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  1. Sightron STAC 2.5 - 17.5 x 56 IR 4A illuminated center fire-dot reticule. Model 26009. 30 mm aircraft grade aluminium one piece tube, matt finish. Covered Turret adjusters for elevation and windage so there is no chance of accidentally knocking them and changing the point of impact. Side parallax focus / adjustment from 10 yards to infinity. Great condition, just faint witness marks to the paint finish where the scope mounts have been. No crimping to the tube. This is one of the best night scopes that's ever been made, perfect for Ward and Pard rear add-on devices. Has
  2. Brand new and the latest model.
  3. I'm amazed no one has snapped this up yet. The last one the seller had a few months ago, I purchased. And it was brand new, boxed and complete as advertised and works perfect and lives on my .22 hornet.
  4. https://defendor.fi/lippaat/magtech/ https://defendor.fi/lippaat/mossberg/ Good company to deal with
  5. One been listed in sales... Snap
  6. I just put them as an example of costs as they list them, and not as a personal recommendation.
  7. Midland Gun Services. https://www.midlandsgunservices.com/ Get them to do a fitting and measure up to see how good a fit your current stock is, and get a price for in-letting your current stock so it fits YOU. It wont be worth going for one of their custom stocks as it would cost more than the gun is worth. Look at https://www.shootingschool.co.uk/gun-fitting.html gun fitting with them is £135 plus you would need 2 x one hour sessions on the clay's before and after to make sure it fits I wonder if you have ever had a lesson with a highly qualified coach? as they would soon pick
  8. Celtic Guns have got a nice Marlin on their website, looks new
  9. Life was so much easier when you pulled on a length of string!!!
  10. B&W FOX

    fishing tackle

    Carp Match River Pike
  11. You can always buy a Mossberg same rifle different name. The magazine's are interchangeable
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