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  1. Meat eater on netflix. Especially liked the one off on the ethics of hunting.
  2. Ratmanwan


    Clulight lamp with red filter, original battery pack. Works fine, having a clear out. £75 pick up only, burton on trent
  3. Lightforce roof mount with suction cups, lamp, t handle. £120 pick up only, burton on trent
  4. Ratmanwan

    Gout again.

    I used to get it regularly in my big toe. I was told to look at my diet and try to find the trigger foods, I found out it was fizzy orange lucazade and strawberrys. My mates was always set off by tomatoes.
  5. Can you send me your number please, I have a friend in Burton who may be interested. Cheers wayne
  6. It's a wasp nest that's just starting.
  7. A friend purchased a shotgun two weeks ago while working for them. When he emailed the police they said they were going to look at his suitability to hold a licence. He spoke to the police and explained why he was already working at the house and they have let him off. But just goes to show they are keeping an eye on the situation.
  8. Dimensions are, Height 2030 Width 1300 Depth 800 Cheers Wayne.
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