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  1. Green hornet

    Hornady 223 40 grain vmax

    I have one sealed pack of 100 Hornady vmax 40grain bullets £22 posted
  2. One slab power gold 12 bore 7 1/2 shot fibre wad and 75 12bore 7 1/2 shot power blue fibre wad 325 all together £50 for the lot collected from dunmow Essex
  3. Green hornet

    Teague mobil chokes beretta browning

    Brand new mobil beretta/Benelli chokes and case £60 posted chokes are 1/4 1/2 3/4 full.
  4. Brand new mobil beretta/Benelli chokes and case £60 posted chokes are 1/4 1/2 3/4 full. Sold thanks
  5. Green hornet

    IMR 800X Powder 1lb

    1 tub of IMR 800x 1lb looking for £35 sent by courier.
  6. Green hornet

    Slow day in the gunshop ... or ...

    I was given the choice at the time find someone that’s done the course to mentor you for awhile or do the dsc1.I went the mentor route and they was happy with that.
  7. Green hornet

    Fac break barrel

    I want to get myself a new air rifle on fac but I want to get a break barrel.Does anyone know of any good makes that come in 25calibre?Thanks
  8. Green hornet

    Slow day in the gunshop ... or ...

    Well I’m ******** then my licence has no ammo purchases written on.I reload my own and expanding bullets no longer need to be written
  9. Green hornet

    Benelli handle

    New Benelli handle was purchased as a spare before I sold my benelli cost £50 from brownells £27posted
  10. Green hornet

    Benelli trigger guard

    Brand new benelli trigger guard I purchased this from Brownells uk last year for my benelli for £200 as mine was cracked but the gun is now long gone. As far as I know it fits m1 m2 m3 not sure about other models £50 posted
  11. Green hornet


    Funny I had my mrs bring this up the other day I’m also 36 We’ve already got kids together and one on the way. She was on about me getting it done I said no chance go on the coil or if she’s that worried she can have it done. I would do anything for her but that I would never do.
  12. Green hornet

    Essex variation

    Great thank you,My variation came through today only took 7days very happy and everything exactly as I needed.
  13. Green hornet

    gun cabinet@!!!!!!!!

    My mate had a gun cabinet in he’s garage but the Feo did want some additional security.Another problem you could come across is damp in cabinet which is what my mate had.
  14. New Extractor and spring for benelli shotgun fits all models with the rotating head.purchased both new from brownells for £34 looking for £25 posted.I have 2 sets available
  15. Green hornet

    Essex variation

    Anyone recently sent a variation to Essex.I’m about to send mine in and wondering how long I should expect to wait.