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  1. Pumpkin

    Heating pump

    Pretty sure you can’t buy 15/50s anymore. UPS2 replaced it.
  2. It was a bit wet in places but not enough to deter from a good day. I’ve put it in my diary for the 10th if you fancy a round.
  3. Omega speed master “moon watch”
  4. Shot there today and really enjoyed it. Good variety of targets and two very kind gentlemen allowed me to tag along with them. Shot a 74 with 2 disastrous stands!
  5. Surprised anyone has mentioned insurance. I have a dog, not a gun dog, but if you harmed her all the insurance in the world would male F all difference.
  6. Anyone go to the Stockton Shoot? Any good, prices, any info appreciated.
  7. Pumpkin


    I was given a pair of Macwets last year, can’t fault them.
  8. Pumpkin


    Moonwatch in my opinion is the best looking watch ever made. Timeless.
  9. Scaffman deal done, good guy!
  10. Provisional deal done with Scaffman. Bigdavet, If it goes pear shaped I will let you know.
  11. I have two modified invector plus chokes that I would like to swop for two flush invector plus Skeet chokes. The modified chokes are used, although never by me. I’m not sure how old/how much use they have had as they came with a 525 I purchased.
  12. Pumpkin


    I feel your pain. I’ve snapped the helium escape valve off my seamaster and been quoted £300 to repair!
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