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  1. South derbyshire dougy. That was his doctors fee.
  2. Hi crossy, My mate has the full set up he'll sell, he's in Woodville. Pm sent
  3. He makes great products but his service leaves a lot to be desired.
  4. Very painful. Try to find out what food or drinks are the triggers. Mine was lucozade and strawberrys
  5. Ratmanwan

    222 rounds

    Assorted box's of 222 rounds. Ideal if you've just got a new rifle. 14 federal 50g soft point 8 sako 55g soft point 14 rem 50g accutip 2 rem 50g v max £15 Burton on trent
  6. Used to be a great show, you could spend the full weekend there with plenty to see. The last time I went about four years ago I walked around it in an hour and a half. Won't ever go again.
  7. The test paper says April 2021. Not sure what it's worth so make an offer? Pm if you like.
  8. I think mines a three litre if your anywhere near Burton on trent.
  9. Ratmanwan

    Butterflies !

    Hundreds seen here on my dog walk this morning, mainly gatekeepers, peacock's, ringlets and a few painted lady's. Not seen a red admiral for years. Swadlincote, south Derbyshire.
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