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  1. PM on it's way. Payment Received. SOLD
  2. You have a PM Chris. On hold pending payment.
  3. 44" Camo Carry Pro as new, I don't think I ever used it. £14.00 posted
  4. B&W FOX


    I've seen lady trap and skeet shooters using these.
  5. B&W FOX

    Patterning paper

    What bedroom walls???? I've heard of pebble dashing the ..........
  6. Very good footage. Wouldn't fancy eating the one at 08.26
  7. B&W FOX

    Patterning paper

    You could use archery targets. They measure 80cm which is 31 1/2 inches in diameter. standard 6 ring targets with gold bull are 80 pence each, and 80cm dartboard targets are 1.72 pence each. I use the smaller Vegas and Worcester target faces for zeroing at longer ranges.
  8. They don't do a I.S. version of a 100mm macro. It is possible to shoot them hand held though. The auto focus goes a bit mental on them when using it with a 1DX.
  9. Mifsuds have got one at £849. Or hang on untill Focus and hope you can get one there.
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