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  1. Winchester h cases and their comparable wads work great in .410, but with diferent wads the case internal profile is not condusive to best use of these cases. Its kind of ok to load bismuth, and with the plaswad but what with the fibre wad move in the future its just fiocchi remington chedite etc. They will work but not as tough as the old winchesters. A move to brass as in CBC Brass .410s or (Reformed rifle cases) Is an option and 444 marlin 303 british, and the 9.3x 74r case (this will give close to a 3 inch case). These cases offer good case volume and in a sxs or O/U / single etc you can easily keep track of all cases not so practical with pumps or autos. wad sizes need consideration with brass and sometimes depending on powders or charge weights a squib load can present itself. Swapping out the often used large pistol primers for a large rifle can often solve such issues. pressure testing is of course needed in any such substitution. Video here on the creation of .410 from the 9.3x74 r brass. A formimng die would be preferable if available to avoid the inconvenience of fire forming not sure how hard one would be to make however.
  2. Good points above, but in my personal case its more a case of the fact i have seen clearly what .410s with all their obvious technical shortfalls are capable of i want to use the .410 ok to save a small amount of money and do more with less. And from a reloading angle it opens up a new set of potential options. the rifle case option appeals to me. i have used brass cases in 4s and 8s in the past and revisiting this with some of the loads is something i am looking forward too. The 20 bore option i already have two and the 28 though a clear winner technically is not where i want to go. .410.. its the challenge something i want to do and i think for today the conservative nature of the .410 in my opinion fits in well with many aspects of todays changing shooting scene . TSS shot is one aspect of the .410 which its demuitive size and shot charge volumes largely eliviate the need for packers and the charge weights involved increase the number of shots per kilo and with the prices involved that is not a negative. The same can be said of bismuth to some extent. and Bismuth being the obvious felt wad shot option at the moment more shots per kilo again is practical. My opinion is i have done things with the .410 and certainly for decoying pigeons this last few years the 12 though it still works i sometimes think its a bit overkill for decoying these days having dipped my toe in the .410 waters it seems god to me.
  3. After a life time of mostly 12 bore for my pigeon shooting and given the ever increasing price of ammo and powder and components for reloading i have recently been contemplating changing from the bigger bores to the .410 for pigeons. I have used a Basque .410 SxS for some game shooting this past few years and have no doubts the .410 can do all i need from a pigeon gun. I am considering an O/U browning or possibly a beretta .410 i am sure there are other makes out there that will suffice but i will by getting one of these two, most probably a browning. I will be reloading and looking at the non tox loads right from the start. I drop bismuth myself already and will be looking at 7/16th oz steel loads too. Having no personal experience of non tox in .410 i would appreciate any advice and experience from those that have.
  4. If you want shot for pigeon or partridge you can buy S7 Indi cast blasting shot . S7 is approximately 2.8--3.0Mm in size. Any blasting suppliers will sell it its about £50 + vat for 28 KGS.
  5. Why should breeding and rearing game releasing it then killing it, be any different to breeding rearing and slaughtering cattle sheep pigs? Game birds get to be protected looked after we grow crops that offer them shelter and they are fed given water they live outside the do not all get killed some breed in the wild. In my opinion game have a better life than livestock .
  6. Have you any details of the OTHER ROUTE please as going through consent just at moment on one site, and i had this buffer zone run past me last time, for warned is forearmed. Can Communicate via PMs Alan if you wish.
  7. It might be petty and totally pointless but go on this link and dislike this ****, and any more garbage this individual posts.
  8. BASC asked NE last week to re issue the old GL immediately after the Crow GL was deemed not fit for purpose, but NE did nothing. Now DEFRA taken over from yesterday Now in a consultation process deadline for Input is 5PM Monday The 13th of May, how long after before they sort it all out is anybody’s guess.
  9. Can any one point me to the exact differences between General licenses issued by Scottish natural heritage and the welsh that sets them apart from the Old general license issued by Natural england.
  10. Talking of backgrounds to help colour in the picture on packham.
  11. Is anything more expected from them on the 29th Now or as that changed ?
  12. https://twitter.com/BASCnews?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author
  13. Polish army rucksack big enough for pigeon decoys had mine years. Number fleabay £6.99 or make offer 183730038411
  14. I once was in the same yard as a chap who was cutting through a mounting and hit rubber with angle grinder the disk exploded he was lucky just to get his face ripped open. I personaly wont go near rubber with grinding disks . Just saying.
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