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  1. Baikal sell combination guns I think only 12bore and 308 And 12bore 223.
  2. The old boys one was a lever action too looked like a marlin.Just done a quick internet search on the calibre and seems good to about 200 yards.
  3. Came across an old boy on one of my permissions that had a 30-30 he was using authorised for deer and fox thought it’s quite an unusual calibre to use.Does anyone on here use one for deer?
  4. North frost chest freezer its 97ltr capacity Had it about 4 years it’s excellent working order only selling as I need a larger one now.it has 3 light dents on front from the kids.£35 collected from dunmow essex
  5. Looking for some 9.3x74r brass thanks
  6. beretta Mobil choke set with key came with my beretta I purchased second hand.I also have a set of teagues that came with it so don’t need the beretta ones. £25 posted now sold thanks
  7. Beretta benelli choke key for 12bore £8 posted
  8. Beartooth stock cover protector has been used but like new also has small hole for swivel stud.£7 posted I have 2 available
  9. New Genuine beretta 12 bore choke key £10 posted
  10. Chrony beta chronograph brand new in box unwanted gift £100 posted specs can be seen here https://www.bushwear.co.uk/shooting-chrony-inc-chrony-beta-chronograph-s16189.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI75akna-24AIVLZPtCh3moAL5EAQYASABEgKhi_D_BwE
  11. Bisley magnums 22. 3 full tins £10 posted
  12. Oral b pro 2000N electric tooth brush brand new in box unwanted gift was £35 looking for £25 posted
  13. Purchased 5 months ago and never used £22posted. Hi-Tec Trek Plus Activity Tracker Heat Rate Monitor Sports - Black, Medium! Touch screen with heart rate monitor that allows you to track steps, distance travelled, calories burned, active time and sleep quality Never miss a notification from your smart phone whilst on the move, with Caller ID, SMS, email alerts and more straight to your device Drive and motivation - Invite your friends to compare progress on activities, to encourage and motivate you towards your goals Rechargeable with up to 5 days battery life. Supports iOS 7+ and Android 4.3+ Free music and magazine subscription worth over GBP50 with every Hi-Tec TREK device
  14. I have 4 tubs of sealed imr4895 £30each
  15. I used to shoot for a old bloke in he’s 80s he’s partner passed away years ago and he only had one daughter. When he died the daughter stopped all shooting and sold everything and had a boyfriend that was abit of **** that just used her for everything she had. Eventually nothing was left and he left her dry and now she lives in a council flat just up the road from me.The lands been turned into a housing estate 😢
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