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  1. Hope we will! Sounds good to me! Thanks for organising. 👍 Leo
  2. Sounds great! Apparently there should be a nice windy spell mid-week 👍 Good luck!
  3. This one is great... I find hard to belive someone is able to consistently kill pheasants at 80 yrds (even IF GD pigeon was at 85 yrds, he's probably THE BEST gun in the world) but it is nothing compared to be able to ping a bird at 99 (!) yrds with a range finder. I'm from overseas and driven game is not my thing. I prefer 1 hard-earned chance for a goose on the foreshore (35-40 yrds, not more) and send my dog for a retrive than 150 brace driven grouse day. That said I have the biggest respect for a 100s year old tradition but I think the birds deserve RESPECT. Isn't that the reason why you dress smart and follow an etiquette on driven days? Shooting 80-90 yards high birds hoping in 1 lucky pellet is the opposite of respect. When I want to test my skills, impress my friends and boost my ego, I go to the the clay ground. Real distances and no wounded birds.
  4. I immagine that for this extreme shoot the guns are in a valley and the pheasants flight between two high points, something like two hills, correct? If you mesure the "height" of the hill from the valley (is there a different way?) you are not mesuring the actual height but the distance between you and the high point of the hill. It is a distance because you're not able to take a perpendicular mesurment (there is a slope). If the slope of the hill is 50 degrees (very steep) and you're mesurment says 80 yrds, when the birds is perpendicular on your head it would be 62 yrds high (if my math is correct 🤔) I'm just trying to understand, really. Did I assumed something wrong?
  5. I think that very few guns (if any) can consistently hit (and more importantly drop) a pheasant at 80 yds. I'd really like to see something like that one day.
  6. Taken (not by me!) few days ago, near Rome on the river Tiber.
  7. If you would consider shipping, please let me know. Cheers
  8. First goose ever.... very nice retrieve!
  9. Docleo


    This morning, while on the foreshore I saw a small skien and this afternoon a bigger one while walking the dog (Midlothian!). I was quite surprised. Is it common the 2nd of September? 🤔
  10. Try to have a look here: https://www.omps2.it/en/
  11. If you like Berettas, I'd suggest an old (late 60s-80s) SO3 EELL. Imho one of the best gun ever made with beautiful hand made engravings. Probably, around 10K you can find a mint one. I might be biased tho (I'm from Italy...😁)
  12. Some nice sunrise/sunset on the foreshore with my dog and possibly my first graylag (would be a bonus!). Less than a month to go....
  13. Spaniels love posing on bales...
  14. Just got an email from BASC on a consultation to ban hunting with dog. Took just few minutes to respond. https://basc.org.uk/?wysija-page=1&controller=email&action=view&email_id=1002&wysijap=subscriptions&user_id=129419
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    Thanks but I'm too far away!
  16. Docleo


    Where are you?
  17. The few that really sell them (used), are asking 2-3 X the brand new price....
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