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  1. New Remington magazine tube spring £10 posted
  2. Beretta benelli choke key for 12g £10 posted
  3. Mine and my partners house (private rented) tenancy is up soon and we are looking at moving into our parents for about a year until we can buy a place in Essex. My question is I’m currently under Essex police but i will be living in London so will fall under met police for about a year until we are back in Essex.Is it possible to notify the move but my file stays with Essex or do I have to change to met only to have to do this all again in a year? Has anyone done similar?Thanks
  4. Green hornet

    444 brass

    Looking for some 444 brass.Thanks
  5. Wanted airgun chrono cb-625 must be excellent condition
  6. I started bringing my son at 4 And he’s always enjoyed it.If at any point I felt it wasn’t for him I would have stopped taking him. Before I started letting him shoot I drilled safety into him from a very young age and he’s extremely safe now. I started him off with an air rifle then a 410 and now shoots a 26inch 12 bore over and under.I started him with 21gram loads he’s now using 28gram and he’s a brilliant shot too.
  7. A slab of 250 3inch eley extra long subsonic 18gram 6. £50 collected from Walthamstow London.
  8. I have a slab of 250 power blue express £40 collected from Walthamstow London.
  9. Pm sent regarding 22 barrel thanks
  10. New 1/2 unf thread protector £3.50 posted
  11. New hoppes 17 boresnake i have 2 available £6 posted
  12. New sauer 90 or 200 scope rings in box £50 posted
  13. Few years back I had 2 policemen turn up at my door at 7am demanding I return a phone that was stolen that had been tracked to my address.I didn’t have a bloody clue what they were on about and said to them there more then welcome to check the property they declined and went on there way.
  14. Hello Mate

                          I don't know whether you have received any of my messages  ? Yes or No !





    1. Genuine Sauer 90 200 quick release rings new in packet £90 posted
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