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  1. Doesn't matter if you spend a thousand or ten thousand if it doesn't fit right. Find one that fits first. Try every make going and don't look at the swing tags for a price. If it fits now, it will need adjusting every 5 years so it still does.
  2. Very good condition. Easy to carry 12 shells,pegs, 2 flappers, net, flask 100 cartridges, and some grub. £26 posted
  3. Still cr*p down south, went to 7 garages today and none had fuel.
  4. Buy the 690 at full retail and take a severe kick in the nuts for your 687🤣
  5. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Really makes you want to return to that dealer in the future. How many Beretta dealers out there ?
  6. Rob, sorry mate. been payed for and posted
  7. I decided to change my gun. I purchased it new 19 years ago and it fitted like a dream, but unfortunately for the gun I've changed shape, shrunk, more rounded, less flexible etc. so it had to go as its a bit slack on the fitting side after 19 years of hammering it !!! I knew which new gun I wanted as I had tried one previously at the importers and they put it aside for me. I've got 4 LOCAL dealers that retail this particular make, so I toted around my oldie to sort out a value for a PX for the new love of my life. Well that was where the fun started, three of the dealers said if they were to take in my gun they would HAVE to send it off for a super steel re-proof as that is what everyone wants these days, and because of this I would have to take a kick in the nuts price wise, even though its only 19 years old and perfectly capable of handling steel shot. The offer price I excepted from a very knowledgeable dealer who didn't care that it wasn't super steel proofed, to the lowest dealer offer was an eye watering £700 difference. Dealer number three offered me a figure that was still £400 below the sum I accepted. The dealer who has taken it in will make a couple of hundred pounds on it when he sells it on, and he will also make a bit on the new gun I'm buying from him at the full recommended retail price, so he's happy, I'm also pleased with the deal. Due to the fact all the four dealers are local to me, three of them have shot themselves in the foot for their greed in using the steel shot saga as a way of trying to give a seller / buyer a swift kick in the nuts. What goes around comes around.
  8. Teague Chokes Invector Flush Browning / Miroku This item was for sale as of 09:36, 01 Oct 21 PreviousNext DESCRIPTION Stainless Steel Flush Fitting Teague Chokes For Browning & Miroku Invector Barrels. !2 Bore Skeet x 2 £18 each SOLD 1/4 Improved Cylinder x 2 £18 each SOLD 1/2 Modified x 1 £20 SOLD 3/8 Light Modified x 1 £20 SOLD 5/8 Light Modified x 1 £20 3/4 Light Modified x 1 £20 3/4 Improved Modified x 1 £20 Full x 1 £20 SOLD 7/8 Light Full (Ported) x 1 £33 Choke Key x 1 £10 SOLD Post and packing will be charged at £3.95 per package R/M Signed for
  9. Got to agree having zeroed scopes with Q/R mounts for each calibre is the only sensible option with the quad.
  10. Find the nearest cattle farm and see if you can dump the garden waste on the dung heap for free, but try and leave as much on site as possible. Make sure you have insurance. I wiped out two sealed units with flying stones and took a back door off its hinges when the top 8 foot of a tree fell on the skewe. Keep all your kit locked away or some scrote will steal it. Approach all letting and estate agents for work, they were my bread and butter. Customers who live in big fancy houses are normally the slowest payers. Get good waterproof trousers and jacket, the stuff dairy farmers use, nice and light and not boil in a bag. Do Not undersell yourself. You need to make sure your invoicing a minimum of £150 per day to stay afloat ( or vote labour and they will give you £15/hr minimum wage)
  11. If you use a semi auto, it's a full strip down job every time after use if you want it to function properly. There are some good strip down videos on YouTube if you put your gun model in the search, and like wise for removing your ejector's on o/u for cleaning
  12. Send them all to auction as one lot.
  13. LT50 is too small for an 8 year old
  14. pm me the details or do you have to hang out at Pink Punters in Fenny Stratford...... asking for a friend!!!!
  15. If that's a B you may need two noughts on the end of the price
  16. Wheelie. Thank you for the offer but I think I'm sorted now.
  17. After one as per title.
  18. Henry Kranks. £14.50 for unit £16.20 for 12 blanks.
  19. Are you a collector or a masochist?
  20. B&W FOX


    Ex demo. XP 8×44 £370
  21. B&W FOX


    Optics Warehouse have a s/h pair of Steiners listed today.
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