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  1. Fox club

    Nice looking gun that Stu, bet you can't wait to get out and put it through its paces! So you ended up with a new gun after all then Ed! How does the T3x compare to the T3 then? Good to see your still getting a few. It's been quiet round here with not many fox sightings lately, which is good as I'm only just properly mobile after hurting my back a few weeks ago . Will try and get out next week to have a look around to see what's lurking in the dark!!
  2. Used fox snare

    I see what you've done there
  3. Thread size

    Which thread Steve? If you let me know the thread diameter (of the screw if you have it) and I'll check my charts.
  4. Fox club

    Don't say that, I want to see the famous man bag !! That sounds like a cracking idea though. You'll need to be careful with all the permissions you are aquiring, you might not have the time to get away!!
  5. Fox club

    Nice work ShootingEgg, Dai, Ed and Grant. Sounds like there are a few number still about. I went out with a friend on Wednesday to look round a few farms that I have had calls from, who have seen foxes around the lambs which have been turned out. Had a dog fox early on at last light on the way back from my mate zeroing his rifle so thought there may be a few about. As it happens we only saw one more all night, which was shot at about 80 yards after coming from among the sheep he was lurking in! Happy there are not many about as it is a dilemma at this time of year. Will just be acting on calls of potentially troublesome foxes for a while now. Anyone off to the Shires Game Fair in April?
  6. Used fox snare

    I hope I’m wrong but this sounds a bit dodgy to me. First post on the forum asking for old snares. I may be being pessimistic but I can see this being an anti hunting type troll. Like I say, I hope I’m wrong, and apologies if I am, but if something looks like a duck, swims like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s probably a duck....
  7. Fox club

    I’ve been on holiday in the lakes last week. Been out a few times before that but all pretty quiet round here. Had a few reports of fox sightings but not any trouble so all good. Will be out a few times next week to check on things. Sometimes it’s better the devil you know & it sounds like you’ve made the right decision to swerve the Sako. Years ago a mate of mine changed his rifle for something better. He always regretted it as it turned out to be a right pup, too late then though! Been putting up duck nesting tubes today, the work never ends!
  8. Fox club

    That’s a lovely finish on you rifle Ed. I take it you stayed with the Tikka then and weren’t tempted by the Sako? Well done with passing your DSC1 Grant, you’ve got yourself an apprentice now then .
  9. Opening FAC

    I got mine opened after just under a year. When I initially asked, after 3 months and endlessly waiting for land to be cleared, I was told to keep a diary of kills to include calibre, species, date and permission. I did this and also sent in a table of ammunition use. FAO rang me and said he could give no reason to deny my application as I had showed experience and good reason as I was being asked by many neighbouring farms to carry out vermin control. This is what I received from BASC- There is no set period before a certificate holder can apply to have the less restrictive 'open' condition. Home Office guidance states; 'When a chief officer is satisfied that a certificate holder has gained sufficient competence with a particular calibre or class of firearm the less restrictive condition may be considered appropriate'. It goes on to say that the wording of any territorial condition may be amended once the certificate holder has demonstrated competence. There is no set time for this and each case should be considered on its individual merits.
  10. Fox club

    A good night by the looks of it Grant. There are small pockets of rabbits round here but not enough to cause a problem. It’s been years since I shot a rabbit. Did Ed make his mind up about the Sako in the end?
  11. Trail cam IR light

    I’ve had a fox turn, look straight at me then shy away when lit up with IR. I got him the next night in a similar area but made sure my torch was dimmed down, which didn’t seem to spook him. Rabbits round here seem to stand on their hind legs when shone with IR so I am convinced that animals can see it.
  12. Foxpro calls/ uk card

    Hi mate, pm me your email address and I’ll send you the contents of my card from my wildfire 2. Should be pretty up to date.
  13. Fox club

    Decisions decisions!! I’m sure you will make the right choice in the end.
  14. Fox club

    Very nice 👍. Is it an addition or a replacement?
  15. Fox club

    A new gun, what you looking at Ed? I know what you mean about time. I feel like I’m just getting on top of things when I get a call about a fox and the balloon goes up again!