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  1. B&W FOX

    Shotgun certificate

    Always been 5 years. Had one for 49 years continuously now.
  2. B&W FOX


    Monday 20th August. Stick it in your diary.
  3. B&W FOX

    Request for advice.

    Sporting is not an Olympic Competition. You need to find a ground that shoots Skeet or Trap and the layouts and targets are regulated. One clay is all it takes from qualifying or getting into the squad for winning or not. It not just about the shooting side of things its about your mental ability and how to move forward and stay focused. Every clay you call is your first not number 53 or 74, concentration is everything https://www.issf-sports.org/news_multimedia/video.ashx At the top of their game!
  4. B&W FOX

    HAWKE SIDEWINDER 8-32×56 20× ½ MIL DOT

    Yes Please.
  5. B&W FOX

    MARLIN 7000 .22LR 10 Shot Metal Magazines

    I'll take the other 3
  6. B&W FOX

    410 reloading press

    Get a MEC 600 Junior and a set of dies and charge bar, additional items can be brought in the UK http://www.claygame.co.uk/mec-reloaders-p78 Work out what size charge bar and powder die you need before he goes out there ie. what load you wish to make up, in which size cases.
  7. B&W FOX

    Parker Hale Rings Or Bases

    Sportsmatch do some I've got a set of 30mm rings for sale on another forum. https://www.thestalkingdirectory.co.uk/showthread.php/148118-17mm-Dovetail-Sportsmatch-30mm-mounts-HT075 So you need some of these or a set of ring reducers 30mm to 1"
  8. B&W FOX

    Thinking selling up

    The local travelling community have just done it around here, by sub diving fields into half acre plots, and putting one on each plot.......right in the middle of the HS2 route. Option One gives you the disposable income. Option Two Ties up all your disposable income
  9. B&W FOX

    .410 reloading

    MEC is a good easy press to use and set up. As for current costing I'm a bit out of date. Some other knowledgeable person will be along shortly I'm sure and let you know, the cost of shot, wads, primers and powder. http://www.claygame.co.uk/mec-600-jr-mark-5-pd150
  10. B&W FOX

    Nv help🤔

    Check the scope zero at 20 yards on paper. For a rat you only need to be one inch high for a miss, if your low you will lift them off the ground at that range
  11. B&W FOX

    Ward-D-Vision 800L wanted

    800s on guntrader https://www.guntrader.uk/Sights-And-Optics-For-Sale/results/dc77-ae95-402a-fd36 Are you sure you need the L model? are you using really low power scopes? I use an S model on a couple of Bushnell 6500's, pair of Ultras and Leupold VariX
  12. B&W FOX

    Perazzi cracked forend again!

    You need to speak to the WelshWarrior. on here.
  13. B&W FOX

    London country side march

    I was there, took my grandad
  14. B&W FOX

    Benelli/Beretta choke key

    Received. Spot on.