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  1. New lee ultimate 243 dies and extras £45 posted
  2. 12 bore primer pocket cleaner £11 posted I have 2 available
  3. 12 bore roll crimp tool rolls really well.£35 posted.Thanks
  4. 223 Hornady V max 40grain heads 500 sealed in box and 60 loose bargain for someone £85 posted the lot.Sold Thanks
  5. New Adjustable shooting tripod £27 posted
  6. Purchased for £56 brand new in box £43 posted 243 Winchester Ultimate Rifle 4-Die Set. Choose this die set for maximum versatility. The set features a full length-resizing die to return brass to factory new dimensions, perfect for reloading brass fired in other guns.
  7. Flambeau large gun case brand new fits scoped rifles and also shotguns.£43 posted or £30 collected from Walthamstow London INTERNAL 52 x 10 x 4"
  8. New beretta pistol zip up case perfect for an air pistol quite padded inside. £22 Posted
  9. Lee loadall 2 new in box for 12 gauge £53 posted.sold thanks
  10. I have 1000 4 slabs of English sporter 12 bore 28 gram 7 1/2 fibre wad £150 collected from Walthamstow london.Thanks
  11. I have 2 slabs 500 of Fiochhi F410 19gram 7/12 shot £50 a slab collected from Walthamstow London Or dunmow essex.These are great cartridges and only selling as I’ve sold my 410
  12. New Remington magazine tube spring £10 posted
  13. Beretta benelli choke key for 12g £10 posted
  14. Mine and my partners house (private rented) tenancy is up soon and we are looking at moving into our parents for about a year until we can buy a place in Essex. My question is I’m currently under Essex police but i will be living in London so will fall under met police for about a year until we are back in Essex.Is it possible to notify the move but my file stays with Essex or do I have to change to met only to have to do this all again in a year? Has anyone done similar?Thanks
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