Leatherman Surge with bit extender and a small penlight. Use it every single day on the farm. Only had it a few years and genuinely dont know how I got on without it. Actually I do, I was in and out of the toolshed all bloody day long.....
  8. Well I have ordered an 110 ah leisure battery that should be delivered in the next few days. Will be used a fair bit in next 6 weeks as we are in lock down here in Ireland and then a few times a month. 110 ah should mean it can take a fair bit of use, I will have an old car battery as a back up but plan to use the leisure battery as much as I can.
  9. Point taken. Do you have to recharge leisure batteries after each use or will they last a number of shoots?
  10. The guy I bought it from also suggested using the Land rover I'd be bringing it up the fields with. Crack the hood use the battery with engine running and some jump leads running to the trap. Does anyone use this method as in theory this would be the handiest as you don't have to lug a battery around
  11. Thanks for the replies. Particularly when I was looking at ones between 5 and 10 AH!
  12. I just bought myself a Promatic Pigeon after a few years of just using a manual trap on the farm it's a joy! I am using am old car battery at the moment that doesn't hold much of a charge. I was going to buy one of those leisure batteries. Is there a minimum power rating like the AH I would need to buy to make sure it's powerful enough to turn the motor? I have zero experience with these and there is a massive variety of leisure batteries with wildly different prices.
  13. I have the Howard Leights. They are fine, but my big spud head means I can only wear them for so long before it gives me an actual toothache which ever way they press on the nerve around my jaw. In other words they seem to run a bit small
  14. I always thought it was me shouting "bang" very loudly while closing my eyes when I pulled the trigger....
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