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  1. Packing in the Fags.

    Champix, it’s a miracle drug. 9 months in and counting.
  2. New watch

    Speedmaster moon watch over any current or past seamaster.
  3. Unusual Light Fitting

    Best off replacing the entire fitting.
  4. How near, how far.

    The great dinner/lunch/tea debate! Im near Middlesbrough and my wife says I’m posh for having breakfast, lunch then dinner. No tea for me!
  5. Bye Bye Stamp Duty (Autumn Budget 2017)

    Utter smoke and mirrors garbage.
  6. Electrical certificate

    If there is a problem, which there might not be just ask the electrician who carried out the work to notify it to building control through their registration scheme.
  7. Electrical certificate

    They will want the certificate of building control notification. This may be an NICEIC certificate or may not be. The Niceic cettificate you have may be a minor works, installation or inspection cert. what does your certificate say on it?
  8. Unknown Spanish 12 gauge

    Text message sent.
  9. It's not often you see someone like this

    When your wife finds this post, which she will, your ****ed.
  10. Gas safe cert?

    Electrical certification is based on the recommendation of the last inspection. From new build this is 10 years in most situations. Very interesting to read some of the misconceptions in this thread.
  11. Gas safe cert?

    The landlord is responsible for appliances which the tenant cannot legally remove. This often excludes the cooker. Good practice would require a visual inspection of a cooking appliance owned by a tenant, nothing more. The original poster is referring to a building regulation notification and not a landlords gas safety inspection certificate.
  12. Urlay Nook clayshoot

    Cheers Figgy. I was having a good chat with a very nice chap at Thimbleby today regarding the league. Im definitely in come spring.
  13. Plumbing question

    If you turn all other radiators off in the house does he small rad get hot. If not, then repipe it. If it does then I would balance the system.