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  1. I’ve sent you a message detailing what I’ve done in the past to gain entry into cabinets.
  2. Nice item this. Don’t see them with the contents very often. They were a gift for the troops in France in 1914. There were two boxes available- Smokers: embossed brass box, a pipe, an ounce of tobacco, a packet of cigarettes (20) in a distinctive yellow monogrammed wrapper and a tinder lighter. Non-Smokers: embossed brass box, a packet of acid tablets, a khaki writing case, paper and pencil. This is obviously the latter.
  3. If the price is posted I will take these please. Will send a pm.
  4. PM sent ref bottom metal.
  5. If I could take you up on your kind offer of the speaker please?
  6. OAL gauge please. PM sent
  7. I have found one. If you PM me your address I will get it in the post to you.
  8. I’ll have a look in the garage tomorrow. I know I’ve got a tub of wheel studs but will check for some nuts. 19mm AF is usually M12 but I think there are M14 wheel nut threads which are the same head. I’ll see what I can do 👍
  9. Collected from where mate?
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