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  1. I very nearly threw my ballot away as it was part of the junk mail inside the envelope with the magazine - luckily i saw this and dug it out of the bin.
  2. Aberlady Bay used to have a very restrictive milage rule but JM country Park didnt used to be so restrictive.
  3. I fowled very intensely for three years as a student without a dog and very rarely lost a bird. Including several hundred snipe. It takes a certain discipline.....picking your shots, not taking a second bird, marking stuff and walking to it immediately at the expense of other birds. Would i like to do it again.....no but it can be done with no great issues.
  4. Put all sorts through my AYA - Steel, hevi, HW13 and TSS.
  5. Thanks Dave - i'm certainly not waiting till i find one but it would be a nice thing to have.
  6. PM's replied to I think i have sorted the cards and the bismuth - still looking for help on the de/re capper Thanks - time is in short supply so probably not for me (the prepper in me quite likes the idea of making my own though) I'll give them a pass due to COVID i think getting anything imported is a nightmare at the moment
  7. Trying to source the following 8 bore reloading stuff as Clay and Game are out of stock: Nitro cards Overshot cards De/Re Capper Large Bismuth shot Many thanks for your help
  8. i had a problem with a 10 bore rusting badly - i got it hydrodipped and no issues since.
  9. I was in JF last week and they certainly have 10 bore cartridges in stock
  10. Used the flapping Geese decoys to great effect
  11. I am probably going to sell the pogo stick.....not used it since i bought it !
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