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  1. Strongman

    iPhone SE and two iPhone 5s for sale

    All now sold. Thanks for all those who I dealt with.
  2. Strongman

    Lyman Easy 12 Gauge reloading press

  3. I bought this off here about a year ago. I set it up and was impressed by the system but have never used it! There are a few spare bits and two taller shot / powder tubes. I do most of my shooting with a rifle now so don’t have the need to reload. Looking to get back what I paid, which was £35 posted. Could arrange for it to be picked up from the Shooting Show as I know one of the exhibitors and could leave it with them, for £30.
  4. Strongman

    Fox club

    Happy Birthday Mike. Looks like you have been a good boy to get a present like that! It is a game changer being able to pick up heat sources so quickly. Hope you have / had a good day.
  5. Strongman

    iPhone SE and two iPhone 5s for sale

    Space grey iPhone 5s sold pending payment.
  6. Strongman

    iPhone SE and two iPhone 5s for sale

    Both iPhone 5s handsets still available. They are both unlocked and ready to go on any network.
  7. Strongman

    iPhone SE and two iPhone 5s for sale

    iPhone SE now sold. Space Grey iPhone 5s with battery case on hold pending unlocking / payment.
  8. Strongman

    iPhone SE and two iPhone 5s for sale

    They were all on EE but I have just rang EE and they should both be unlocked by Monday.
  9. Having upgraded and replaced our phones I have a 16GB iPhone 5s silver/white and 32GB iPhone SE silver/white for sale. Unfortunately both have small cracks on the screens, neither really impare the functionality as they are up in the top right corners. Both have screen protectors fitted. Cannot find chargers for phones but can be bought cheaply. Would like £35 (sold) posted for the SE and £20 posted for the 5s. I also have a 16GB iPhone 5s in space grey. The screen is fine on this one and also has a screen protector fitted. The battery is not great but I have a battery case fitted which works well. It also acts as a protective case. Would like £30 posted for this please. Can include a charging cable for the battery case for this one. Please pm me for pictures as I can then send easier than uploading on here!
  10. Strongman

    Fox club

    Having had a last walk round on the shoot I help run on Wednesday I was surprised to the lack of birds we saw. I suspected a fox may have been about and pushed them from the usual holding areas so it was out into the cold on Wednesday night. First hour was quiet but I set up in a new area with a bank steadily rising in front of me with woods at the top to the left and right. Played the vixen call on and off for about half an hour and had three dog foxes calling at one point! The nearest was in the wood above me to the left. I switched to the trusty beercan call and down he can within a minute! Duly shot at roughly 50 yards. Large dog fox. Moved back over the river to where I thought I had heard one of the other foxes calling. By this time it was really cold so it was nice to be moving! I set up the caller and retreated under a tree to wait. After about 10 minutes I had a scan and thought I’d have a look behind me. Two heat masses were in the distance by out pheasant release pen. Looking through the NV I could see two foxes ambling down the hedge together. It was crisp under foot so I didn’t want to risk moving closer so I watched and waited. They headed towards me, and at the closest point we’re sniffing rounds a pile of brash. I took this opportunity and dropped one at 115 yards hoping the other may stop long enough for a second shot, which he didn’t! Another large dog fox, this one with a patch of mange on his rear quarter. Headed home to thaw out after this one!
  11. Strongman

    12g cartridge clearout

    Pm sent
  12. Strongman

    Fox club

    Sounds like a good night of shooting. Top work once again chaps Ive just got back from the rough shoot I help run and I shot a fox as it came out of a small spinney. It was a really maingy thing so not photo worthy. It had been seen round the farm recently, accounting for a cat and some chickens by all accounts!
  13. Strongman

    Fox club

    Good shooting that Grant. Which is your 'dead tree' which is adorned with various carcasses?!! My bait station is 100 yards from my rest / top of our oil tank! Unfortunately we don't have a window that opens enough to give me a shot from the comfort of the house! Make note of that Mike, window to allow a shot onto the hunting estate!! You've not heard a beercan call then Mike! If you let me know your email address I will send it over to you. While we are on the subject of calls, has anyone got a gekkering call I could pinch please? I am hearing a lot of dog foxes round our way and wanted to try something different.
  14. Strongman

    Fox club

    After my nightmare last week I had a zeroing session on Sunday. My scope had indeed been knocked and I was 4” high and left! With that all sorted I was out Tuesday night with a vengeance. I was met with near daylight! First stand and vixen call produced nothing. Switched to beercan call and a fox burst out of the hedge I was next to only 30 feet away! Dropped him at about 60 yards when he finally stopped! Saw two more in the distance on the way to my next stand but with the bright moon they soon scarpered. Set the caller on the beercan call and had a fox racing across the field in seconds, catching me completely unprepared. Got him in the scope as he was looking puzzled at the caller I hadn’t muted in the melee! He was oss again before I could get a shot off. He skirted the wood above me but disappeared after 20 minutes or so. Third and stand, as I was freezing by now, had foxes calling from all directions to the vixen call but nothing showing. After about 30 minutes one appeared about 250 yards on the edge of a wood. After careful coaxing he started to come. Switched to the NV only to find he has raced in and is sniffing the caller, probably picked up scent of the vixen I had earlier! He started to move off but stopped and I took him at about 40 yards. Large dog fox.