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  1. Are you a collector or a masochist?
  2. B&W FOX


    Ex demo. XP 8×44 £370
  3. B&W FOX


    Optics Warehouse have a s/h pair of Steiners listed today.
  4. Couple of boxes on eBay, bidding at around £11. Due to being a heavy zinc pellet, they are normally used in FAC Air rifles, and if your doing pest control around animal feed where you don't want lead pellets.
  5. Raytrade UK. Email them and tell them what parts you need.
  6. B&W FOX


    That's a kind offer. Can I have these please.
  7. Sightron STAC 2.5 - 17.5 x 56 IR 4A illuminated center fire-dot reticule. Model 26009. 30 mm aircraft grade aluminium one piece tube, matt finish. Covered Turret adjusters for elevation and windage so there is no chance of accidentally knocking them and changing the point of impact. Side parallax focus / adjustment from 10 yards to infinity. Great condition, just faint witness marks to the paint finish where the scope mounts have been. No crimping to the tube. This is one of the best night scopes that's ever been made, perfect for Ward and Pard rear add-on devices. Has
  8. Brand new and the latest model.
  9. I'm amazed no one has snapped this up yet. The last one the seller had a few months ago, I purchased. And it was brand new, boxed and complete as advertised and works perfect and lives on my .22 hornet.
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