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  1. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Happy St George's day! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
  2. Might have one, I'll have a look tomorrow.
  3. I have to put in a good word for the jeeps. I've had three (two grand cherokees and an xj) and cannot fault them. None have ever got me stuck and the current xj is, although not as comfy/kitted out superb. To be honest I'm more confident with the xj than the grand cherokees! The 4.0 litre engines are bulletproof tough and with regular oil changes last phenomenally well. I have towed out land rovers, toyotas, nissans, volvos and a range rover. I used to do a lot of miles and found them great on a journey. I have found the spares readily available and cheap. Plenty of space and most im
  4. Rest in peace Sir Tom. A sad loss to us all. He was exactly what we needed, right when we needed it!
  5. Thats made me sad to be completely honest.
  6. I've had three lpg vehicles: 1 jeep grand Cherokee 2 ford explorer 3 Jeep Cherokee XJ All three have been brilliant! All had underslung lpg tanks so no loss of boot space. The ford had the largest tank (95 litres) and kept the full size petrol tank. The Jeeps have a smaller petrol tank. Motorway or around town I've found lpg to be brilliant. Here it is 65.9p a litre. I once took the Ford to Wales from Hythe, Kent and filled up at junction 11 of the M20 (they no longer sell lpg) and then refilled up in Cardiff. 4 litre V6 engine 200+ miles and just shy of £27 in lpg!! A
  7. Good choice! You won't regret it. I have an original Leatherman and have carried it daily for 20+ years and cannot fault it. As an aside, the wife and I once went to Spain and I rolled up to the airport and was heading through security when the chap in front had his victorinox taken away without a word and put in their bin for destruction. A panic beset me as I edged closer realising that on my belt was my Leatherman. I placed it in the tray and stepped up. The airport official picked it up looked at it and said "is that a Leatherman?" to which I replied like a scared child "yes". "If you
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