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  1. Now you're just being kind! 😄
  2. I shall retire suitably crushed! In my (weak) defence, this bird's wing feathers are still not fully emerged from their sheaths, so I assumed a fledgling and its beak is much heavier than any blackbird I have seen, so on both counts I discounted a blackbird itself. But still alive and recuperating in my aviary. Won't take food from me yet or from the ground, though it is able to move around if it has to. Time will tell.... Had success with this Jackdaw, dropped by a crow, who is now whizzing around quite happily with all the others in the field
  3. Thought juvenile blackbirds were brown and flecked?
  4. Any ideas what this is? Saved from a cat by a neighbour, my bird book has let me down. Obviously a nestling,just fledged. About the size of a juvenile jackdaw or blackbird. Not so obvious from the photo is that the eyes have bright yellow rings around them. Beak is corvid like and bright yellow/orange. Nearest I can think is a chough but wrong colour beak and a bit small? Queue up and make me look uneducated! 😄
  5. Fair point, well made: it's not about absolute numbers ie a vote, but it points to the strength of feeling for and against (and they will/should take proportions into account where they can). And in an ideal world, which it isn't, they would apply different weights to responses according to eg the specific impact on the individuals responding, whether they're writing an individual email or simply a cut and paste petition letter etc. My point was that individual emails don't water down the representations by umbrella organisations, quite the reverse, they provide extra support and ballast
  6. Like a lot of public consultations (I have personal experience mostly of plannning enquiries and consultations), it's not that they read every detail of every email, it's more that they categorise you as one side or t'other and use the volume of responses to judge the mood and the seriousness of the reaction. They will know that BASC, NGO, CLA and the like will have the most detailed and reasoned evidence and will give it the appropriate weight, but it's still important to make your views known. Not least because WJ and friends will be writing in too.............
  7. For those who enjoyed it (like me), why not give the Beeb some positive feedback about it? Might encourage more of the same (well I can dream...) You can do it here https://ssl.bbc.co.uk/faqs/forms
  8. You ought to be able to use the existing trap, but it would obviously connect at a lower point than the bath trap did. That means you may have to lift a floorboard to give it the clearance below the shower (though often the floor board has already been removed for the original bath installation). That's not really a difficult job. BUT (which is where I came unstuck with a similar project) that means the fall between the end of the trap and your downpipe may not be enough to take the water away quickly and you'll end up with a constant pool of water in your shower. That means you'll have
  9. If you're not happy with webuyanycar,com then also try Evans Halshaw (evanshalshaw.com I think) who do essentially the same thing. On the two occasions I wanted to shift an old car, EH came up with an offer that was well above WBAC and when I chose to take one of them in, they didn't quibble or try to knock me down on price. (that was a Ford Galaxy valued at £4600 which I reckoned I would be lucky to move on for much more than that, WBAC offered £3500) The other is a 2003 Ford Focus with a recurrent problem with cam sensors and fuel injectors - WBAC offered £180 EH offered £300. Actu
  10. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b09sdgnl 34 mins in
  11. Yer man

    six nations

    In the interests of balance on this thread… As a Northern Irish Person Permanently Living in England (you can work out the acronym, swear filter won’t allow it) I was tearing out what little hair I have left, five minutes before the end of the France-Ireland game. Even allowing for the conditions, a dreadfully tedious match but one which should never have been in doubt. Then France take a one-point lead with nanoseconds to go ….aaargh! 46 (FORTY SIX!!!) phases later with the clock very red, that drop goal from just about the 10-yard line goes over. Could not believe it. And nor could
  12. If Crowthorne is anywhere near you, these guys are very helpful, will cost about £4 http://www.divecrew.co.uk/gas/ ym
  13. This is my gun. Rationalising my kit! Not sure why photos aren't shown but you can see them by clicking the full article link. YM
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