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  1. Pumpkin


    I was given a pair of Macwets last year, can’t fault them.
  2. Pumpkin


    Moonwatch in my opinion is the best looking watch ever made. Timeless.
  3. Scaffman deal done, good guy!
  4. Provisional deal done with Scaffman. Bigdavet, If it goes pear shaped I will let you know.
  5. I have two modified invector plus chokes that I would like to swop for two flush invector plus Skeet chokes. The modified chokes are used, although never by me. I’m not sure how old/how much use they have had as they came with a 525 I purchased.
  6. Pumpkin


    I feel your pain. I’ve snapped the helium escape valve off my seamaster and been quoted £300 to repair!
  7. I’ve grown chilli basket of fires the last two seasons. Prolific crops is an understatement!
  8. It’s a great setting and a nice place to spend a Saturday morning, but....... The layout rarely changes, a slight variation every six weeks if your lucky. As Figgy has mentioned the morning sun, especially through the autumn and winter months can write off 50% of the stands. The warren, rabbit targets, has obvious drainage problems as the slightest bit of rain and it’s closed. Despite this I still go weekly and the bacon butties are great!
  9. It is a copse! One of the reasons to buy the copse/tiny wood is somewhere to let my grandchildren run feral every now and again. Shooting would have been a nice bonus.
  10. Following a recent thread on this forum I have been looking at purchasing a small piece of woodland. My budget is around £20k and for this price I'm in the couple of acres bracket. My questions is, is any kind of walked up shooting, with a shotgun, possible on only 2 acres? The wood I have looked at is part of a larger wood that has been broken up and purchased by god knows who. I'm taking a worst case approach and assuming the surrounding woods will have been purchased by anti shooting types. There is some farm land on one boundary which I'm also assuming the farmer will not mind possible shot/birds falling on his land if I discuss this with him. Has anyone got any experience of this situation?
  11. Currently using Harry’s.
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