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  1. I would place a large bet that more birds are wounded in a single day on one high volume high bird pheasant shoot than in an entire year by all the punts afloat in the whole country. The article is a nonsense. If anyone wants to see the article it is posted in most of the wildfowling groups on facebook.
  2. I understand that but outside of an area in Wales that had a number of Greenland Whitefronts only how can anyone be expected to tell the difference (as you say) I fear the worst
  3. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-46429111 The final line makes for worrying reading - is there a ban on all Whitefront on the cards?
  4. Can anyone recommend a hide pole bag that can actually withstand some use? Thanks Guy
  5. If you can walk out at low tide to set the line i prefer to push a bamboo cane into the mud
  6. I saw the post on facebook - what was the story with the protestors?
  7. One of my Christmas pressies 😊
  8. Agreed Wayne. If this was the case surely companies would have to issue safety warnings?
  9. I have used them a lot Johnny (hope you are well) - some pinks on the foreshore but mostly canada's and greys over decoys. They go fine through my A400......I use a pattern-master Code Black Goose. I bought a couple of kicks for my other 12 and have been pretty impressed with them.
  10. Great stuff. I hear that the RSPB are a little strapped for cash so hopefully more and more clubs can own their own land if they aren't bidding up prices
  11. Personally i think a total lead ban is inevitable
  12. Steel please Also just to clarify my understanding of your earlier answer.....shot will carry furthest at an angle of 22 degrees?
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