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  1. It's a wasp nest that's just starting.
  2. A friend purchased a shotgun two weeks ago while working for them. When he emailed the police they said they were going to look at his suitability to hold a licence. He spoke to the police and explained why he was already working at the house and they have let him off. But just goes to show they are keeping an eye on the situation.
  3. Dimensions are, Height 2030 Width 1300 Depth 800 Cheers Wayne.
  4. Yes burton on trent. Can't upload pics. If anyone I've sent them to already can put them up I'd be grateful.
  5. Stainless deer chiller. Double door, will hold several roe or smaller fallow. Works well but has Afew knocks on the front. £450 ono
  6. I've just started to pick up Afew toys I had as a kid to put in my office for nostalgia, got about a dozen Brittans and dinky tanks and cannons now.
  7. 8 taken from a trapping job in a roof last week. 533
  8. Ratmanwan

    Cheeky Robin

    I have a video of two Robbins knocking seven bells out of each other. I filmed it from three yards for about 10 mins.
  9. All the men in my family were miners up until the pits shut. When I was about to leave school and look for work my dad warned me to never go down the pit. He was a face worker and used to tell me story's of working in three foot High tunnels with a foot of water in the bottom. There was a roof collapse once and his mate lost his leg. I can still see how worried my mum looked as we waited for him to come home. He has the blue 'tattoos' on his hands and face.
  10. South derbyshire dougy. That was his doctors fee.
  11. Hi crossy, My mate has the full set up he'll sell, he's in Woodville. Pm sent
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