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  1. Strongman

    Fox club

    Well I christened my new toys tonight. Second field I picked up a distant fox in the thermal. Got set up on the sticks and started calling and I’m he comes. This is easy me thinks as the fox is about 60 yards away and clear as daylight in my new ATN 4K scope. Just waiting for him to present a good broadside and he disappears down a bank towards the river! More calling and cursing, he reappears in the field! Can’t see how I didn’t see him break out. Anyway calling again he comes back only this time disappears into a pile of brash! After 15 minutes I decide to stalk round the brash to see if he is still about. No sign so start heading back. Quick scan with the thermal and he is looking at me from down by the river. On the sticks again but this time he has gone! Walk around for another hour only seeing mice and owls and I approach the last field. In the thermal I can see two suspicious creatures in with the sheep. Stalking closer I get on the sticks and pick them up at about 80 yards. A quick squeak and they are both looking. I dropped one but the other was off before I could get onto him. A vixen which looked like it was paired up by the way they were acting! I don’t think I would have picked them up so easily without the thermal, which was better than I could have imagined. It certainly will be a game changer. Mike, you’ve got to get one of these!! Can’t wait until Wednesday when I’m out next!
  2. Strongman

    Stormsure 15g Flexible Repair Adhesive.

    If there is a pack left I will take one. Please PM me payment details.
  3. Strongman

    Fox club

    Hi Mike, went for the Quantum xq30v. Not been out with it proper yet as work keeps getting in the way! From what I have seen of it so far through it will be a game changer. Get one, you’ll not regret it!! It comes with its own little man bag too 😂. Good work on the foxes chaps, seems chicken farms are the place to be at the minute. I’ve seen another fox in the field behind us but not got on him yet. I’m sure it won’t be long though!
  4. Strongman

    Fox club

    Good to see you today Ed. Will look forward to a night out to see how the professionals do it!! Had a play with said thermal on the field behind our house last night. Had a quick scan about and low and behold there is a fox near my bait area! Rifle out and ready but he has disappeared! Left it out on the kitchen table and checked regularly over the next hour. At about 11 o’clock he was back and I was ready. Made a right Horlicks of setting up a rest on our oil tank but managed to stop him at about 110 yards for a shot. Really fat dog fox. Looking forward to getting out properly with my new toys this week 👍
  5. Strongman

    Fox club

    Nice work Grant and Stu. I was out tonight but it was like daylight. Saw two of which one was mildly interested in the call but didn’t come close enough to present a shot. Very still and cold with freezing fog coming and going which made matters even worse. Frustrating night but will be out again this week, hopefully the moon ******* off too!
  6. Strongman

    Volvo V50 parts

    Just scrapped my 2010 V50 and have a few parts to sell on. Thought I’d ask here first before Ebay. Near and offside headlights £30 each posted. Front fogs £20 posted the pair I also have the following for which I have no idea of cost so let me know if your interested and my prices are way out- Couple of types of boot cover / net dog guard. Need to be collected, £15 each for dual cover and net £10 for just dog net. Wing mirror (can’t remember which side) £10 and front grill £10 If someone wants the lot then I’m open to an offer. For pics or more info pm me your number or email address and I’ll watts app or email.
  7. Strongman

    Fox club

    Surely a prerequisite for an appointment such as Fox club president is a stately home such as yours Mike. Only then could you wear a man bag with such respect as you command 😂
  8. Strongman

    Fox club

    I managed to find a window in the rain and went out on Wednesday night. Very quiet out but eventually came across this lass. Squeaked her in from about 70 yards in some sheep. When she got to about 50 yards she headed into some trees to my left. After slaloming through she appeared at about 15 yards and turned to run. Managed to stop her, dropping her at a mighty 20 yards! I’m going to carry a stick next time to save on ammunition! Saw two more in the distance, one showed some interest in the call but then headed off. Good to be back out again though. Good to see your getting back into the swing of it Stu. Need to give Ed and Grant a run for their money as I recon they are shooting at a fox farm down their way!!
  9. Strongman

    iPhone 6S Plus - Unlocked

    PM sent
  10. Strongman

    Fox club

    I’m sure that everyone on here will have their fingers crossed for you too Stu. I suppose spring will be a breeze if lambing is out of the way before December! Perhaps then you could pop down and give Mike a hand with his mansion, he’s really kicking the **** out of it now!!
  11. Strongman

    Fox club

    Good to hear from you mate. Lambs in October, the world has gone mad!! Sorry to hear your news, look after yourself and keep well. Foxes watch out now then!!!
  12. Strongman

    Fox club

    Sounds like an entertaining night Ed! When I was a kid I was lamping with an air rifle and had a rabbit all lined up in the scope. Just about to pull the trigger when a cat jumped on the rabbit! It gave me a right shock and the cat had the rabbit😔.
  13. Strongman

    Free stuff

    Pm sent
  14. Strongman

    Fox club

    It was like daylight here Mike. I considered going out but when I saw how light it was I changed my mind! No point educating them unnecessarily. Hows the renovation going mate?The grand opening must be happening soon?!!! Did you have some cloud cover down you way then Ed? If not that’s a good effort with how light it was. Good stuff Mike. I could see 100 yards without a torch last night so two is impressive. I might have to reconsider and get out later this week.