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  1. I used to have a 18inch barrel over and under on my fac.I was out blasting pigeons with it and the game keeper came over for a chat and nearly had a heart attack until I showed him it actually was legal and conditioned for it 🤣.
  2. I regretted selling my 1981 870 police wingmaster I had many sleepless nights over it.Around 8 months later I saw one for sale online exactly like mine a 4hr drive away😣.I rang the dealer to confirm the serial number and it was my old gun🙂. I did the 4hr drive and I and picked it up that’s how much I missed it 😂.Being the police model it’s a very rare model in the uk and the wood on it is the best I’ve seen. It also has a barrel over 24inch to comply with the law as the original length would of been 20inch.It was on my fac but I recently had it crimped and put on my sgc it’s definitely a keeper.
  3. When I used to shoot down the club I was granted 2000 for 22lr.
  4. I’ve just tried it on my escort and it’s a perfect fit 👍.
  5. Nordic components 10+1 magazine extension very light and like new comes complete with spring and clamp.Only selling as I no longer do practical shotgun.£75 posted
  6. Thank you.It’s lovely here I moved up from London best thing I ever did.
  7. I have 4 slabs of 12g express power gold 28g 7 1/2 fibre wad looking for £50 a slab.Collection from dunmow Essex or can be from east London.Thanks
  8. Brilliant thank you scully 🙂
  9. I’m looking for a 12g Remington 1187 barrel length not important.Thanks
  10. I did similar with a variation and my fac was worded so I could purchase another before getting rid of mine and and within a certain amount of time.
  11. I have a few new tubs of alliant blue dot unopened. £35 each
  12. I have 60 Winchester And 80 federal 150 grain in 30-30 £60 for the lot collection can be from dunmow Essex or from my work in east London.Usual fac rules Apply. Thanks
  13. I was about 6 years ago.I shot on there for 5years and it Wasn't too Bad and you just Dropped a text when you wanted to go out. Also was a Few rabbits around too just watch out for horse riders as they also have permission to go about. PX had one piece of land where no one went On it was just a small plot on the side of the a14. I used to shoot a massive number of pigeons on that plot it was my favourite field.Eventually it got sold to development I Feel like crying everytime I drive past it 😥.
  14. Brand new Lead shot dripper comes with shot size 5 and 7 nozzles £110 posted
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