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  1. Strongman

    Free stuff

    Pm sent
  2. Strongman

    Fox club

    It was like daylight here Mike. I considered going out but when I saw how light it was I changed my mind! No point educating them unnecessarily. Hows the renovation going mate?The grand opening must be happening soon?!!! Did you have some cloud cover down you way then Ed? If not that’s a good effort with how light it was. Good stuff Mike. I could see 100 yards without a torch last night so two is impressive. I might have to reconsider and get out later this week.
  3. Strongman

    Fox club

    +1on the foxpro. I ventured out last week and saw nothing until right at the top fields of a permission. Was with the lamp and picked up eyes within a flock of sheep. Got on the sticks and gave it a squeak, sure enough out he came but without a great backstop. Lip squeaked him a bit closer but had to go over to the wam to get him in a safe shot! Over went a really fat dog fox! Saw nothing else all night.
  4. Strongman

    Fox club

    Good stuff Ed, nearly at the 100 mark now! If I turn vegan I will ask you to do the necessary Ed!! 😉 All very quiet here of late. Went out Wednesday night but only saw one hare! Not sure if someone else has been round my main permission as I’ve not seen much for some time now. Work tailing off now so will endeavour to catch up on my other permissions over the coming weeks.
  5. Strongman

    How many Foxes are killed in 2018

    Two on Wednesday night with .223 and lamp Total =407
  6. Strongman

    Fox club

    Went out on Wednesday to a farm I hadn't been round for while. It's a tricky place which only has a few places where shots are possible. Opted for the lamp again as I expected that this years cubs would be out hunting. First scan picked up eyes over on a stubble field. Crept down a roadway and picked up the eyes in a good position. Quick mouth squeak and in she comes,dropped at about 40 yards. Young vixen. After noisily climbing a gate I was surprised to pick up another set of eyes about 200 yards off. I lost them soon after and too around which would hopefully pick up the culprit on the other side of the farm. On arriving at my ambush point I found nothing! Called for a few minutes to no avail & decided to call it a night. On retracing my steps I picked up eyes at about 100 yards. Little swine must have been lying up in a nettle patch under an oak! It looked like he was trying to get downwind of me but I managed to stop & drop him at about 80 yards. I thought it would be another youngster but it was an old dog!
  7. Strongman

    How many Foxes are killed in 2018

    2 Dog foxes, suspect this years. .223 and lamp Total : 368
  8. Strongman

    Fox club

    Good stuff lads, good to see the numbers are steadily increasing now. I ventured out on Monday night and only saw a couple in the distance that weren't hanging about either. A very quiet night all told. Went out to another permission last night as the farmer had said his dogs had been barking at something for the last couple of nights. Decided to go 'old school' with the lamp as I was banking on juveniles that hadn't been lit up before. The first hour and a half was quiet and all I saw was one fox I bumped in long grass! Just before midnight I spotted a fox on a low ridge. Got set up on the sticks, gave him a squeak and in he came, straight down the beam. Easy shot at about 40 yards. A dog that looked like one of this years, lovely condition. 20 minutes later I lit up another a long way off in a stubble field. Couldn't get closer as I didn't want to spook him as I got over the fence. Give him a few blows on the Wam and he looked straight at me and started my way. I lost him in some dead ground for a while but he appeared to my right at about 150 yards. He cautiously came a little closer but then stopped and sat looking at me. Thinking the game was up he moved again to give a good backstop but still at a good distance. I took the shot and dropped him at what turned out to be 130 yards. Another young dog fox a little bigger than the first. After that it started to rain and I saw nothing else other than hares and sheep! Good to grass a couple after a bit of a drought though.
  9. Strongman

    Fox club

    Looking forward to getting out, now harvesting is in full swing there will be nowhere to hide so will hopefully account for a few. When I was last out it was very strange being so warm in the early hours! I would have thought with all this good weather you would have cracked on and got it finished by now Mike!! ?
  10. Strongman

    Fox club

    Nice to see you back Stu. You can give Ed and Grant a run for their money now as they have been amassing a good haul so far this year! I've not been out much lately as it seems everything has conspired against me. Hoping to get out his week though, maybe tonight if all goes to plan
  11. Strongman

    Gamebore carts 12g

    PM sent
  12. Strongman

    Fox club

    Imagine all the money you could save on carpets & skirting boards without floors, think of the bigger picture Mike ?. Hope it’s all coming together for you now. Don’t envy you grafting in this heat though. If the foxes by you are anything like they are over this way your not missing out much. Not seeing much lately, thinking they are coming out early morning in this weather. Nice work Terry, good to see someone is getting some fox action!
  13. Strongman

    Primos gun rest

    I’ve just tried mine and it fitted ok, although only a small section of thread protrudes on my camera tripod. I will check with a bolt when I get to work as I seem to remember camera tripod threads are 1/4 UNC.
  14. Strongman

    Fox club

    Yep I’ve got my voucher. We will have to sort out where we are meeting etc. It sounds like Mike has got too much time on his hands so could do with a hobby or day out at the Game Fair!! ?