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  1. It will be done long before September
  2. Used the flapping Geese decoys to great effect
  3. I am probably going to sell the pogo stick.....not used it since i bought it !
  4. Akkar Triple Barrel 👍
  5. I like the Kicks Hi Fliers......certainly cheaper over there if you can find them.
  6. Anyone used this ? Marketing hype or good stuff.....(its not cheap!)
  7. I do occasionally use a flat pack 'Portabote' as a taxi to access hard to reach/ quiet foreshore areas and also on the Ouse Washes...... the joy being you dont need a boat ramp to launch it. Given the limitations of the boat i can only do so in relatively benign conditions and wouldnt want to take it out in anything wild.
  8. This load was given to me by a member on here. I looked at the loads i have in the cheddite manual and 39 grain didnt seem unreasonable so i loaded some up. I fired 7 shots for 5 Canada's - all stone dead. Not exactly conclusive as they were mostly fairly short range shots. I dont own a Chrono.
  9. Thanks - I loaded some up with 39 grain and fired 7 last Friday with not signs they were too hot.
  10. Can anyone help out with a load for the following components 3.5" Cheddite Case TPS or B&P44 Wad Alliant Steel Powder If possible a 42gram load Thanks Guy
  11. I need to make a trip down to Taunton this autumn and would like to make the journey a little more worthwhile by doing a flight on Bridgwater Bay NNR. If anyone can shed any light/ offer any help that would be very kind.
  12. No Wi Fi available and want a text even if in the middle of the night
  13. Thanks - this will be in a low traffic urban area for security only. Have you used the model in your link? - the reviews seem so so...
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