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  1. Hi Chris from another Chris  also in Kent. As I said in my post, I have the Greener book which gives date of manufacture given the serial number of you don’t already know it. 
    I live in Broomfield just outside Herne Bay.



    Ps I’m also a technophobe 😂

    1. Applepress


      Hi Chris,

      Sorry, just seen this. Hope I'm replying in the right place!

      I've never bothered checking for the Greeners birthday. If you've a mind and the resources to check ip'd be obliged.

      38855 is the serial of my go to gun.

      I'd also, as I'm here, bloody cheeky and more than happy to abuse your kind offer like to get a little info on my greener police gun.

      EG mk3 serial :1595

      I've a couple of unopened boxes of cartridges, but resisted temptation.

      I did have a paradox barrel and a rifled barrel for the Greener, sold them a while back.

      Hope all is well with you and yours.


      Regards Chris


    2. Old Boggy

      Old Boggy

      Hi Chris,

      Good to hear from you. I’m out at present, but when I get home I’ll look up the dates of those serial numbers. No problem whatsoever.

      Kind regards 


    3. Old Boggy

      Old Boggy

      Hi Chris,

      Your Greener GP serial No.388555 is indicated as being made (by Greener) as 1959. This year covers serial Nos.38775-39400.

      Your GP Police gun is indicated as being made in 1922. This year covers serial Nos. 0-2499, so appears to be the first year that these were made.

      I put `by Greener` in brackets as during 1965 and thereafter, they were made by Webley & Scott Ltd.

      Hope that you find this interesting.

      I can always scan and send you a copy of the above information from the relevant pages of the book given an email address if you so wish.

      You are more than welcome to borrow the book ,sometime in the future. 

      Kind Regards,


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