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  1. Green hornet

    FAC wording

    My ticket with met police used to just say Any lawful quarry for all my rifles and never stated deer fox vermin etc.wasn’t until I moved to Essex that now each Calibre states what I asked them for and ends with lawfull quarry.
  2. Green hornet

    243 variation dsc

    What part of the uk are you in?some one might be able to mentor you.I was put in the same situation and went the mentor route.Still look into doing the dsc1 in the future Though.
  3. Got the brushes today Thanks m8.


    1. Green hornet

      Remington 870 police forend

      Remington 870 police forend in excellent condition. £55 posted
    2. Green hornet

      1/2 unf thread protector

      1/2 unf thread protector £3 each posted
    3. Green hornet

      17 hmr 17 hornet hopes boresnake

      Hoppes boresnake for 17hmr 17hornet £12 posted
    4. Green hornet

      17hmr 17 hornet brushes Parker Hale

      New Parker Hale 17hmr 17 hornet brushes 6 in total £12posted now sold
    5. Green hornet

      Lee loadall 2

      12 bore Lee loadall 2 new unused £60 posted now sold
    6. Green hornet

      Rifle chronograph

      Looking at purchasing a rifle chronograph but there seems to be quite afew different models.I’ve come across a alpha chrono which looks good for about £120.Can anyone recomend any models.Cheers
    7. Green hornet

      17 calibre cleaning rod and brush

      New 17 calibre cleaning rod with brush £22 posted.
    8. Green hornet

      Theoben rapid 22 sub 12

      Looking for a later theoben rapid 22 in sub 12
    9. Green hornet

      drones and drugs

      They got the money to spend on phones for prisoners now. Prison don’t sound too bad free gym a tv and games console.Can even get a qualification. Now you get your own phone. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-44775937
    10. Green hornet

      Lee 17 hornet dies

      Lee 17 hornet dies brand new in box £32 posted
    11. Green hornet

      Choke case for extended chokes

      Choke case for extended chokes holds 5chokes £12 posted
    12. Green hornet

      17 cal Parker hale brushes

      Parker Hale 17 calibre brushes x4 £11 posted