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  1. Strongman

    Primos gun rest

    I’ve just tried mine and it fitted ok, although only a small section of thread protrudes on my camera tripod. I will check with a bolt when I get to work as I seem to remember camera tripod threads are 1/4 UNC.
  2. Strongman

    Fox club

    Yep I’ve got my voucher. We will have to sort out where we are meeting etc. It sounds like Mike has got too much time on his hands so could do with a hobby or day out at the Game Fair!! 😀
  3. Strongman

    Fox club

    I’ll carry a Financial Times under my left arm and have a pin in my right lapel. Just need to ageee a code word. Is this what your after or shall I get my coat 😔
  4. Strongman

    Fox club

    Yes twice. I couldn't believe the first miss, neither could the fox I recon as he stopped after a short run! Took more time over the second shot and carefully missed that one! Hit the grass below him both times to a zero check may be needed in my defence!! Getting the man bags ready for display at the Game Fair are you? Sounds like the stately home is nearing completion with such tasks being swept up now!!!
  5. Strongman

    Fox club

    76, top effort that Ed. Sounds like everyone is getting a good lot of action by the results on here. Ive not seen much about lately apart from a couple of suicidal cubs last week. Dropped one after it raced in to a mouth squeak and missed the other twice after it came from nowhere to the caller! 😔 Will be out tomorrow to check around again.
  6. Strongman

    ferret kits

    What about DPD. Direct Polecat Delivery 😂.
  7. Strongman

    Ferret kits

    Bumpy22 has also got some advertised in the sales section.
  8. Strongman

    Ferret kits

    There’s some for sale on gumtree in Brecon.
  9. Strongman

    Fox club

    Will be good to meet up. I will most probably be at the Game Fair on the Sunday and, apart from a couple of dates, I’m pretty flexible for the next few months.
  10. Strongman

    How many Foxes are killed in 2018

    1 dog last night .223 & NV Total - 275
  11. Strongman

    Fox club

    You would have thought a duck would be an easier prospect than a goose! He won’t do it again though! Good shooting. Another top week for Ed and Grant, bet it’s hot work carrying them roe out!! I had a farmer call to say he had seen a fox and that he had found a dead sheep nearby. So an evening with a dead lamb it was! Saw one early on in the distance skulking about but didn’t present a shot. At midnight a cheeky blighter wandered about 8 foot past me! As he disappeared over a bank behind me I set off in persuit! Got about 30 yards from my position and picked him up below me at about 50 yards in a clearing, where he fell! Never saw anything else but back out tonight to see what turns up! Apologies for the appalling picture quality, it is a fox and not Bigfoot 🤨
  12. Strongman

    Fox club

    Nice to hear from you Stu, sounds like you’ve not lost your touch! Good that your keeping the farmer happy too. Nice work Ed and Grant, are you breeding and releasing foxes down your way though! Mind you your permissions do cover most of the south west 😁. How are you finding the new rifle Grant? Did Ed say that I’ve got a load of .223 cases for you to reload? I had a few hours out earlier in the week. A farmer called to say he had lost some of his chickens. Had a walk round and settled into a good spot with the caller. After an hour or so said farmers wife appeared looking for what was making the distresses rabbit noise! Safe to say Mr fox didn’t make a show after that! Back over again Monday now.
  13. Strongman

    English Walnut

    I’ll try and get some pictures but it’s in a sawn state so the grain won’t be showing though very much.
  14. Strongman

    English Walnut

    A shooting friend has been asked by a lady he knows to sell on some English Walnut blanks which had been cut by her late husband. I have seen one blank and it would be easily big enough for a shotgun stock blank. I am not sure of the quality / grain of the wood but was wondering if anyone knows- a. what it is worth and b. who would want it. I will ask if she wants to sell a a a job lot or peice by peice. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.