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  1. Boat launching killed more than a few of the Japanese 4x4s , the Fourtraks themselves were a relatively cheap 4x4 back in the day, and many of those were used for boat launching and suffered from rot due to this. I had a 1984 fourtrak 2.8 dl turbo in 2003 until 2012 it was solid no rot in the typical places inner rear wheel arches , they were like new chassis was solid and was on leaf springs back and front, perfect workhorse doubling as shooting bus .
  2. You can not beat Toyotas with Nissan and Daihatsu following on behind , its a shame Daihatsu stopped making the fourtrak it would have been interesting to see how a modern version of that would have turned out.
  3. the release button that pushes the rocker inside the action frame , the bar is not breaking at the point it pivots on the fulcrum is it? Is the fulcrum pin broken ? Post some pictures with the trigger group out and inside the frame with release button pushed in and at rest.
  4. they are most probably a after market tubes bought from some one like carlsens or teague the choke key may be different, if the chokes have the same thread and are for the same bore and Gauge they will be safe. If in doubt ask a gunsmith or post some pictures on here some one will most probably know what the chokes are in this forum.
  5. No idea on that powder but here is a comparison,
  6. Thanks for the info i will look into that thank you ALL.
  7. Its enough room is that, but you might have to work on panels outside or some where else once you get the tin off it and the wheels its not that big but the parts have to go somewhere, and moving parts out of the way before you start is annoying. i think you have just about enough space but you dont want any clutter around the sides of the workshop or a bench at the end that could get you struggling. 10ft is not that wide moving over to one side to give more room then same other side will be your best bet.
  8. make your own out of hazel a good notch in the top and a half inch wood bit with a small bar welded to the top to get them trough the hard crust iff needed, put them in a fishing rod bag rod tube cut down with a strap attached . Vertualy free light strong and replaceable. you can use thos green garden stakes too they are light and cheap just have to make a top hook they will work. Bought poles are ok up to a point but never have enough spike below the kicker to stay solid in wind and you end up with other things to do to stabilise the hide in these conditions more guy ropes and pegs its all adding to the inventory and complexity , DIY is your best bet then you get what you want not what’s available at a price.
  9. https://www.chuckhawks.com/problems_blackpowder.htm
  10. Any gun any choke any load all have a place, to try and judge the performance of any combination on what is expected is unlikely to be accurate. Now how far away from expectations a combination is will vary gun to gun, only proper testing for pattern can show the true capability. Cylinder choke as in true cylinder zero choke can vary from 20% to approaching 40% with nothing more than wad changes in some loads add to this the variations in the gun itself (bore) its easy to see why some open bored guns can surprise. so the tales above of the old hammer gun can have some credibility even when viewed by an old sceptic like me, there is nothing more fickle than shotgun testing its fraught with surprises some times and what is not expected simply wont happen. There are many variables and the only real way is to pattern test your shotgun with the choke you chose you load and at the range your expecting your shots to occur. Its not essential to get kills but its the only way of knowing what your outfit is really capable of and at real ranges not educated guesswork ranges such estimation are often way off the real ranges 40 yards is a long way on the ground with trees bushes hedges etc as a yardstick range in a featureless sky its easy to get your sums wrong regardless of experience. ,
  11. Thats your choice and i respect your decision i was just pointing out the pros for the substitutes and they are improving all the time, its not like they do much different they all need cleaning with less residue in the substitutes generally but all smoke the same etc. The potential performance advantage you either accept and go by volume or reduce on the substitutes to close the gap on price but the Aliant is directly comparable if not cheaper than black in the states , how that will work out for us here we must wait and see. My take on the substitutes is like riding a clasic motorcycle on the road do you wear a 1920s pudding basin helmet or put on your full face AGV to improve your safety.? I would chose the latter, the substitutes are without question safer no debate there. we all understand safe handling or in the comparison safe riding practice but in life accident can and will happen and if they do the substitutes are a clear advantage that alone swings it for me despite the other aspects already discussed.
  12. And its more stable safer in your home and its cleaner burns more progressively and develops higher velocity with less fowling easier ignition faster ignition time . The substitutes are there because USA muzle loader hunting laws demanded them why not use them just as much smoke same if not more progressive push. Black is history with these new substitutes . Aliant do a substitute now but never used any.
  13. Very rare i change a choke tube, only advantage i see in having a multi choke gun is the ability to use some of the dedicated after market choke tubes. most open choke tube i use is 1/4 x 3/4 in my sidelock and a modified in a semi auto 12 and next a 3/4 in a 20 semi auto all the rest are full chokes or tighter than full after market WF or turkey chokes i only move these for cleaning. .
  14. My advice is forget Black powder go for one of the substitutes i would opt for Triple 7 FFG it like pyrodex RS & CTG is safer in the home needs no special handling and its cleaner more powerful and needs no licence like black . in a 12bore general pigeon sort of load go with 2 1/2 drams equivalent with 32 gram of lead in grains around 68 grains of triple 7 FFG .Can use typical modern cases plastic though paper are preferable but only load the plastics that one time.
  15. It is just look at RC for example and i tried some Rotweil steel back end of season Performed great.
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