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    petrol strimmer

    Mel, Just a word of warning, cheap 2 strokes can be a pain to start after being left for long periods as the petrol evaporates leaving the jets gunked up. The likes of Stihl are fully serviceable and have spares available where as cheap units aren’t. The chap I work with swears that the ethanol added to petrol nowadays eats seals so you can end up sucking air under load, which makes the engine stall. A good regime of emptying fuel tank and running engine with tank empty until engine cuts out can solve many of the above issues. Good luck with your search!
  2. I have a Shockrite SRM 306 mains enerergiser and 3 rolls of roughly 50m long x 700mm high electric netting fence. Bought second hand and only unrolled one net, which appears to be fine. Energiser looks like it has had little use and again appears to work fine when plugged in, pulse indicator flashes as I would expect etc. Unused by myself as the project I bought them for went in a different direction! Would like back what I paid for them all which is £80. Collection from Hereford only due to the size of the netting. Would be prepared to meet within a reasonable distance.
  3. Yes it had all gone quiet once they had paired up. Don’t know if the cold nights had made them more active or what!
  4. Foxing in comfort, I can see that catching on! Nice job of the fox box Ed & Grant, glad you’ve got off the mark with it too and a bonus doe! I have not been out much lately due to work, the moon and not seeing much about. Decided to get out last night for a proper look round one of my larger permissions. Had a cup of tea with the farmer who said he hadn’t seen many about lately, not a good start but hey ho! Got kitted up and found I had forgotten my belt lit with foxpro and my mouth calls in! I thought about jacking it in but thought I’d have a mooch about anyway. First 2 fields i saw nothing. Then spotted a fox crossing a field over the river from me in the thermal. It’s the same permission so I got in a position to where he would come towards me, when he stopped. It was really still so thought he had smelled me as he only tentatively cam a few steps to my mouth calls. Finally I had a decent shot and good backstop so took the shot and dropped him at 150 yards. Next field nothing but picked up a heat source moving through the sheep and lambs across the river again. Moved into position and waited. Had a scan behind me in the field I had scanned first and picked up fox in the distance mousing. Some time and much calling later she came into range and I dropped her at just over 100 yards. Really chuffed considering how the evening started so was happy to call it a night! Moved back to the river and looked over to where I saw the fox moving. No sign so I moved on. Picked up a slight heat source near the sheep which I couldn’t work out. After repositioning twice I was able to pick out a fox lying down looking at the lambs! A quick squeak had him raise his head and number 3 in the bag! That’s it now I thought so moved along the river to the bridges to cross over to pick the last fox up only to pick up another fox moving along the hedgline running perpendicular to the river in front of me! Called and waited, called and waited but he wasn’t budging and just sat looking my way. A cold half an hour later he moved down the fence line to the bridge. I blanked on him crossing and coming into the field over the river from me. I got set up and waited. Eventually he appeared, not in the hedge I expected him to but just the other side of the river slightly upstream. Straightforward 40 yard shot to finish the night. Got home at just after 2! 3 dogs and a vixen. Saw the farmer today and he was over the moon!
  5. Thanks for the clarification, you just can’t be too sure with all the scams going on! Looks a tidy motor though, good luck with your sale.
  6. It didn’t show the price when I read it honest!! 🤔 Well spotted that man! The plot thickens. First post a sales post, made me look a right clown and questionable number plates. Inspector ditchman investigates!! 😆
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