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  1. I've already got the genuine article, but I've also got a batch of old shells that I like using. So they all move the same in the wind I purchased a set of Enforcer spring poles 12 for £14, drilled my shell decoys to to take number plate screws ( free in the motor trade) and hey presto job done, spot of grey primer on screw head.
  2. Have you tried the importers direct? Anglo Italian Arms 01564 742477
  3. Couldn't agree more.
  4. Snap-on have changed their warranty policy, and it now seems to be down to the rep ( if you can find one) if he is willing to send your broken item back to Northampton or repair it himself. No surprise they are constantly advertising for new franchises.
  5. Facom, Halfords Professional, Snap-on, Sealey, American Pro and Milwaukee are the contents of my Facom and Mac roll cabs and I've been a technician for 40 plus years. Snap-on for screw drivers, ratchets and torque wrenches, any of the other makes for the rest.
  6. B&W FOX

    Pigeon decoys

    Costa Del Belper
  7. Back on the Web site. Feel sorry for the people bidding on the ebay ones🤣
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