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  1. Why should breeding and rearing game releasing it then killing it, be any different to breeding rearing and slaughtering cattle sheep pigs? Game birds get to be protected looked after we grow crops that offer them shelter and they are fed given water they live outside the do not all get killed some breed in the wild. In my opinion game have a better life than livestock .
  2. Have you any details of the OTHER ROUTE please as going through consent just at moment on one site, and i had this buffer zone run past me last time, for warned is forearmed. Can Communicate via PMs Alan if you wish.
  3. It might be petty and totally pointless but go on this link and dislike this ****, and any more garbage this individual posts.
  4. BASC asked NE last week to re issue the old GL immediately after the Crow GL was deemed not fit for purpose, but NE did nothing. Now DEFRA taken over from yesterday Now in a consultation process deadline for Input is 5PM Monday The 13th of May, how long after before they sort it all out is anybody’s guess.
  5. Can any one point me to the exact differences between General licenses issued by Scottish natural heritage and the welsh that sets them apart from the Old general license issued by Natural england.
  6. Talking of backgrounds to help colour in the picture on packham.
  7. Is anything more expected from them on the 29th Now or as that changed ?
  8. https://twitter.com/BASCnews?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author
  9. Polish army rucksack big enough for pigeon decoys had mine years. Number fleabay £6.99 or make offer 183730038411
  10. I once was in the same yard as a chap who was cutting through a mounting and hit rubber with angle grinder the disk exploded he was lucky just to get his face ripped open. I personaly wont go near rubber with grinding disks . Just saying.
  11. Eley for me not used winchester recently but used to be ok in the old 40 grain but in my 452 Eley is best. out of everything else.
  12. First try easy way work the side wall, ply wood on floor get a big car van tractor jeep drive up on the wall of tyre get an atheletic switch on GOOD mate to dance on the rim keep it down, the working of the sidewall can sometimes break them free when glued, with like underseal stuff like that but depending what they used i think you could well be into the cut it off method. Get through the wall of the tyre with a knife or similar hacksaw blade in a blade handle or duck tape it up, and cut round the tyre (use jig saw air saw risiprocating saw if you got one)then you can see what is going on. Heat gun will probably destroy the integrity of the adhesive and yet not damage the wheels finish externally you then should be able to get it to move. If its stubon still, keep chewing through the beed wire area of the tyre side nips stanley knife on the rubber itself until it gives up they you should be able to pull it off the beed well of the rim. I had a car tyre a firestone on a 15 inch motorcycle wheel again 15 inch but bothe were different size and the car tyre tighter that was a pain to break free i got it free but was tough.
  13. With Win 571 & HS7 loads in the lead days i used to use Federal 209as and compress the wad 90lbs to try and reduce some of this, it did work improving things but it did not stop it totally, with .410 its a small charge and you might be able to reduce the typical charge by a grain or so with the hotter primer this could potentially be a significant improvement with respect of the powder burn could be worth a try.
  14. AS above its been relaxed this year but i catch and release i think most do with Bass.
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