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  1. I've got one in 22 Hornet. Came with a standard and jagdmatch stock both of which I like but I've now got it in a chassis
  2. It all depends for what and where you wish to use one. You wouldn't want to carry one more than 150m with the rest of your gear. I use one for rating in the yard, or on top of a scaffold tower for foxing, had it probably 6 years now. Foxing on open ground I use quad sticks, but I do have a couple of folding seat's hidden away in hedgerows I can deploy if I'm playing the waiting game for foxes.
  3. Weather looks good on Sunday nice southerly breeze should see a few more arrivals that we don't want.
  4. Kent Gunsmiths have a stunner listed on Stalking Directory for a 1k.
  5. I found the link Interesting read, it's all imploding on them.
  6. Anyone know of a fully functional MTB or gun boat for sale?? Asking for a friend
  7. Alan I've got a bit of space I'll pop round and collect a couple.
  8. On a side note there is a young lady shooter in USA called Kaitlyn Koenig that started shooting in 2015 who was initially taught to shoot left handed as she found it more natural, she done well and after a year her parents got her a coach who discovered she had a right master eye and got her shooting right-handed. 5 years on she is very near the top of her game. Good luck with the sale of your gun.
  9. Just received an email from one of my local gun shops with a list of their deals. When you click on the link for the size, the only ones available are xxxl or xtra small. So it's just a stock clearing exercise then.
  10. Just remember, They all go mad, it's just a case of when. Keep this in mind when you meet the next mrs.t.t In the meantime enjoy.
  11. 19 years until I part exchanged it. px 1 and end up with 2, not sure how that happened!!!! Don't tell the wife.
  12. 2 year's later he's probably sold the chokes and px the gun !!!
  13. Great to be out with thermal just watching wildlife. I never realised mice explore so high up in tree's until I got mine.
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