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    Shooting, Fishing Stalking in no particular order!

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  1. guy baxendale

    Tagged goose

  2. guy baxendale

    Mother Lines ????

    If you can walk out at low tide to set the line i prefer to push a bamboo cane into the mud
  3. guy baxendale

    Tagged goose

    I saw the post on facebook - what was the story with the protestors?
  4. guy baxendale

    New Book

    One of my Christmas pressies 😊
  5. guy baxendale

    PR Steel data!

    Agreed Wayne. If this was the case surely companies would have to issue safety warnings?
  6. guy baxendale

    Gamebore Mammoth 3.5” BB

    I have used them a lot Johnny (hope you are well) - some pinks on the foreshore but mostly canada's and greys over decoys. They go fine through my A400......I use a pattern-master Code Black Goose. I bought a couple of kicks for my other 12 and have been pretty impressed with them.
  7. guy baxendale


    Great stuff. I hear that the RSPB are a little strapped for cash so hopefully more and more clubs can own their own land if they aren't bidding up prices
  8. guy baxendale

    Travel of steel shot

    Thanks Nic
  9. guy baxendale

    Travel of steel shot

    Personally i think a total lead ban is inevitable
  10. guy baxendale

    Travel of steel shot

    Thanks very much
  11. guy baxendale

    Travel of steel shot

    Steel please Also just to clarify my understanding of your earlier answer.....shot will carry furthest at an angle of 22 degrees?
  12. guy baxendale

    Travel of steel shot

    Thanks - how would BB's compare with the same formula?
  13. guy baxendale

    Travel of steel shot

    I am curious if anyone has tested how far steel shot will travel? Information seem varied and anecdotal. And if you haven't tested it..... how far do people think say a #3 steel pellet in average conditions (not shooting downwind with a gale behind you) shot at 45 degrees would carry?
  14. guy baxendale

    Too warm ... ?

    I shoot Canada's (under the GL) on a couple of farms that have issues with crop damage and have done so in late march when the problem can be at its worst. By this point the farmers will have chased them off with dogs and shone lasers at them etc and in all ways the terms of using the licence to cull them are fulfilled I understand that lots of people do it i would be very wary of sitting on stubble in August and claiming that i was operating under the GL, i guess it is no different to people shooting pigeons on stubble but i wouldnt want to have to defend myself personally.
  15. guy baxendale

    Early Season Mallard!

    Agreed - certainly till the end of Feb