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  1. Season drawing to a close, how’s it been for everyone? Took a 4lb brown out of the Tees today on a Toby, that aside it’s been average at best on the rivers.
  2. Pumpkin

    Various Chokes

    I’ll take the Invector flush cylinder.
  3. Hi guys im after a Browning Invector cylinder choke if anyone has one laying around?
  4. Anyone tried Shooterkings offering, similar price range?
  5. Really hard going today, bright sunshine and low water. 2 brownies on a dressed black fury size 1. Still no sign of any other fishermen!
  6. You’d think it would be busy.......but I haven’t seen another fisherman in two sessions!
  7. Anyone been back out? 12 Brownies yesterday, the best about a pound. Another good day today with 2 Grayling, 1 Sea Trout(I think) of about 2 pounds then 5 assorted size brownies.
  8. Great lift, but please god no don’t put Thor and Eddie in a ring together.
  9. Ignore the legitimacy of the possible record and appreciate it as a feat of strength.
  10. Move sockets to adjacent wall? Majority of chases would be tiled over and your only moving approx 200mm. Edit: assuming bedroom is 1st floor in which case no chasing just a floor board to lift.
  11. Blanked on Saturday, which was a shame! More importantly I’m trying to figure out if fishing is classed as exercise?
  12. Pretty sure you can’t buy 15/50s anymore. UPS2 replaced it.
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